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LSW Gift Card from £9.99

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About LSW Mind Cards

LSW Mind Cards are a pack of 45 individually designed cards each with a tool or task to help you increase your wellbeing, boost your mood and help you move towards a more fulfilled life.

Who we are:

LSW Mind Cards was created by London-based therapist Lili Sinclair-Williams to make mindfulness and wellbeing more easily attainable in a simple and affordable way.

How do LSW Mind Cards work?

LSW Mind Cards are a pack of 45 individually designed cards each with a tool or task to help you increase your wellbeing, boost your mood and help you move towards a more fulfilled life.

LSW Mind Cards are designed to help you to become more mindful of your thoughts and feelings and give you the tools needed to take back control of your happiness, focus on the present and spread positivity throughout your life.

How to use:

Each day select a card at random and take the action stated on the card. Building the habit of making positive choices each day will help you lead a more fulfilling and happier life.

What you get:

45 individually designed cards with round corners presented in a beautiful lidded box. The cards are split across the following 5 categories:

Kindness - Random acts of kindness not only help to boost your mood but can also make the recipients' day. Each Kindness card has a different action you can take designed to offer kindness towards the outside world.

Ritual - Building rituals into your daily life can be incredibly beneficial to your wellbeing. They can help you to slow down and connect with your actions in a world in which we are so used to racing through everything we do. Each Ritual card has a different short activity which can be turned into a ritual that can be incorporated into your daily routine.

Gratitude - Make time to stop and appreciate what makes you happy. Gratitude cards will remind you to look out for the little things daily in order to create greater overall happiness. Each card holds a different gratitude exercise to action daily.

Journal - Journalling is an incredibly powerful way to reflect on how you are living and what you could be doing differently to be more fulfilled. The Journal cards offer up a number of questions to help you dig deep and figure out what changes you might need to make, if any. When the same card is selected a second time, think about whether you can answer the question in the same way or what might have changed in your life that affects a new answer.

Reflection - Take 10 minutes of your day to reflect on the quote on your chosen card. Focus on how they apply to your life in the present and how you can use the meaning behind the words to better yourself and your life. When the same card is selected a second time, reflect on any changes you might have in your response dependent on where you are in the present moment.

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