Voucher Shares Mission: Shop Sustainably

Give something back

Voucher Shares understand that the planet is under the great threat. We understand that the business we are in (shopping) is part of the problem. Our aim is to use our influence and you, our customers, to do something about it. That’s why we set up Voucher Shares, the UK’s No1 green voucher codes website.

We are lifting our head above the parapet and saying ‘think before you shop’! And shop with us to give something back to the planet! Like what you see? Share our codes and earn yourself 50% of the revenue we earn from our advertisers when a code you share is used.

Voucher Shares mission is simple and fits into three simple words: Save, Share, Earn.

  • Save money, and help to save the Planet, at the same time
  • Share great deals with your friends, and help them save money too
  • Earn money when your friends buy from your recommendations and help us earn towards the World Land Trust conservation charity

One for YOU, one for the PLANET!

Challenge Perceptions

By adopting practical and affordable sustainable shopping techniques you can reduce your impact on the environment and save money! And you don’t necessarily need to change who you shop with, just how you shop.

As the climate crisis deepens unlike other voucher codes websites, we want to promote saving the planet AND money not just saving money. Something that surprisingly, we have not seen our competitors doing yet! We want to revolutionise this space!

Recycle and Offset

If you want to help save the planet it’s all about incorporating practical sustainable shopping techniques into everyday life. Put your money where your mouth is with your favourite brands by making sustainable shopping choices. And shop with us to automatically generate additional revenues for the World Land Trusts Action Fund, please encourage your friends and colleagues to do the same. Bookmark our page so you remember to use us every time you shop.

Our Partnership with the World Land Trust

The World Land Trusts Action Fund supports endangered habitats in areas that need it the most. To quote Sir David Attenborough, World Land Trust Patron:


“The money that is given to The World Land Trust, in my estimation,
has more effect on the wild world than almost anything I can think of.”


Feeling compelled to do something for the environment now? Click here to donate to the World Land Trust: And bookmark our brands page so you remember to shop via Voucher Shares the next time you shop.

Why we support WLT and Sustainable Shopping.

Check out Our Story to meet Voucher Shares team, and find out more about why we do what we do.


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