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The Voucher Shares Mission: Give Back, Shop Sustainably


Proud to support World Land Trust since 2019


'The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it…'


Like many of us, Voucher Shares understands that our planet is under imminent threat from climate change. We also know that the retail industry is a big part of the problem. Our aim is to use our influence and ask you, our customers, to do something about it. That’s why we started Voucher Shares, the UK’s No1 Green Voucher Codes Website.

Is Voucher Shares a sustainable business?

From day one Voucher Shares’ infrastructure was set up with sustainabilty in mind. We do not have a commuting carbon footprint as we all work through a virtual office set up. Modern day technology connects the Voucher Shares team, our business clients, and our shopping customers together without a single mile of travel. How amazing is that!

This flexible set up allows us to invest in developing local communities in remote locations and provide jobs to those who need flexible working hours. We invest our time into the continued training of our team members to provide the highest quality Voucher Codes and Discount Codes website out there. We want to help you, our customers, to shop sustainably online with one easy click of a button.

We also realise that running any website on powerful servers consumes energy and may create carbon footprint. Thats why we have joined a CO2 Neutral Website program. has become the first officially certified CO2 Neutral Voucher Codes Website.

Make a difference.

We are lifting our head above the parapet and saying ‘think before you shop’! Showing you don't necessarily need to change your shopping habits or even spend more money when shopping. Sustainable shopping starts with just a few simple steps that make a big difference to our planet. You can start shopping sustainably by using our green voucher codes when you shop.

Why do we call our voucher codes - 'green voucher codes'? Because every time you shop with us, you help to save one more green space, one more unique habitat, and reduce the negative impact of climate change. Simply make purchases as you usually would through the Voucher Shares website and give something back to the planet. Every single time you shop with us, we donate 5% of our revenue to World Land Trust Action Fund. It’s really that easy!

The Voucher Shares idea is simple, in fact, we can sum it up in just three words: Save, Share, Support.

  • Save money by using our green voucher codes and help save our planet at the same time.
  • Share our green voucher codes and deals with your friends and help them save money too.
  • Support green projects when your friends buy from your recommendations and help us earn towards the World Land Trust conservation charity

That’s one for YOU and one for the PLANET! We are #GenerationRestoration

Voucher Shares Partnership with World Land Trust


WLT logo

Voucher Shares is the official Corporate Sponsor of World Land Trust and we donate 5% of our revenue towards The World Land Trusts Action Fund. The World Land Trusts Action Fund supports endangered habitats in areas that need it the most. To quote Sir David Attenborough, World Land Trust Patron:


'The money that is given to The World Land Trust, in my estimation,
has more effect on the wild world than almost anything I can think of.'


Feeling compelled to do something for the environment now? Donate to the World Land Trust now, and bookmark our brands page so you remember to shop via Voucher Shares the next time you shop.

Why we support WLT and Sustainable Shopping.

Check out Our Story to meet Voucher Shares team, and find out more about why we do what we do.


Shop sustainably now


Quick guide to Sustainable Shopping:

How to shop sustainably?

If you want to help save the planet it’s all about incorporating practical sustainable shopping techniques into everyday life. Look out for recyclable packaging, reduce plastic use, wear your clothes longer, choose brands that use natural, sustainable and recycled materials, and be creative in how to use what you already have. Offset your carbon footprint by supporting Green Projects. Upcycling is the new way of recycling! But if you really want to get the top, you can. Treat yourself in a more sustainable way by offsetting the potential impulse buying impact.

Is it expensive to shop sustainably?

You don't necessarily need to change your shopping habits or spend more money when shopping. Sustainable shopping starts with just a few simple steps that make a big difference to our planet. You can start shopping sustainably by using our green voucher codes when you shop.

What are green voucher codes?

Green voucher codes encourage us to buy eco-friendly and sustainable products, help to reduce carbon footprints, and support Green Projects as well as saving money when shopping. 

How to plan your shopping to make it more sustainable? 

By adopting practical and affordable sustainable shopping techniques you can reduce your impact on the environment and save money too! You don’t necessarily need to change who you shop with, just how you shop.

As the climate crisis deepens, we want to promote more than just saving money, we want all of us to have a beautiful and healthy place to live - our planet Earth.

Online shopping has become a norm. You can find thousands of great deals, and get everything delivered straight to your door. By using home delivery you are already reducing your carbon footprint. Delivery vans have carefully planned routes to optimize their driving time and use as less fuel as possible to deliver to as many places as possible. If you have a choice of Home Delivery or Click and Collect, Home Delivery would be preferable for many reasons. Leave your own car in the garage ready for a special trip to the beach rather than driving back and forth picking up your groceries. Many retailers offer free Home Delivery, you just need to plan your shopping a little in advance. A very simple but effective next step. Plan your shopping in advance and you will be amazed at how much money you can save (plus move that one step closer to shopping sustainably).

How to choose sustainable brands and sustainable products?

To make your life easier, check Voucher Shares Sustainable Products Category first. Our team is making best efforts to reserch individul brands and products sustainabilty policies and help you to make the right choices. Put your money where your mouth is with your favourite brands by making sustainable shopping choices and using our green voucher codes. Shop with us to automatically generate additional revenues for the World Land Trusts Action Fund, please encourage your family, friends, and colleagues to do the same. Don’t forget, every single time you shop with us, we donate money towards green projects. Bookmark our page so you remember to use our green voucher codes when you shop.

Sustainable Brands Voucher Shares recommends

AATU Dog and Cat Food voucher codes. AATU Dog and Cat Food (Pet Food UK Ltd) are committed to caring for our environment. Check out the AATU Dog and Cat Food environmental policy 

adidas voucher codes. adidas ambition is to be a sustainable company. Being a sustainable business is about striking the balance between shareholder expectations and the needs and concerns of adidas employees, the workers in adidas supply chain and the environment. They truly believe that acting as a responsible business – one which is fully committed to respecting human rights – will contribute to lasting economic success. adidas are continuously working towards becoming a more sustainable company. It is about being persistent, overcoming setbacks and difficulties and never giving up on the overall goal. Just like a true athlete never would. Read more about adidas sustainabilty goals. 

AnyVan voucher codes. AnyVan's ambition is for AnyVan to be the greenest way to move on the planet, so they’ve teamed up with World Land Trust to balance all the CO2 thier vans produce, by protecting and restoring threatened tropical forests each and every time they move. Read more about AnyVan Eco Mission

ASOS voucher codes. 'By working together, we believe we can deliver a systemic shift in the way our industry addresses key ethical trade and sustainability challenges and proactively design a future we all believe in.' ASOS CEO Nick Beighton. Read more about ASOS corporate responcibility and sustainability mission. 

Azuni Voucher Codes. At Azuni, giving back is incredibly important. Helping the communities they work with it at Azuni core and they continue to work with their chosen charity to help impoverished children through school and support their families with a monthly food basket. In a world that continues to focus on mass production, placing little importance on the consequences, it has become increasingly more important to make better and more conscious lifestyle decisions. Join Azuni in buying only sustainable jewellery and slow fashion that supports the most vulnerable. It is the only way forward to sustain our precious planet and humanity. Read more about Azuni sustainability.

Boden voucher codes. Boden want you to wear our clothes for a really long time – for them to live on in your wardrobe and stay out of landfill. Boden are committed to creating a healthy working environment for everyone involved in their making, too. Find out more about Boden's Sudstainabilty Mission 

Camper discount codes. Over the years, Camper have been investigating how they can make their entire business more environmentally friendly, including their materials. Not only are they working to increase their use of recycled options, but they work with recognized industry leaders across the globe to develop footwear with some of the most innovative and environmentally sustainable materials that are currently available. In 2010 Camper began investing in green energy with the idea of offsetting the energy they use to operate their business. Today they continue to make important investments in wind and solar energy. Read more about Camper's Social Responsibility

Casetify voucher codes. As a proud partner of Earth Day Network's Canopy Project, Casefy will plant one tree for each compostable case sold. Their new CASETiFY CONSCiOUS collection offers both compostable phone case and biodegradable phone case, designed to protect your tech accessories, and the planet. Learn more

Charli voucher codes. Sustainability and consciousness of the environment has always been a core value of Charli. Read more about Charli Sustainability Manifesto

citizenM Voucher Codes. If you care about the environment, citizenM are a good match! citizenM build intelligent, sustainable hotels with 90% of the electricity coming from renewable energy. citizenM swapped plastic bottles for refillable stations in our hotels. And they aim to be the number one choice for the conscious traveller. Read more about citizenM Environmental and Social Responsibility.

Craghoppers voucher codes.  All Craghoppers products are designed with the planet in mind. FROM THIS AUTUMN 70% OF THEIR PRODUCTS ARE MADE FROM RECYCLED MATERIALS Taking a huge sustainable step forward without compromising on the technical details. Read more about the Craghoppers Sustainabilty mission. 

Denby voucher codesRenowned for its quality and durability, Denby Pottery has been producing pottery in Derbyshire, England, since 1809. The Denby Group are committed to the principles of ISO 14001 and through the implementation, development and maintenance of an integrated Environmental Management System, seek to operate in a manner that minimises their impact on the environment. Read more about Denby Environmental Policy

Dr Martens voucher codes​. Dr Martnes products have always been built to last but it’s equally important to them to develop and manufacture sustainable products that are safe for consumers and have a minimal impact on the environment. Dr Martnes currently do this in a number of ways and are committed to continuing to explore opportunities to improve the sustainability of their products and reduce their impact on the environment through research and innovation. Read more about he Dr Martnes' social responcibility promise

E-Surgery discount codes. Our personal health and the health of our planet are deeply connected. We need to breathe clean air and drink clean water. The effects of climate change are a healthcare issue, so we need to take steps to reduce our impact on the planet. e-Surgery is taking those steps. e-Surgery recognize that they have a role to play in reducing carbon emissions and waste in healthcare. Here’s why e-Surgery is the eco-friendly choice for your health.

easyJet flights voucher codesEven though the way easyJet operate will look different for a while, they will not be compromising on the promises they have made around the environment. easyJet recognise that they have a responsibility to minimise the impact of their flights and are focused on operating efficiently now, and on the development of electric aircraft in the future. In the interim, they continue to offset the carbon emissions from the fuel used for all of their flights on behalf of their customers and easyJet are proud to be the first major airline in the world to do so. To find out more see easyJet sustainability page.

eBay voucher codes. eBay recognized in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index for Responcible Business and a Leader in company transparency on Climate Action. Read more about how eBay Empower People and Create Economic Opportunity​

Eco Web Hosting voucher codesThrough their partnerships and projects, Eco Web Hosting are always making sure they have a minimal impact on the world. Read more

Exodus Travels voucher codes.  After almost 50-years of delivering world-class adventures, trips and tours, Exodus Travels know better than most how awe-inspiring, horizon-expanding, and life-enriching travel can be. And at Exodus Travels they firmly believe travel should improve life for the people and places we visit too. So Exodus Travels People, Places & Planet plan lays out the ways in which they persistently and passionately seek to improve life through travel — for the places we visit, people we meet , and the planet we explore. To do this, Exodus Travels scrutinise every aspect of their business: how Exodus Travels operate their core business; how they create and run trips; what they fund through our Foundation. Rather than merely meetting guidelines and maintaining standards, Exodus Travels are actively seeking ways to have a positive impact. Read more about Exodus Travels sustainable travel

FatFace voucher codes. The journey to sustainability is ongoing and it’s one that FatFace is committed to. They are not there yet, but their destination is on the horizon and their aim is clear; to make the most sustainable choices for their product, our planet and our community. Find ou fore about the FatFace sustainabjility mission.

Fiils voucher codes. Introducing the new daily refillable hair care and body care routine from fiils. 99% natural, SLS free, and made with pure plant extracts. Planet-friendly with no compromise on style, sustainability finally looks as great as it feels! Read more about Fiils Sustainable Beauty Products

Foodspring voucher codes. Foodspring source their raw materials only from places where they can grow entirely unspoilt and under the most natural conditions. To find them, they embark on an exciting voyage of discovery for each product. So that Foodspring can source the very best ingredients worldwide. And, whenever nature allows, they rely on raw materials they can obtain close to home. Read more about the Foodspring organic nutrition

Gap voucher codes. Gap do more than sell clothes. Gap take pride in creating products and experiences their customers love while doing right by Gap employees, community, and planet. Gap approach sustainability throughout the produce life cycle, examining the materials they source, the products they design and the suppliers they work with. Read more about Gap For Good mission.

Gardening Exptress voucher codes Gardening Express have developed an environmental policy that ensures they minimise any potential impact their operations may have on the world in which we live.

Good Club voucher codes. Wave goodbye to waste and stop single use plastic entering the environment. Shop sustainable staples in returnable, refillable pots. FREE monthly carbon neutral delivery from Good Club

Guess voucher codes. Guess first sustainability plan launched in 2017, and since then they’ve made rapid progress towards positive impact for Our World and Our Brand. SMART GUESS products are made with environmentally conscious materials and manufacturing processes. Read more about Guess sustainabilty commitments and progress.

Happy Socks voucher codesHappy Socks are committed to making our planet a happier place for all by striving to reduce their ecological footprint step by step. Read more about Happy Socks sustainabilty mission

HelloFresh voucher codes. HelloFresh is green to the last mile. Balance your CO2 footprint HelloFresh commits to offsetting 100% of direct carbon emissions, making it your eco-friendly meal kit of choice. Read more about HelloFresh Green Mission

House of Flora voucher codes. The House of Flora brand was born out of the passion for our surroundings and how we can make a difference to the World that provides us with all the materials for our spaces. All the products House of Flora source are ethically manufactured and have the lowest impact on the environment, and their packaging materials where possible are 100% recyclable. House of Flora are always striving to become more sustainable as a company they have partnered up with One Tree Planted

Hush discount codes  hush take their responsibility to the planet and the people we share it with very seriously, and hush care deeply about what kind of world we’re going to leave behind for future generations. Read more about hush sustainability mission.

Joules discount codes The Joules responsibility  statemnt: 'From the day we started with nothing more than a table in a field, to the Joules you know and love today, we’ve always been conscious of our impact on the environment, the wildlife within it and the people we work with. That’s why we’re committed to protecting, respecting and giving back — because we wouldn’t be us without them. Responsibly Joules

KIDLY Voucher Codes. KIDLY have always focused on finding innovative, conscious brands. Here are just a few of those we love - but you can see many more in KIDLY Eco Shop.

Koi Footwear voucher codesKoi Footwear have made it as convenient as possible to donate your old shoes and even clothes. #KOIGIRLS, it's time to lower our carbon shoeprint. Whilst helping the planet, your donated shoes or clothing will also support S4S in the various projects they’re undertaking. Read about Koi Footwear projects.

Lacoste voucher codes. As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) mandate, Lacoste contributes to the protection of biodiversity worldwide through its involvement in the preservation of crocodiles, alligators, caimans and gharials, as well as the protection and restoration of the ecosystems in which these animals live. LACOSTE supports the RESPONSIBLE SOURCING NETWORK and the CAMPAIGN COTTON PLEDGE fighting against the forced labor and the child labor in cotton fields. Read more about Lacoste corprate responcibilty

Lindex Voucher Codes. Collaboration with suppliers, industry peers and other partners is crucial for us to keep Lindex sustainability promise.

Lunette voucher codesThe world isn’t something Linette take for granted (because nature is groovy). Preserving it is a responsibility Lunette happily bear and it’s why their cup is reusable and recyclable. Lunette also use zero-waste packaging and renewable energy while encouraging remote work and promoting sustainable activities in every possible way. Read more

Milk & More Voucher Codes. Sustainability, including social, environment, economic and supplier aspects, is critical to Milk & More delivering on their aims, and embedding sourcing and operating in a sustainable manner is a core activity in the Milk & More business.

Monpure voucher codes. Everything in Monpures’s results-driven range stars nourishing botanicals and potent actives, sustainably sourced from all over Europe. These are supercharged in Monpure German laboratories so they can work at their full potential. Monpure make sure to only work with suppliers whose sustainability ethos falls in line theirs. Read more about Monpure Core Values

New English Teas voucher codes. New English Teas strongly believe in giving back and are proud to donate a percentage of their profits to a select number of charitable activities and foundations around the world. Read more about the New English Teas ethical trading

NONNON Melissa Shoes voucher codes. As well as being Vegan friendly, recyclable with an irresistible scent, Melissa boasts itself on ‘Integrity, Respect & Transparency – Think, Speak & Act’. Read more about Melissa Shoes Ethics and Environment commitment.

Out & Out Original voucher codes. Sustainability is deep in Out & Out Original's heart, which is why all their wooden products come from certified plantations and all their plastics are free of toxins (and obviously fully recyclable!). Check out Out & Out Original's Sustainability Mission

Panda discount codes. Panda are choosing environmentally friendly solutions such as bamboo & kraft paper to ensure fewer materials end up in landfills. Panda have introduced The Panda Recycle Program this gives our products a greener lifespan and is a free solution for disposal. Check out Panda Environmental Policy 

People Tree voucher codes Peope Tree business is a pioneer in sustainable Fair Trade fashion. Every product is made to the highest ethical and environmental standards from start to finish. They launched their first fashion range to meet the Global Organic Textile Standard certified by the Soil Association and were the first fashion company to be awarded the World Fair Trade Organisation product label. Read more about People Tree sustainable Fair Trade fashion

Piglet in Bed voucher codes. Piglet in Bed uses Linen as a 100% natural material for their products. Linen is farmed sustainably and is incredibly comfortable. Piglet in Bed is a carbon neutral business. Read more about Piglet in Bed promise

Proviz discount codes. The founders of Proviz Ant & Bob were brought up next to the sea, it has and always will play a huge part in our lives which has led to a passion for the environment and sustainability. 'The Proviz Project' was set up to ensure all of our operations, products and services are aligned with our own personal values on integrity and ethical importance. Proviz were delighted to win the World Finance 2020 Sustainability Award in the 'Best Sports Apparel' category. Read more about Proviz sustainability mission.

Pure Electric discount codes. Pure Electric believe that electric scooters and electric bikes can play a pivotal role in reducing society’s reliance on cars, lowering air pollution and congestion in cities across Europe, alongside walking and taking public transport. Check out how Pure Electric work

Selfridges voucher codes.'Out of the global pandemic has come an understanding of how fragile and complex our systems are, but also how our planet and people can benefit if we act collectively with a shared purpose. Now more than ever we must double down on our efforts to reinvent retail with sustainability at its heart.' Alannah Weston, Selfridges Group Chairman. Read more about Selfridges Planet Earth Project

The Body Shop voucher codes. The Body Shop story started in Brighton, England in 1976. It began with our founder, Anita Roddick, and her belief in something revolutionary: that business could be a force for good. Over the years The Body Shop launched Community Trade, pioneering fair trade in the beauty industry, sourcing the finest raw ingredients and traditional skills from around the planet – benefiting local communities in return; campaigned for a cruelty-free beauty industry since 1989 and helped ban animal testing in the UK and in the EU. In 2017, The Body Shop found a new home with other like-minded souls at Natura and Aesop. They aim to be the world's most ethical and sustainable global business, help build bridges in nature to protect endangered species and re-wild the world; help empower with plastic, fight for people & the planet. Read more about The Body Shop 

The Cambridge Satchel Company discount codes. The Cambridge Satchel Company strongly believe in supporting British craftsmanship and are proud to support such a QEST charity. A 20% donation from every QEST sale is given to QEST. Also 16.5% of every product sold will be donated to help support the invaluable work of the Prince’s Foundation. The Prince’s Foundation is a charity dedicated to achieving HRH The Prince of Wales’ ambition of creating harmonious communities through education, practice and places. Read more

Toby Tiger voucher codes Shopping with Toby Tiger means you’re supporting ethical working and doing your bit to protect the planet – whilst letting kids be kids in super fun, vibrant clothing. Read more about Toby Tiger sustainabily mission

Tokyo Laundry voucher codes. Tokyo Laundry is completely committed to ethical sourcing. They dedicate staff both in the UK and overseas to support and improve the working environments across our production facilities so that they can achieve the highest standards for their suppliers as well as their customers. Read more about Tokyo Laundry ethical sourcing.

TruTravels voucher codes. TruTravels believe the travel industry has the potential to change the world for the better. TruTravels feel, no matter where you are from, everyone has a social responsibility to help make the world a better place. They source suppliers from local businesses & families and they have employed as many local staff as possible to ensure the money goes back into local communities TruTravels have the pleasure of travelling in. Read more about TruTravels Giving Back mission.

UGG Voucher CodesAt UGG, we recognize the importance of playing our part to protect our planet for future generations. This is why we are taking steps to understand and minimize the environmental impact of our operations, and are working with expert partners to implement projects that drive positive change in the world in which we live. Read more about how UGG helps protecting our planet.

United Colors of Benetton discount codesGreen is not only the color of the United Colors of Benetton brand. Now that the consequences of global warming are evident in our daily lives, environmental protection has become an absolute priority. Read more about the United Colors of Benetton Sustainabilty commitment. 

Vegan Outfitters voucher codes Vegan Outfitters know how much their customers care about people and the planet. They do too. Vegan Outfitters promise that any tees you order from them will come from a W.R.A.P Gold certified facility. Read more about Vegan Outfitters ethically crafted apparel

Yes I Want It discount codes. Yes I Want It have a strong conscious living category - offering a range of eco-friendly products that promote reuse and plastic-free living, including cups, bottles, lunch boxes and bags. In 2020 they looking forward to launching a brand new range of customisable and sustainable products for tomorrow's trend-setters. See Yes I Want It Conscious Living Gifts​

Check out our Sustainable Products voucher codes and deals for May 2024 to make your sustainable shopping easier and cheaper then ever.