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Sep 19

Organic September. What does Organic mean?

The organic lifestyle is becoming more popular and affordable for many.

We are celebrating the organic life style all throughout the September with many organic products deals and voucher codes available. >>>

Aug 27

The best commuters’ bike? Electric vs Push bike

With many of us back to work and the government advice to reduce public transport use, bike sales are on the rise. In fact, many bike retailers are struggling to keep up with sales and have enough bikes available. Cycling to work can improve your overall fitness, save costs >>>

Jul 30

Where’s the best place to buy pet supplies online?

Online pet supplies retailers have seen a surge in demand during lockdown. This makes them well positioned to weather the coronavirus crisis and continue to deliver you and I our pet supplies at home. Check out Top 3 Pet Supplies Online Companies as Voted for by Voucher Shares: Pet Drugs Online, Pooch and Hooch, Dog Chews>>>>

Jul 10

How can we reduce our use of plastic?

While soaking up the sun on a beautiful beach somewhere (probably in the UK) we don’t want to be reminded of how the ocean has been abused and used to the extent that by 2050 it is estimated that there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.

The reality is plastic is evil, note: I Ieft out ‘a necessary’ here! >>>

Jul 9

What do you get someone who is environmentally friendly?

Looking for inspiration on what to give to someone who is environmentally friendly or looking to treat yourself with an environmentally friendly gift? Then look no further, Voucher Shares thrives on sustainable brands and here are just a few of our faves all backed up with the latest green voucher codes and green savings and green discounts.>>>

Jun 30

Schools STILL Out! Technology VS. Toys?

Given our current climate most kids are spending way too much time on technology. I have seen kids who have been given computer games that are not age appropriate simply to survive these trying times. I am not blaming the parents, it’s about survival! I too am not happy about how many hours my kids are now spending on tech. However...>>>

Jun 27

Reusable face coverings (face masks) voucher codes and deals

By July 4th those living in England will be allowed to visit pubs, restaurants, and the much needed hairdressers. Although some restrictions are being eased, the virus is still very much a threat and so we must maintain vigilance. New rules are also being put in place, for example, you must wear a face covering on public transport...>>>

Jun 13

How To: Beautiful Skin

I took it upon myself to trial several new skincare products and routines over lockdown. During this trial, coupled with my many many years of extremely temperamental skin, I have picked up a plethora of tried and tested tips, tricks, and products. Luckily for you reading this, I am going to impart my wisdom >>>

Jun 10

Father’s Day Gifts Ideas

Lockdown started on Mother’s Day weekend and as Father’s Day approached things appear to be getting back to some kind of normality. Father’s Day is all about treating your father, partner or any guy who’s looked after you or your kids so we have come up with some great Father’s Day offers which do just that!>>>

Jun 8

Happy World Oceans Day

Happy World Oceans Day one and all! Today, June 8 is World Oceans Day which is the United Nations day for celebrating the role our oceans play in our everyday lives and of encouraging everyone to respect the sea.

This years’ World Ocean Day theme is Innovation for a Sustainable Ocean.>>>

Jun 2

Top student deals from Voucher Shares

With dissertations handed in and final grades being released, summer is just starting for students all across the country - for some it’s for the very last time! Although finances may seem a bit glum for students, we have a unique entitlement that we won’t be seeing again until retirement - student discounts! >>>

May 30

5 Easy Steps to Transform your Garden During Lock-Down

Some of us have a lot of extra time on our hands during lock down, depending on whether you have kids of course! And even those of us who don’t are most certainly benefiting from the wondrous weather that has made lock down much more bearable!>>>

May 28

What are the Best Vegan Shoe Brands?

Even though I am not a vegan I recently turned pescatarian after years of going back and forth from vegetarian to eating meat. I have no problem cooking meat for my family but I do actively encourage a mainly fish and plant based diet ...>>>

May 13

Check out the Lock Down Products that are Made for You

It’s amazing how so many of our advertisers now have lock down sections which cater to our new lifestyle demands, it’s simply awesome how quickly the market can adapt to consumer demands. It used to be all about looking for a new shirt or dress for Saturday night out with the besties ...>>>

May 7

VE Day 1945 in Dover. Street parties and Victory concerts

'The party was followed by a parade through Dover with many of the armed forces available marching alone, watched by thousands of people. We were at the front of the crowd, and felt proud when we saw our father standing to attention and lining the route wearing his Naval uniform...' Childhood memories of Verity Donovan >>>

May 4

Top Games During Lockdown! Anyone for a Zoom and Linkee?

Unless you’re a key worker, chances are you’ve swapped nights out for a Zoom with most probably a quiz or a game! Playing a game or doing a quiz is a great way to guarantee fun and amusement while ensuring the things are kept in order, civilised and the chatterboxes amongst us kept under control. >>>

Apr 30

National Gardening Week – Grow Your Own

National Gardening Week 2020 runs from April 27th through to May 3rd and is organised by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS). April and May are prime months for getting your garden ready for the lovely summer season. My own approach to gardening can be summarised in one statement: I like my garden to be tasty, yet pleasant on the eye >>>

Apr 20

Let’s Celebrate Earth Day and All Eco Offers

The Coronavirus has forced us all to sit up and make immediate changes to our lives to save them. These changes have been drastic and we are in traumatic times.

In contrast the impact on the environment has been hugely positive with global travel cut to its lowest levels for years... >>>

Apr 10

Getting Pet Supplies and Looking after your Pets during Covid-19

Calling all pet owners! Aren’t you just more grateful than ever that you have them in your lives? And they will be too. Our dog has got it made, he has me around all the time anyway pretty much but now he has our 2 boisterous boys around 24/7 and he couldn’t be happier! >>>

Apr 8

How to keep your hair in tip top shape during lockdown

If you have troubled hair and didn’t manage to get a last-minute appointment with your hairdresser before the craziness erupted, rest assured because I have you covered. I’ve been dying my hair since I was around 14, starting out just with highlights then going to full bleach and then much to every hairdresser’s dismay box dyed it red... >>>

Apr 3

Easter Present Ideas for A Unique Easter …

Easter is a usually a time to spend time with family and friends and have Easter eggs hunts if you’ve got kids in the family. Lots of relaxing is normally on the cards as is eating food and enjoying a couple of extra days off work (and devouring loads of chocolate of course).>>>

Mar 31

Spring-cleaning or Deep Clean? Top tips to keep your home spotless

With many of us finding ourselves with much more time on our hands and the changing seasons coinciding, circumstances are begging for a DEEP SPRING CLEAN. Even if you can’t think of anything worse than cleaning you can use this extra time to really get into the spring-cleaning groove >>>

Mar 27

Mail Order Plants – its gardening time!

With the glorious sunny days, and the duty to stay at home, it’s the perfect time to get your garden looking primed and proper. As Garden Centre trips are not classed as “essential” there is no better time to check out the latest Mail Order Plants Offers and shop around the Online Garden Centres >>>

Mar 19

Why wait for Easter? Chocolate is a great mood booster!

Chocolate (especially dark) is said to stimulate the production of endorphins, which are brain chemicals that create feelings of pleasure, let’s be honest we all need right now (well combined with some exercise and overall enhanced self-care which is vital) >>>

Mar 18

Food and Grocery Home Delivery COVID 19 updates

Voucher Shares team have decided to gather the latest Food and Grocery Home Delivery updates from our Food and Grocery Stores and the public news, to make is easy for you to see everything in one place. Keep checking this blog for our daily updates and stay well! >>>

Mar 16

Top 10 Food and Grocery Stores Offering Home Delivery

With today’s government advice on stricter social distancing, self-isolation and family isolation due to the COVID-19 emergency situation, it is important to make sure that you have enough food and grocery supplies for you and your family. But panic buying is not the best option...>>>

Mar 10

Top Gifts for Mother’s Day 2020

22nd of March 2020. Save the date, it’s Mothering Sunday!

Voucher Shares are offering hundreds of deals this Mother’s Day so you can treat the Mum in your life how she deserves to be treated... >>>

Mar 10

Spring Cleaning Hacks to Get Your Home Sparkling

Most of us are even more obsessed with keeping our homes clean and tidy at the moment and 'Spring cleaning’ has come early. Everyone's looking for money off hand sanitiser, bleach and toilet roll! >>>

Mar 2

What does it mean to be vegan?

There are many ways to be vegan, so when someone says they are vegan it could mean that they simply adhere to a vegan diet, or they could be following a whole vegan lifestyle.

But lets just go back to basics first... >>>

Feb 25

Save Money on Mattresses in March, National Bed Month

National Bed Month is a dedicated to improving sleep with the correct mattress. The Better Sleep Council recommends replacing your mattress every 7-10 years but this is a pretty generic guess as some mattresses last way longer and some way less! >>>

Feb 11

Top Valentines Day Gift - GLOSSYBOX February Edition

The GLOSSYBOX February Edition has certainly stolen my heart. Not only does the box itself feature a beautiful design that I can’t get enough of, but the theme ‘Love Crosses Borders’ is very well positioned, sending a clear and beautiful message of ‘love not hate’ this Valentines Day >>>

Jan 25

Chinese New Year interesting facts

Chinese New Year is a major holiday not just in China but also in other countries. It is a festival for 1/4 of the world's population.

Learn 10 interesting facts about the Chinese New Year and enjoy the Chinese New Year Sales >>>

Jan 7

Make Time for Self Care and Exercise This January

If you’re still thinking about how to kick start the new year into shape then stop thinking and start doing!

Visit your local gym, join a running club to start taking better care of your mind, body and soul! >>>


Jan 1

Happy Veganuary 2020!

If you're planning on giving Veganuary a go this year, you're in good company:

More than 800,000 people gave up animal products for the first time in 2019, according to a new research commissioned by Veganuary, a campaign that aims to encourage people to go vegan at the beginning of the year >>>

Dec 24, 2019

Merry Christmas from the Voucher Shares Team!

Merry Christmas from the Voucher Shares Team!

Christmas is about having fun and sharing with your friends, family or someone who may be in need right now. Voucher Shares is about sharing too! Have you unwrapped your amazing Voucher Shares membership benefits package yet? >>>

Dec 8, 2019

What High Street Brands are Doing Their Bit for the Planet?

Your Christmas outfit may impress your friends and colleagues this Christmas and it will undoubtedly make you feel great but will it impress the planet?

Not if you only wear it once and throw it into landfill but we know that don’t we? >>>

Dec 3, 2019

How can we have a sustainable Christmas?

Christmas is the time to celebrate with family and friends. But how do you feel about all the consumerism and commercial mania surrounding it? So how can we buy lovely presents and yet still support ethical companies and stay true to our own and Voucher Shares values of sustainability >>>

Nov 29, 2019

Voucher Shares Embraces Green Friday

Today (29th November), is the UKs biggest annual shopping event and with it comes a surprise, a lesser known event called Green Friday. Until this year Black Friday's eco counterpart Green Friday has gone widely unrecognised but is gathering much momentum. >>> .

Nov 27, 2019

Your Ethical Shopping Guide to Black Friday

This year Black Friday lands on Friday the 29th of November amid heightened worry and debate over the environmental impact of shopping. Black Friday is the ultimate emblem of mass consumerism at its finest, bang in the middle of Cyber Week, followed immediately by Cyber Monday, Christmas then January sales. BOOM! >>> .

Nov 18, 2019

How to deal with the winter weather

With the nights getting longer and darker, it can be difficult adjusting to not seeing the sun daily. Every year it’s the same story, despite knowing how cold it can get, we are still shocked when it finally happens.

I’m a summer person, so when the cold hits... >>> .

Nov 10, 2019

11.11. - Remembrance Day, West Flanders, Belgium

Whatever your name for this day, Poppy Day, Veterans Day, or Armistice Day; it’s one that resonates with all of us somehow. To me, this day is a chance to step back in time and appreciate every effort, every life lost, for us to have our today. If ever there was a place to experience Remembrance Day, Ypres is it. Ypres, is a relatively small Belgian town... >>>

Nov 8, 2019

Happy Singles Day! Do we really want to talk about Dating?

That’s the real question – how many people are actually happy to be single, or “self-partnered”, like Emma Watson stated in her latest BBC interview?

I spent nearly 14 years running a major Online Dating technology platform, and I’ve gathered a couple of insights… >>>

Nov 1, 2019

1st of November - World Vegan Day!

World Vegan Day was founded in 1994 to commemorate and promote the vegan lifestyle. But how and when did veganism start? What do we know about its origins?

In all honesty, not a huge amount as for obvious reasons there aren’t many records of who and when someone has become vegan. However, we do have some information. >>>

Oct 30, 2019

Halloween on a budget: tips for students

If you’re living life on a student budget then Halloween marks the start of a gruelling few months for your bank account - the student loan supplies usually begin to dry up at this stage in the semester. Christmas, New Year and Valentines (no reason you can’t treat yourself too) are all fast approaching but don’t panic, we’ve got your budget Halloween sorted >>>

Oct 26, 2019

What it means to be a sustainable and socially responsible company

With the ever-growing awareness surrounding sustainability, it’s more important now than ever before for companies to work together and behave in a way that has a positive impact on the environment and the world. Social responsibility in 2019 is much more than turning lights off and recycling >>>

Oct 18, 2019

What is the Scariest Thing About Halloween?

Gone are the days when we feared witches and ghosts arriving on our doorsteps on Halloween or a trick being played on us! These days the scariest thing about Halloween is the amount of waste from Halloween costumes and decorations. Did you know that polyester is made from oil and is a form of microplastic. >>>

Oct 13, 2019

Mental Health Awareness week - with You in mind.

This week was Mental Health Awareness week, so we’ve joined in to raise awareness by dedicating this week’s blog to the same topic. Mental health problems do not discriminate. It can hit anyone, of any gender, at any time in your life, so how we care for our mental health, and those around us, should be something that we are all more aware of >>>
Oct 5, 2019

Northern Lights Holidays: Best Places to Visit 2019

The Aurora Lights (or the Northern Lights, famously named after their geographic location) are one of nature’s spectacular phenomena.

There are several places close to the Arctic Circle where it is possible to travel and see the Aurora Lights, but my top Northern Lights Holidays destination has to be Iceland >>>

Sep 22, 2019

Grow Your Own Collection - for your Harvest Festival basket

Celebrate the Harvest Festival and get ready for the next season by checking out Voucher Shares’ latest garden vouchers, garden plant offers, and Grow Your Own deals. Editors Top Picks and Garden Tips - tested and used over the years, not forgetting BBC Gardeners World Magazine... >>>

Sep 10, 2019

Amazon Rainforest Fires – the reality of the situation

As we all know from watching the news the Amazonian rainforest is on fire. Help to protect highly threatened forest habitats and support World Land Trust Action Fund.

Please take your time to read WLT latest news article: Amazon Rainforest Fires – your questions answered. Read more >>>

Sep 4, 2019

Are we Being Led Onto A Vegan Diet?

The Vegan Diet - how easy is it?

There are many reasons as to why the vegan diet is being increasingly popular within todays’ society. Whether it’s for your health, to benefit the environment or for the moral side of things. How we change our food habits and go for something different...>>>

Aug 14, 2019

New student? Here’s 5 money saving survival tips

Exams results are out and...

If you’re a new student, then you need these life hacks! It’ll save you some pennies, and trust me you’ll thank me for it later.

Here are some tips on how to save money with your student discount and more...>>>

Jul 18, 2019

Schools Up! Entertain your Little Darlings with these Messy Play Ideas

Schools Up! Entertain your Little Darlings with these Messy Play Ideas.

School is up for most and with 6 weeks off it’s time to plan how to entertain your children over the school holidays. Coming up with messy play ideas such as painting is a wonderful, fun and educational activity for children.>>>

Jul 16, 2019

Glastonbury Festival 2019 Review - It Rocked!

And what’s in store for Glastonbury 2020?

Here’s a follow up to my recent blog post that I did in the run up to Glastonbury Festival. Well what a year! It was a scorcher in more ways than one! Stormzy ruled the Pyramid on Friday, The Killers stole Saturday night, >>>

Jun 12, 2019

When is the Best Time to Book a Sun Holiday?

Summer Holidays are Approaching and if you still haven’t booked anything you may be thinking When is the Best Time to Book a Holiday?

If you’re About to Book a Sun Holiday you may be Holding Back Waiting to see if the Weather in the UK improves or …... >>>

Jun 5, 2019

Last Minute Father’s Day Ideas

VoucherShares – Last Minute Father’s Day Ideas…

Choosing the right Father’s Day present for my dad, Father’s present for my husband from our children and Father’s Day present for my father in law... >>>

Jun 3, 2019

Summer kids shoes product review from VoucherShares

VoucherShares – get your kids summer shoes ready for the holiday season. Comfortable and stylish shoes for English summer weather and more…

This week featured product:

Camper Twins shoes for girls – Get the look with this very special pair of Cat Shoes... >>>

May 27, 2019

Father's Day Deals and Father's Day Card Ideas For Father's Day 2019

VoucherShares - Get Father's Day Sorted with VoucherShares Round-up of Father's Day gifts and Father's Day Offers.

When is Father’s Day you ask? 16th June so Get planning! If you’re still stuck and hunting around for ideas this Father's Day 2019, fear not – you’ve come to the right place! >>>

May 12, 2019

Your student guide to saving money

For YEARS, brands have been dishing out vouchers to entice new customers and add to their brand value. Learn How to Save Money As a Student.

With modern students racking up student loan debt and paying rent along with any other bills, it's important to save money any way possible...>>>

May 12, 2019

What do Bees Eat and Why we all Need to be Talking about Honey Bees Favourite Flowers

VoucherShares - What do bees eat and why we all need to be talking about Honey Bees Favourite Flowers?

The decline of the bee population in the UK is one of many worrying environmental issues that is being widely talked about. So how can we help? OK so first let’s start with why bees are important. According to Sustain, the alliance for better ... >>>

May 3, 2019

VoucherShares - Top Arts and Crafts Activities for Kids this Bank Holiday Weekend

Discover how to amuse your children with these craft ideas for kids including how to make amazing and unique marbling ink designs and turn the garden fence into a work of art.

1. Let Kids Poster Paint the Fence (a definite when doing art activities for kids!) Poster paint will wash off in the rain and kids aren’t normally allowed to pain the fence but... >>>

Apr 18, 2019

VoucherShares Top 5 Top Non-Chocolate Easter Gifts for Children

Alternative Easter Gifts for Children. Top Easter Gift Ideas for Kids and People Looking for an Alternative to Easter Eggs.

Swapping chocolate for a chocolate alternative to Easter eggs is hard on the kids because they love chocolate and they’re great at making you feel guilty for not giving them chocolate. So how about ….>>>

Mar 11, 2019

Top 10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is fast approaching (if you’re asking ‘when is Mothers Day? It’s 31st March so quick add to your diary). Read on, it’s time to think about how we can spoil our mums! Voucher Shares decided to write a blog to take some of the time and effort out of making sure mum feels loved this Mother’s Day. Avoid a last minute dash to the garage or Tescos, who wants that?
Nov 22, 2018

How to save money this Christmas

Christmas doesn’t need to be expensive!

Whether you’re shopping for family, friends or, treating yourself this Christmas - there’s no need to break the bank.