VoucherShares Top 5 Top Non-Chocolate Easter Gifts for Children

VoucherShares Top 5 Top Non-Chocolate Easter Gifts for Children

Alternative Easter Gifts for Children. Top Easter Gift Ideas for Kids and People Looking for an Alternative to Easter Eggs.

Watching the amount of Easter eggs that built up in our house over Easter last year made me think long and hard about the effect of sugar on my children and how I could offer them an exciting alternative to Easter eggs this Easter.

The in laws think Easter gifts for kids have to be made of chocolate and think it’s ok to hand our children all of the eggs that various extended family had given them which obviously resulted in a continual pestering for chocolate.

Swapping chocolate for a chocolate alternative to Easter eggs is hard on the kids  because they love chocolate and they’re great at making you feel guilty for not giving them chocolate. So how about …. Wait for it … guinea pigs! Not just for Easter of course and in fact these will be from the local rescue centre whose rehoming with us happens to happily coincide with Easter! I’m not recommending you replace the traditional Easter bunny with a real one, just think simply think about a completely different Easter alternative! So here are our top 5 Easter gifts for children which offer great and healthy alternatives to Easter eggs (and they don't include real animals, seriously this really is a pure coincidence)!

1. Lush Bath Bomb Easter Eggs

Full of lush-ious natural ingredients and almost good enough to eat even though these beauties dissolve in the bath they last longer than your average egg and leave you feeling clean rather than that dirty feeling you get when you or your kids eat too much sugar (refined sugars never good right?) It’s awesome, click here to go through to Lush’s site to find out more.

Lush’s full Easter gift range for kids can be found by clicking here.

2. Eggs Cress Heads from Waitrose 

Waitrose sell everything you need to make a fun Easter cress head with your children this Easter. Click here to buy cress seeds and eggs plus some felt tip pens to make the perfect little cress head that keeps on giving. Use your cress to make a delicious cress and egg sandwich in a few weeks when it delivers delicious stalks of goodness. A great and fun sugar free Easter egg alternative.

Another idea is to make Easter biscuits, use flour, currants, eggs, and honey instead of sugar! The kids wont notice the difference when you serve up these sugar free alternatives to Easter eggs. Click here for the recipe.

3. Smiggle Easter Gifts

Smiggle have loads of Easter gift ideas for kids. Choose from rabbit rucksacks, Easter egg erasers, bunny shaped pencil cases, flowery headbands and plush Easter bunny toys. Click here to view the full range, you wont be disappointed. Our favourite is the squishy sequin Easter bunny toy, you can squeeze them and watch them slow rise back into original shape. It features a playful reversible sequin too!

4. Easter Breaks Away for the Kids

There’s still just about enough time to pack a suitcase and head off for an Easter Holiday Break in the UK from as little as £136 with Away Resorts. This will be sure to make the kids forget about Easter eggs! Find out the full range of offers and deals from Away Resorts on their website. Or check back regularly for our best holiday deals brought to you daily from VoucherShares.

5. Playmobil Easter Egg

It your child really has to have an Easter egg this Easter then there’s still a chocolate alternative! Playmobil Easter egg sets are an awesome alternative to chocolate and last a heck of a lot longer. With lots to choose from each one has four differently-coloured eggs and the collectable set contains a different figurine and accessories. Click here to visit Playmobil and hoose from a pirate with cannon (yellow egg); zookeeper with seal pups (green), space agent (blue) or fortune teller (pink), and the shells themselves can be kept for use as carry cases. Suitable for kids aged 4 and above.

Discover all of the latest deals from Playmobil brought to you daily by VoucherShares here.

If your after our top non-chocolate Easter gifts for children recommendation it has to be the Playmobil egg. Its non breakable, guaranteed hours of fun and made to last from one Easter to the next. And in a bid to save the planet they are likely to hold their value so sell on eBay or take to your local charity shop so that the next generation can also enjoy our recommend best non chocolate Easter gift for kids!

And just to the record straight the guinea pigs, luckily for us, really were a happy coincidence and kind of found us via a friend of a friend who got their brothers so it gave us a great non chocolate Easter present alternative! We’ve actually been on the look out for our pigs for ages. 


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