How to Get the Best Holiday Deal for you and your Family and Save Money with Our Holiday Money Saving Hacks!

How to Get the Best Holiday Deal for you and your Family and Save Money with Our Holiday Money Saving Hacks!

How to Get the Best Holiday Deal for you and your Family and Save Money with Our Holiday Money Saving Hacks!

This blog post gives some top tips on planning your holiday whether you’re looking for the best voucher code to use on a holiday abroad, cheap last minute Easter holidays for all of the family or just need some holiday inspiration! We want to give you some pointers on saving money on your holiday.

Travel has a habit of opening our eyes to whole new world of different cultures, experiences, gives us a world of new experiences and offers a different perspective on life. Holidaying abroad is an amazing way to teach children about the world they live in and immerse themselves in a whole new culture. However, equally holidaying in the UK can be an eye opener and often the preferred option for those on a budget or with younger children when the thought of taking them on flights is often a major turn off! And if you want a super cheap break then why not look to the UK? Holidaying in the rain in England is surely a rite of passage to allow us to really appreciate the hot weather offered abroad! 

Overspending, over-indulging, and living beyond our means are definitely bad habits that most of us are guilty of committing on holiday. It’s one of the few times of the year when we can spend whatever we feel like and enjoy ourselves without thinking too much about tomorrow - but when you come back home after a few weeks, was it really worth it?


This year, you should try to enjoy yourself while still staying within your budget. It is actually possible! Read on …. 

  • Who offers the best holiday deals at this time of year

Agoda are offering an amazing 8% off holidays to Iceland (at the time of uploading this blog post so be quick). Iceland is breath taking and offers something for entire family especially those seeking a cultural holiday so book now. If you’re quick you could book a last minute Easter holiday to Iceland! Or if you don’t fancy a hotel but fancy booking a holiday apartment then Apartments 4 You have some great options, you can get away for as little as £229 per week (at the time of writing this blog post) and they have apartments all over the place from Tenerife and Malta to Germany and Crete to Orlando. Book your holiday apartment with Apartments 4 You then book a cheap flight with Easy Jet Holidays.  Or book your entire holiday with Easy Jet Holidays, they have some great last minute and all inclusive holiday offers.

If holidaying in the UK appeals more then check out Away Resorts who are offering some amazing deals on last minute Spring breaks, last minute Easter holidays and School Summer holiday bookings. Or Chessington Holidays who have heaps of holidays in the UK to choose from which are perfect for the entire family.

If you’re travelling abroad make sure you find the best deal on airport parking, APH have some good deals, find them on our website here.


  •  Buy before you fly 

If you’re not going on an all-inclusive holiday then make sure you check the price of and book your airport transfer well in advance. Addison Lee have a great range of holiday transfer all listed here on our site. 


Purchasing simple, everyday items that you know you’ll need like Boots Waitrose


  • Prioritise your needs

Is there something you just can’t do without while you’re on holiday? It might not feel like a holiday without those nice little meals out or a cocktail or two with your lunch, if so then it’s important that you’re allowed to treat yourself to this - but try to cut down in other areas to compensate. For example, saving on your holiday accommodation allows for more on those luxury items that you really want on your holiday! Or perhaps you can do it the other way around; cook in the apartment you’re renting but make sure that it’s lovely and somewhere you actually enjoy being. Make sure you shop around for the best holiday meal deal vouchers for the best money off eating out discounts before you jet off to save time, effort and stress when you’re away. Planning your holiday before you go away will mean you not only save money but have more time to relax.


Or just go for an all inclusive holiday where you don’t have to worry if the kids don’t like their food, just go up for a different course! All inclusive holidays with drink included are the best if you like the occasional cocktail because these can cost a fortune on holiday! Check out Easy Jet Holidays for all inclusive holiday deals that are affordable and from a brand you can trust!


  • Check your phone contract and holiday insurance 

Staying safe and money smart while you’re on holiday means that you need to get a few of these boring preparations over with first. Returning home to a huge phone bill or an insurance that won’t cover the costs of the camera someone stole from you will be way less fun. Vodafone have some great offers while travelling, you can view them on our site. Same with EE whose latest offers can be found here on our site. 


Getting the best deal on your holiday insurance especially family holiday insurance is important but making sure you have holiday insurance is an absolute must! Alpha offer some really flexible packages and you can choose your own excess, great hey? Find out more about them by clicking here to visit our Alpha Insurance page. 



  • Enjoy the cheap or free deals or just go on a day trip!

Planning, research, and an eye for everything free will get you a long way in terms of saving money on your holiday; whether it's finding cheap deals at the local aqua park for kids or getting a free upgrade on your hotel room or flights. Some people are really good at this and seem to be able to spot the freebies and discounted offers everywhere while the rest of us needs a bit more help. For those of you who are booking a holiday in the UK be sure to check out the latest deals on entertaining the kids and days out here. Choose from Alton Towers, Legoland or shop around at Attraction Tickets Direct for all kinds of fun things to do for the family. 


Start by having a look at the specific location you’re travelling to and searching for the free cultural / entertainment offers.


If you’re still undecided on what to do or where to go then visit our Attractions and Days out Page and Hotels Holidays and Travel Vouchers page. 

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