Voucher Shares Shoppers Top Tips and Predictions for Christmas Shopping in 2018

Voucher Shares Shoppers Top Tips and Predictions for Christmas Shopping in 2018

The team at Voucher Shares have trawled the internet high and low to bring you our predictions for the best tech gifts to buy this Christmas.

The key to Christmas is to plan ahead, Voucher Shares bring lots of voucher codes and discounts and offers and details on retailer sales so you can bag the biggest bargain possible. Another great way to plan for Christmas buying is to spend time writing your Christmas present list for you and for those who you buy for.

Christmas is definitely a lot of peoples’ favourite time of the year – creating memories with the kids, re-living special traditions, spending quality time with extended family and, of course, preparing a load of delicious food to eat.

Here are our top tech buys this Christmas, all quite pricey so would make greats gifts for your husband, wife and children.

1. Echo Dot

Understandably met with a lot of Scepticism, The Echo is still guaranteed to be a hit this Christmas. It lets you listen to Amazon audio books, music and ask Alexa questions which can be great for adults and children alike if used under supervision of course.

You can choose from a wide selection at Amazon.

2. Sonos Speakers

Sonos recently joined forces with Danish designers HAY to launch a limited edition range of Sonos speakers in a pallet of five new colours for Christmas 208. They usually come in monotone Black or White, so the colour adds a very welcome alternative.

Shop the Hay range direct from Sonos.

3.Mac Book Air

This is certainly the ultimate apple laptop that we have all been waiting for. It has a Retina display along with touch id of course. It has a 13” screen and includes the “butterfly” style keyboard from other Apple laptops.  It’s not cheap though so is  a gift only reserved for the most deserved of loved ones.

Shio the Apple range direct from Apple.

4. Nintendo Labo

Nintendo released the Nintendo Labo earlier this year as an add on to the Switch which arrived last year. It’s certainly and impressive creation and one we will love to add to our Christmas list if we have the Nintendo. The Labo has build in joysticks and steering wheels. Great for kids!

Shop the Nintendo Labo range here

5. iPhone XS

The must have phone for Apple lovers everywhere the iPhone XS (OR 10) has a 5.8-inch OLED display and facial unlocking, 64GB of storage, all-day battery life and - what we’ve all been after for ages - wireless charging. It comes with a A12 Bionic chip which will make your smartphone move at the speed of Concord (well almost).  Shop the full iPhone range here on Apple

6. Fire Pad

We vote that the Fire Pad will be a hit again this Christmas. The Fire Pad comes with a child-proof foam case and Amazon even offer to replace the tablet for free for two years whatever the injury – which is perfect as we all know how much kids bash things around. Choose your Fire Pad from Amazon  in a wide range of different colours.


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