How can we reduce our use of plastic?

How can we reduce our use of plastic?

While soaking up the sun on a beautiful beach somewhere (probably in the UK) we don’t want to be reminded of how the ocean has been abused and used to the extent that by 2050  it is estimated that there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. The reality is plastic is evil, note: I Ieft out ‘necessary’ here!

Discover our top tips to reducing our consumption of plastic and the innovative ways some companies are using the plastic we already have. As individuals we do have power. Thinking we do not will not bring change. Remember, a drop in the ocean eventually makes a splash.

Top 7 tips to reducing plastic consumption:

  1. Pressure retailers who send their products out in plastic especially non recyclable plastic. Amazon offers terrible packaging! All of their products come in half bubble wrap half paper, how am I supposed to recycle that?
  2. Always take a bag to the supermarket! Whenever I go to Waitrose or Tesco’s or wherever I always take a bag because I know I might buy more than I anticipate.
  3. Straws – don’t use them unless they are made or cardboard or metal! I have been telling my kids this for years’ but they love straws so I bought some recyclable metal ones.
  4. Refill cup – refillable cups are increasingly popular and most coffee shops give money off if you use one. Yes I Want It offers a great selection of reusable coffee cups made out of recycled plastic.
  5. Make your own food rather than buying ready meals or getting a take-out salad in a plastic container. Oxfam offers  a beautiful range of rainbow lunchboxes which they have just launched.
  6. Shop with companies that are doing their bit towards creating a more sustainable packaging. The Somerset Toiletry Company offers Breakdown Plastic™ which is started to be integrated into their range. BP is a revolutionary ingredient which when added to plastic during manufacturing, enhances biodegradation.
  7. Shop with companies that make things out of plastic. Planet Warrior offers Planet Warrior produce products that are made from recycled plastic bottles and eco rubber.

Voucher Shares entire ethos is around embracing brands who do their bit for the environment while encouraging shoppers to encourage brands that don’t to put pressure on them to do more. Together we can bring about change. One day we want to get to a point where we only work with sustainable brands but at the moment this isn’t viable and more and more we see a lot of brands making big changes.

There are so many innovative ways where plastic is being used to give it a second life like Planet Warrior yoga wear. Imagine if some of the big clothes retailers could embrace this and how many plastic bottles could be given a second life? One yoga outfit uses 50 plastic bottles!! Compare that to some other high street brands. With clothing being one of the main contributors to pollution this could be revolutionary in our fight to save our planet.

Voucher Shares have been given an exclusive 15% off Planet Warrior voucher code to share with our users so now is the perfect time to try some yoga wear that doesn’t cost the earth and will do a world of good for your health.

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