Schools STILL Out! Technology VS. Toys?

Schools STILL Out! Technology VS. Toys?

Given our current climate most kids are spending way too much time on technology. I have seen kids who have been given computer games that are not age appropriate simply to survive these trying times. I am not blaming the parents, it’s about survival!

I too am not happy about how many hours my kids are now spending on tech. However, I am trying other things to reduce the tech overload such as Pokemon cards, long walks and going back to basics by introducing traditional toys. I have rediscovered the animal figures and play sets from Schleich® that I loved playing with endlessly as a child at my parent’s house. This is remarkable given that although they keep everything it is not always very well looked after. However, my Schleich®  toys stood the test of time and I have recently topped them up with figures that my kids love including dinosaurs!

After years of playing with Schleich®  and many fond memories it’s really interesting to find out more about them! They were founded over 80 years ago by Friedrich Schleich® and have become the largest toy manufacturers in Germany and a leading international provider of original play worlds. The animals are super realistic and of educational quality, I know they appear in schools and apparently child psychologists use them to help kids re-enact feelings and situations.

Our children love the figures, and they have been an amazing alternative resource to their tech gadgets! They are awesome at capturing imagination and encouraging thought provoking play, my youngest is particularly good at becoming immersed in the other worlds he creates with Schleich®  figures and animals. He brings them  to life using his imagination which then becomes the starting point for a personal story which usually revolves around Schleich®  dinosaurs. I wish I had introduced my children to them earlier, they help contribute to your child’s age-appropriate development. Starting with motor skills and even helping them to tell their own little stories. Creativity and imagination are promoted in a playful manner.

Schleich® products and the materials met stringent tests to exceed the strictest applicable national and international requirements. Although as I was brought up on this brand I personally didn’t question the safety.

Schleich have developed six different themed worlds with more than 600 carefully designed and high-quality individual figures. They have a new range of figures and animals for 2020 which include Dinosaurs, Farm World/Horses Wild Life and Dragons ranges. And the great news is Voucher Shares have been given an exclusive Schleich® voucher code! Use ‘vouchershares10’ to get 10% off Schleich® orders over £30 from 01.07.2020 – 14.08.2020.

Check out this great offer and all other Schleich® voucher codes and discount codes here.

Miranda Coombes

Miranda Coombes, mother of 2, passionate about the environment,

keen horse rider, marathon runner and a business owner

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