Reusable face coverings (face masks) voucher codes and deals

Reusable face coverings (face masks) voucher codes and deals

Where to buy reusable face coverings / face masks?

Lockdown restrictions in the UK are being increasingly eased. By July 4th it’s looking like those living in England will be allowed to visit pubs, restaurants, and the much needed hairdressers. Two households will also be allowed to meet in any setting provided they adhere to social distancing measures. Whilst it’s nice to be getting some normality back in our lives, the virus is still very much a threat and so we must maintain vigilance, now more than ever, and consider those who are vulnerable around us to prevent a second wave.

Although some restrictions are being eased, new rules are also being put in place. If you want to use public transport for example, as of June 15th you must wear a face covering (not including those with medical conditions that prevent them from doing so). Not only that but it is highly recommended that if you are indoors within a confined space with limited air flow, ie a supermarket, high street shop, or other public space you should wear a face covering to prevent the spread of droplets which could potentially carry the virus. This applies to everyone, regardless of if you have any symptoms or not.

The government has asked whilst medical grade masks are the most effective, that the public not purchase them due to a shortage of PPE for key workers. Reusable and homemade masks also offer some prevention and so we bring you a list of the top reusable face masks. We will certainly be wearing these face coverings for the foreseeable, and we suggest you buy one, or more, as they sell out quickly. Of course, it's important to recognise that wearing a face mask does not protect you 100% from catching Covid 19 but it helps in combination with other measures in place. Face coverings are not a substitute for social distancing measures when it comes to preventing the spread of the virus. Frequent and thorough hand washing is also still essential.

It seems almost every online retailer is jumping on the face mask band wagon. Unlike the start of lockdown, face masks are becoming more readily available so we have narrowed down your choices to the best face masks for all.

Reusable face masks / face coverings for kids:

Noordi® Child Antimicrobial Face Mask for £6.49 from Samuel Johnston

Trendy reusable face masks and face coverings:

The following online clothes retailers have a huge range of fashionable face coverings so you can stay right on trend:

Boohoo reusable face masks

Boden reusable face masks

Bluebella reusable face masks

Reusable face masks for athletes:

3 layer system sports mask from Under Armour

Face masks and non-medical face coverings for adults:

Protective 3-Ply Face Mask (Pack of 50) available at Vitamin Planet.

Save Over £30 on Face Masks from Lloyds Pharmacy.

Not on the High Street has some lovely hand band boutique masks.

Aliexpress offers a great variety of masks for low prices.

Zavvi also supplies arange of face masks.

Face maks for men:

Check out Sports Direct for men’s face masks although most of the above mentioned retailers provide largely unisex masks and designs.

But before you go ahead and add the prettiest face mask or face covering to your basket, take the time to read the fabric breakdown and the care instructions. Here are some questions to ask yourself while browsing:

  • Is it breathable?
  • Is it a snug fit over the model's face?
  • Does it have elastic or tie-up fastenings?
  • Is it washable?
  • Will it arrive quickly or is shipping delayed?
  • Is it medical-grade? (If yes, don't buy it.)

Please remember that just because you are wearing a mask it doesn't mean you are invincible. You should still practice social distancing and wash your hands frequently in order to stop the spread of coronavirus.

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Stay safe!


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