Spring-cleaning or Deep Clean? Top tips to keep your home spotless

Spring-cleaning or Deep Clean? Top tips to keep your home spotless

First Day of Spring–Check. Clocks forward–Check. All the time that we could wish for at our disposal–Check!

With many of us finding ourselves with much more time on our hands and the changing seasons coinciding, circumstances are begging for a DEEP SPRING CLEAN. Even if you can’t think of anything worse than cleaning you can use this extra time to really get into the spring-cleaning groove. Deep Cleaning can become essential if you have someone in your home who is unwell or if the whole family has just recovered from self-isolation.  

I just want to make a specific mention to Mrs Hinch–the queen of clean! If you haven’t heard about her yet I will forgive you, but be sure to check out her Instagram and YouTube for every single possible cleaning hack that you can think of as well as fun (yes, fun) motivational cleaning videos. Now I am not trying to say that I am anywhere near as cleaning savvy as Mrs Hinch, however I do fancy myself as a bit of a cleaning guru. Here are my top tips to get you started on your spring-cleaning journey.

  1. Make a list! This is the most important tip that I will give. If you can’t think of your own, there are plenty available on Google (or from Mrs Hinch for that matter) but be sure to make one! Don’t feel daunted by it either, break the list down into separate rooms and don’t feel as though it all has to be done in one day, even in one week, take your time–we have plenty of it.
  2. Clockwise Clean – I find that this is the best way to tackle everything in a room. Start from the left of the entrance to the room and work your way around in a clockwise direction. Tackling every item one by one. To make your life much easier, take a basket full of the cleaning products that you know you will need around with. Polish, multi-surface, anti-bac, wipes, cloths, glass cleaner, bleach and whatever else it may be, bring it with you to save half a thousand trips to and from the cleaning cupboard. You can purchase personalised baskets from etsy, notonthehighstreet or amazon.
  3. Mattress and Bedding – Chuck your bedding in the washing machine (be sure to check the label for instructions) and hang it out on the line to air dry. Meanwhile, sprinkle baking powder all over your mattress and let it sit all day. Once your bedding is dry, vacuum away the baking power on a high-power setting. This refreshes the mattress and removes any build up. This method is also environmentally friendly!
  4. PVC – Windowsills and door frames are the top culprits for scuffs and something that we very often forget about. The perfect product combo that I have found for PVC is Elbow Grease together with The Pink Stuff–available from Robert Dyas and Amazon. They are gentle but mighty, perfect to tackle those pesky frames and my goodness does it make a difference to how your house looks from the inside and outside, especially in the sunshine!
  5. Cobwebs – Let’s be honest, this is one of those things that we just let slide. You cannot possibly keep on top of every single one. There are two options for these, the classic fluffy duster or my personal favourite, the vacuum cleaner. Shark Clean offers some of the best vacuum cleaners especially if you have a furry pet’s– and they are affordable too!
  6. Skirting boards – If you don’t already do these regularly then this is the perfect chance to tackle them. They don’t require anything fancy, simply a little bit of Elbow Grease on a yellow dusting cloth will do the trick or even a small bit of washing up liquid will suffice.
  7. The oven – This is one of those appliances that is better done little and often to keep on top of it, but if you’ve let it slip (we all do) fear not. Oven Pride is absolutely the way forward, it is truly magic and can be bought in any supermarket and costs nowhere near as much as a professional oven clean. If you need any extra help, Pink Stuff is great for the tricky spots as it is all natural so no nasty chemicals in your oven, plus is it abrasive enough to remove the burnt food without rubbing off the paint.
  8. Last but not least, declutter. Sort through your wardrobe and throw any clothes that you haven’t even touched since last year. You can also drop them to the charity shop, or if they are in good enough condition and of some value you can always sell them on Depop, Vinted, Preloved or ebay just be sure to wash them thoroughly first! With summer approaching this is a great opportunity to also swap your winter wardrobe for your summer wardrobe. Invest in some vacuum pack bags – available on ebay or amazon– to save space and keep your clothes safe from moths!

Other bits and bobs that you may have forgotten about:

  • Full washing machine clean – run the clean cycle with a little bit of Zolflora in the drum and baking powder in the draw.
  • Full dishwasher clean – Hottest cycle, and don’t forget to replace the rinse aid and crystals
  • Cutlery draw – this collects up random bits of food so easily so just empty it out and use some anti bac to give it a good spring clean
  • Lamps – you’ll thank me later
  • Windows – inside and out
  • Dust shelves
  • Shake out rugs
  • Dust picture frames
  • Kitchen appliances – use elbow grease (spray the cloth not the appliance)
  • Refrigerator clean
  • Freezer de-frost (ready for ice cream!)
  • Clean and disinfect the bins (outside and inside)
  • Declutter cupboards for products that are out of date and use up those that have almost nothing left – do this in the kitchen, bathroom and utility
  • Shampoo carpets
  • Deep clean/ treat flooring
  • Sweep outdoor areas
  • Clean BBQ
  • Cut grass

And those are my spring-cleaning deep cleaning top tips! Now stick on some of your favourite music, get your favourite notepad and pen, make those lists and get cleaning! Let us know how you get on, why not post some pics on your Instagram and join in with the Hinch Army.

Anna Taylor

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