Home Office Makeover Ideas to Motivate and Increase Productivity

Home Office Makeover Ideas to Motivate and Increase Productivity

How to set up your Home Office

It’s no surprise that laptops, home office furniture such as desks, office chairs, printers and coffee (!!) sales are up as millions and millions of the UKs workforce have suddenly been forced to set up a home office and work from home.  

If you like millions of others are looking for tips on making your home office more inviting and increasing productivity then read on to get some tips on. It’s a huge learning curve for a lot of us (although the team at VoucherShares.co.uk are used to it now!!):

Are you asking yourself how to motivate yourself while working from home? Well the first place to start if you haven’t already is establish your space. Set it up like you mean business. Making sure everything you need is nearby avoids unnecessary trips away from your screen which will undoubtedly lead to an unnecessary distraction from the kids, the cat or the fridge! Have everything nearby, just like as if you were actually at work (well as much as you can). Here’s a checklist for your working from home office that offers you the chance to really get into the working from home vibe along with some great working from home offers.

Working from Home IT Set Up

Have you got a printer? Do you need one? Currys PC World offers some great deals on Printers, why not upgrade your laptop with a laptop from Currys PC World at the same time? Don’t get stuck without ink! Check out the latest from Printer Inks who offer a great selection of inks at great prices.  

How are you finding your Broadband / Internet provider now you’re working from home? Looking to change internet broadband supplier? Plus Net offers Broadband which will keep your internet up and running, they are super reliable and very reasonably priced. Check for the latest Plus Net offers and voucher codes on VoucherShares.co.uk first.

Working from Home Office Furniture

If you’re looking for cheap office furniture and cheap home office supplies The Office Supplies Supermarket offers a great variety of offices chairs at great prices, shelving, filing cabinets, office consumables, office desks, office notices boards, office stationary and pretty much every other office essential you could think of. Check here for the latest Office Supplies Supermarket codes, discounts and vouchers.

The Office Supplies Supermarket offers a great range of stationary supplies too, so why not get to grips with your in-tray and order some cheap in-trays, pens, paper, stationary and a desk order to put all your pens in neatly.

Home Office Lighting

Don’t strain your eyes! Who knows when the next eye test will be huh? For me you cannot beat an Anglepoise desk lamp. The Anglepoise desk lamp offers perfect amount of lighting which can be carefully manouvered to wherever you want it quickly and easily. They are super stylish too, a brilliant bit of craftmanship the Anglepoise lamp was created by an architect, say no more! Click here to go through to Amazon and choose the best Anglepoise desk lamp for you. Choose from mini Anglepoise 90, mini Anglepoise 75 and Anglepoise Original 1227. Don’t be fooled or tempted with cheap imitations which fail to deliver in comparison to all that the Anglepoise has to offer.

Order Coffee Online

And lastly but most importantly for most of us we need great coffee when working from home! If you like me are missing our coffee shop coffees then why not treat yourself to a decent coffee at home?

And finally make sure you add the finishing touches and make your home office space homely. Frame some of your kids art, hang family pictures up, hang up other things that make you happy and brings back memories like a Glastonbury festival ticket, holiday souvenir, medal you won or something your kids made you. Grab some inspiration from Pintrest too. Turn it into a nice place to be that’s just for you. Having written this I am really inspired to give my home office a makeover, I hope I have done my job and inspired you too

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