Why wait for Easter? Chocolate is a great mood booster!

Why wait for Easter? Chocolate is a great mood booster!

Chocolate (especially dark) is said to stimulate the production of endorphins, which are brain chemicals that create feelings of pleasure. Which let’s be honest we all need right now (well combined with some exercise, meditation and overall enhanced self-care which is vital). And dark chocolate also contains serotonin, an antidepressant that can elevate mood.

With that in mind and with Easter coming up we’ve had a look at some of our favourite chocolate with a focus on Abel and Cole’s offering which includes UK made Cocoa Loco, an ethical handmade chocolate brand that ticks all the right boxes: made in the UK and 100% organic using Fairtrade, single origin cocoa and it's absolutely delicious too.

Abel and Cole offers some gorgeous Easter Gifts and better still from local suppliers which makes them more sustainable and available at the moment. Abel and Cole offers such a tempting range so all around it’s hard to resist. Abel and Cole voucher codes may be redeemable against Easter gifts too if you’re a new customer or a lapsed customer.

Finding healthy, great quality, organic chocolate which hasn’t travelled thousands of miles to reach us can be very difficult. Abel & Cole offers mainly organic and always ethical products delivered straight to your door in minimal packaging. Abel & Cole offers some great discounts and buy one get one free offers so ensure that before you place your order that you always have a look at the very latest Abel and Cole voucher codes and offers to bring the price down on your order.

Here are some of our favourites:

Make your own chocolate lolly’s this Easter

Great for kids to make, Abel and Coles chocolate lolly making kit comes with sticks, chocolate buttons, lolly sticks and ribbons. Simply melt the buttons over a pan of water, let cool slightly then fill the lolly moulds up, pop them in the fridge to let them set and then tie a ribbon on for good measure. You can re-use the moulds time after time, simply buy the chocolate buttons or even use another brand.  Me and my two boys made these the other day and they were super easy, stress free to make and yummy! You can use the moulds to melt down any left over Easter eggs too!

Abel and Cole chocolate (choco loco) raspberry mini eggs

Cocoa Loco is made for Easter and these mini eggs come in a cute bunny box which makes a perfect Easter present. These organic mini eggs are organic and Fairtrade certified.

Abel and Cole chocolate (choco loco) mini animals

Pretty and pink organic Easter treats made with blend of vanilla, white chocolate and raspberry. All are Fairtrade, organic and palm free and they are made in West Sussex.

Other Abel and Cole Voucher Codes and Offers

Abel and Cole Free Box, Get Free 4th Box with Your Order

New customers will get their 4th box absolutely free! What a steal.

Check out for more Abel & Cole voucher codes and offers

Miranda Coombes

Miranda Coombes, mother of 2, passionate about the environment,

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