Your student guide to saving money

Your student guide to saving money

For YEARS, brands have been dishing out vouchers to entice new customers and add to their brand value. There is a noticeable increase in the number of brands handing out vouchers or coupons, particularly around key events like cyber week, black Friday and cyber Monday.  

I think people have developed a connotation that vouchers are for mums or for the elderly. Those of us who have the time to scour through endless webpages of deals for the best ones or maybe people still have a picture in their heads of someone taking the time to, first collect and then, take their scissors to piles of magazines or empty product packaging.

It’s just what we’re used to. Right?

Living in a highly advanced digital age, these assumptions could not be further from the truth.

Whilst it may still be the way that some brands choose to market their discounts, websites (and technology in general) has made saving money easier than ever!

I am a student and I LOVE a discount. I mean who doesn’t love to save money? I think I can certainly speak for all students when I say that I will never turn down a freebie! There are vouchers for pretty much everything, and they’re readily available from your computer or even from your mobile phone. From your weekly food shop, to pizza’s, to the most luxurious spa retreats…. Can you blame me for being a complete discount addict?

Yes, of course you come across some vouchers that may not be directly relevant to you, but there will always be someone that will benefit from it. Whether that be family, friends or even work colleagues, all thanks to the sheer volume of categories that discounts and vouchers fall into. There is something for everyone, and that includes students!  

Being a student is hard enough without having the extra worry of money hanging over your head and if you’re like me (or any other student for that matter) and you’re struggling to make ends meet and worried about your student loan debt, vouchers could be the answer to your prayers.

The beauty of vouchers is that there is no end to the savings. If it’s possible to save hundreds of ££’s, just by switching supermarkets, imagine the savings you can achieve from vouchers too! 

49% of 16-24 year old’s said that they had increased their coupon use in 2017, in comparison to 33% of all consumers. This figure alone is enough to break any stereo types surrounding vouchers. And if you still can’t shake the image of cutting out paper vouchers, thanks to technology, it’s never been easier to find a great deal! Voucher codes / discount codes have shown a growth rate of 72.21% in 2017 according to UKGSCVA.

There is no shortage of codes and deals available to students either. Just searching for ‘vouchers for students’ in google throws up over 52.9 million results! Sign-up at UNiDAYS and Student Beans to make sure you never miss out on the discounts the big brands are offering.

So, is there ever any reason to pay full price?

Well sometimes, it depends how long you are willing to wait for that item you really love. A lot of consumers simply check for vouchers before buying to make sure they aren’t missing out and then buy the item regardless of code safe in the knowledge that they aren’t missing out.

My favourite part about vouchers? The sense of achievement that you receive when you use one! It’s almost like winning a game and similar to eBay whose clever ‘you’ve won the auction’ turns buying into a competition.

Here are just some of the areas that students can save on (there’s plenty more out there, and it’s only a mouse click away!)

  • Food and Drink. Yes, this does include pizza!
  • Fashion. Market leaders such as BoohooSchuh and New Look all offer regular discounts both online, and in-store.
  • Health and Beauty. This includes all your favourite toiletries, fragrance and make up brands.
  • Music and Electronics. I don’t know a student who doesn’t listen to some kind of music. Whether you’re an Apple fanatic, a Spotify nerd or an Amazon addict, the competitive discount market means that you can have your pick!
  • Travel – From spa retreats, to holidays. Student life can be pretty stressful at times, why not treat yourself with Student Universe voucher codes?
  • Sport and Fitness. It’s always important to stay healthy and as a student it can be difficult to stay on track. Well what better motivation than a discounted membership!
  • Occasions and GiftsFind the perfect gifts for half of the price!

I could go on.

You have no idea what you could be missing out on. There are so many fantastic discounts available right at your fingertips, so why not give it a try - you’ll be thanking me later!

Happy Saving!


Studen blogger Anna

AT, resident Student Blogger


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