VoucherShares - Top Arts and Crafts Activities for Kids this Bank Holiday Weekend

VoucherShares - Top Arts and Crafts Activities for Kids this Bank Holiday Weekend

VoucherShare Top Arts and Crafts Activities for kids this bank holiday weekend.

Discover how to amuse your children with these craft ideas for kids including how to make amazing and unique marbling ink designs and turn the garden fence into a work of art.

1. Let Kids Poster Paint the Fence (a definite when doing art activities for kids!)

Poster paint will wash off in the rain and kids aren’t normally allowed to pain the fence but it will come off in the rain so what the heck? Why not encourage them to paint a rainbow or giant sunflower on the fence, or help them with their name? The kids will love this arts and crafts for kids activity and hopefully it will entertain them long enough for you to make a cup of tea! Wow what a treat!

So here is what you will need for this arts and crafts kids activity with links to where you can buy it from (well pretty much Baker Ross who are the bees knees when it comes to arts and crafts ideas for kids!)

Paintbrush, ideally a large one! You can use this for your house too if you need to! Much more fun to for craft ideas for kids to use a big, adult size paint brush so they can see a much bigger impact from their handy work, plus it will take them longer and use up their energy so they sleep well, great all around! Baker Ross have a good range of kids paintbrushes for using for activities with kids.

Poster paint, a good few colours, try the colours of the rainbow; red poster paint, orange red poster paint,  yellow red poster paint, green red poster paint, blue red poster paint, indigo and violet red poster paint. A good selection can be found here online at Baker Ross.

Print off a picture of a rainbow for them to copy and help them stay on track. And teach kids the colours of the rainbow at the same time. Remember what we were taught at school to remember the colours of the rainbow? Richard of York Gave Battle In Vain! Worked for me!

Fence, or could even be the side of a shed if you don’t have a fence!

Remember to take a picture of them on your phone! Here’s one I took of my two painting the inside of our shed!

They used real paint and a real brush – oops! Luckily it tied in with a diy project I was doing and almost no paint got on clothes.

Warning: before undertaking this activity make sure you don’t mind putting up with their handy work for a few weeks in case it doesn’t rain! Also, depending on how much gusto they are showing the paint could take a bit longer to come off!

2. Make Amazing Pictures with Marbling Ink (one of the best craft ideas for kids)

Marbling Ink was rife in our house when I was younger so I have to recommdend it as being one of the best craft ideas for kids! My dads an architect and was always introducing us to messy arts and crafts (most of which weren’t age appropriate much to my mothers disgust! Oh wait! Check what I let my kids do … well the apple never falls far from the tree huh) … anyway … So we used to have the best time with these marbling inks which my dad got from college! They smelt really strongly of chemicals and I am not sure they were like the relatively harmless ones Baker Ross sell, click here to discover more.    

So here’s what you do with your marbling ink, get a tray of water, get a few drops of up to 4 different colour of marbling ink, pop it in the tray, gently pop some 1 sheet of paper into the tray (you can use this same ink to get about 6 goes), get the kids to take it in turns. They seriously love this art and craft idea for kids! You can use an old baking tray or oblong casserole dish for the mixture.

Here’s one I did with the kids last weekend, the kids love these marbling ink sets!

Baker Ross has some great arts and crafts, you can see the full range of arts and crafts for kids on their website. Dont forget to check out Baker Ross   and other Arts & Crafts vouchers, discounts, offers and special deals here >>>


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