Best Vegan Friendly Offers and Deals for Veganuary 2021

Best Vegan Friendly Offers and Deals for Veganuary 2021

Published January 12, 2021

Are you joining the 400,000 people who signed up for Veganuary? If so you will be in for a taste sensation and also, a virtual round of applause. Veganism is not an easy transition to make even for one month, think of all of the things you consume that aren’t vegan, shoes, beauty, food … this list is endless. 

You may even decide to just go vegan on the inside, for example only eat vegan food but keep your usual beauty products and clothes but whatever you are choosing to do chances are you’re taking part because you love animals, want to make a big change to your health, make a difference to your impact on the planet or all of the above!

So, to help get Veganuary off to a good start we have selected the best Veganuary deals and Veganuary offers to help you save money and animals this month.

Whether you are new to veganism or not now is the time to take advantage of vegan food, clothes and beauty as most retails who have a vegan product will be offering Veganuary offers and deals. Any excuse for some vegan friendly retail therapy hey?

Top 5 Vegan Offers this Veganuary

Here is a quick heads up of the best Veganuary offers from our retailers.

1. Vegan Shoe Offers

This Veganuary Office’s vegan shoe range is extensive. One of my favourites from Office are the Veja vegan range. They even stock a Tom’s Vegan slipper which is not only vegan but from a wholly ethical range. For every pair of shoes Tom’s sell a new pair is given to a child in need.

Office do not have a specific Veganuary offer but they do have a great up to 60% off sale on, which includes Adidas Koi vegan shoes, Toms vegan shoes, and even some Vivienne Westwood vegan sandals! But be quick stock is selling fast!

Toms vegan shoes

2. Planet Organic Vegan Vitamin Offers this Veganuary

The Pure Encapsulations has 20% off at Planet Organic, check out the full range, there is heaps of choice but my favourite is their amazing multivitamin, all their vitamins and minerals are vegan. 

Planet Organic

3. Beauty Veganuary Offers I usually use Ren Skincare, Cowshed, Neals Yard and Dr Hauschka (all can be purchased on allbeauty) but I was drawn to trying Aurelia because of their organic ingredients, probiotics and their use of glass bottles for a lot of their products. They also, offer vegan skincare for the vegans among us! And Aurelia Skincare products are cruelty free (as are all of the afore mentioned brands)! They do an awesome vegan range to which has to be tried, it is just as good as their non-vegan range. And this month Aurelia voucher code is great, they are offering 15% off for all new customers!


4. Vegan Food Offers from Foodspring Protein Shakes and Food

Foodspring have some amazing sport recovery and protein packed vegan food recipe. I particularly love this 16% OFF Vegan Protein Bar 12-Pack - Was £29.88, Now £24.99 Click here to buy it today it’s delicious! 


5. MyVegan Protein Shakes, Bars and Supplements Veganuary Offers

Another brand if you really want to throw yourself deep into veganism alongside a fitness boost! MyVegan offers are great! They are offering up to up to 35% off during Veganuary. They have s staple range with consists of protein shakes including exercise recovery shakes plus they even have some 100% vegan tarts too, they are delicious. Plus they have a plant based pizza base to mention a few. This month they are offering Vegan snacks, protein powders and bestselling products with up to 36% off during Veganuary!

Check them out today 

If saving the planet resonates with you check out our Sustainability page and our blogs which have heaps of sustainable, environmentally shopping tips. 

And why not celebrate Veganuary with this delicious vegan taco recipe on our blog post that we wrote for Vegan Day?

If you are trying Veganuary this January let et us know your favourite vegan food, beauty product or clothing range on Facebook and Twitter. We would love to hear from you!


Miranda Coombes, mother of 2, passionate about the environment,

keen horse rider, marathon runner and a business owner

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