Happy National Technology Day!

Happy National Technology Day!

Published January 6, 2021

Technology Affects us all and Enables us to Deliver the Latest Voucher Codes.

National Technology Day on January 6th recognizes the impact that technology has had and how it has changed the world for the better. It looks at what the future holds for technology and how everyday items which we take for granted are made possible and able to advance because of the incredible technology. Imagine the world without technology, imagine how we would deal with a pandemic in a world without technology?

No online shopping, no working from home, no social media, no Zoom calls ... the list is endless. We have become dependent on and hooked on technology in our daily lives from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to bed. The world we live in thrives and relies on it.

Some aspects of technology could be argued as destructive to everyday life such as social media and video games but think of the advances in healthcare and computing that have saved lives and help protect us from dangers such as terrorists and tidal waves.

How We Use Technology During Lockdown?

When Covid-19 hit many of us turned to online shopping to avoid socialising to protect ourselves from the virus. Most of us who work on computers were able to switch to online working pretty quickly with the help of the fast internet and Zoom calls. Something that has remained pretty unchanged since! A lot of us go straight from working online to online entertainment, whether it’s Netflix or gaming or checking social media.

We are able to home school our kids using Google Classroom that teachers can upload work to and accessing online education apps. We can also, answer pretty much all of the questions our kids ask us just by searching Google.

There were undoubtedly certain companies that lost and certain companies that gained during lockdown. In a nutshell companies that had a online technology or a website that delivered thrived, those that didn’t bombed. The high street came to a standstill with the exception of food stores (essential shopping) while non-essential retail went into decline. If anything highlighted the power of technology Covid-19 did.

Products such as iPads, TVS, Smart Phones, gaming devices such as the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox all sold out. And home gyms went through the roof including brands like Peloton whose cardio machines such as the Peloton bike and Peloton treadmill sold out in days! All supported by technology. What would we have done without them?

The demand for online technology was so huge in fact that the surge in broadband traffic in the first lockdown sparked a completely unprecedented move on YouTube who had to downgrade their streaming resolution to preserve bandwidth.

But most importantly it was the healthcare technology used by the NHS to save along with the advances in track and trace which allowed us to be notified of a potential contamination that far took home the prize for best use of tech!

But on a lighter note given lockdown is unfortunately still part of our lives let’s look at the best technology products to buy to keep us going through this lockdown as voted for by the team at Voucher Shares.

Voucher Shares top 5 Technology Products

  1. Smart TV in HD and Netflix – If you did a poll I bet people would rather give up drinking than Netflix, after all we ran out of things to watch on Netfix but we didn’t run out of wine. AO.com and Currys.com off the best in TVs that we have to offer. Check out the latest AO.com voucher codes and Currys voucher codes. But if you’re more of a wine person you may prefer to get the latest Majestic wine voucher codes.

    TV Currys

  2. Nintendo Switch – if you have kids you’ll probably have one of these! But with Animal Kingdom recently being voted by Oxford University as good for mental health maybe you do too? They sold out last lockdown and they seem to have sold out this time too but you can still buy Nintendo Switch games and also, sign up for the wait list on AO.com and Currys.com.

    nintendo switch

  3. Amazon Music – Not sure about you but music certainly helps keep me saine and even more so during lockdown so Amazon Music was a must for me. Amazon Music are offering 3 months unlimited music for free. Discover the latest Amazon Music voucher codes and deals here on Voucher Shares.

    Amazon music

  4. Amazon Audible – Being able to read a book anytime anyplace anywhere, what is not to like? With Amazon Audible you can. And you can even incorporate into your home schooling if you have kids. Check out the latest Amazon Audible Voucher codes, deals and offers.


  5. Gigaclear Fast Broadband – Gigaclear offers super fast game-changing broadband speeds for your home especially if you live in the country. Their high-quality, full fibre broadband solution means a fast, reliable connection to your home so you can work flexibly, stream seamlessly and get the latest entertainment. We ALL need this right now! Prices start from £39 per month. Check the latest Gigaclear voucher codes and offers here on Voucher Shares now.


So whatever you use technology for take a moment to think about it, pay it gratitude and raise a glass to more advances that will help us through the coming months and years.

Miranda Coombes

Miranda Coombes, mother of 2, passionate about the environment,

keen horse rider, marathon runner and a business owner

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