The Best Cheap Home Gym Equipment to Buy for Our New Years’ Resolutions 2021

The Best Cheap Home Gym Equipment to Buy for Our New Years’ Resolutions 2021

Published December 30, 2020

2021 cannot come soon enough for most of us after an exceptionally challenging 2020 which has forced all of us to look at our lives and make huge changes. If one positive has come out of it it’s realising how adaptable we are to change and ultimately if we can turn this into a positive when it comes to making new year resolutions it becomes really powerful.

So what will your new year’s resolutions be as most of us enter a much needed new year? Most people’s new year resolutions include one around health and fitness. Mine certainly do and always have.

This year with some many running events cancelled (a particular passion of mine) I have set my own challenges from running a half marathon on my own twice to compensate for the two organised ones being cancelled to setting myself a goal to run 30k on my own, challenges I wouldn’t have done has it not been for lockdown.

I am not alone, the focus on exercise has kept a lot of us sane and healthy. But whatever your goals are, the key is to set achievable ones that you know will make you feel better. And now is the time to do it!

Looking to get in shape in 2021 and looking for home gym voucher codes?

Here's what you need to know about how to get fit as cost effectively as possible and most importantly in a way to suit you. There’s no point buying the best home gym equipment if it isn’t going to be used, you are way better off investing in home gym equipment that will suit you perfectly and ideally be used by others in the family.

Lock-down threw most people’s workout regimes up in the air and a lot of people now have a self-made home gym. We cannot go to the gym so many have brought the gym to us, we are lucky that we have virtual gym classes at our finger tips with the likes of Joe Wicks and an ever growing free resource of workouts on YouTube which makes getting fit within everyone's reach.

With us set to enter 2021 in yet another lock-down now is the time to focus on family and budget-friendly workouts either indoors with some high-quality cheap home gym equipment and outdoor workouts which just require a good pair of trainers! Just make sure you use the latest home gym equipment voucher codes to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

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Voucher Shares Top Home Fitness Equipment Voucher Codes

Yoga Mats

We love Planet Warrior who produce comfy, high performance yoga mats which are made out of recycled plastic. These mats are great for doing yoga on or any core workout. Check out the latest Planet Warrior voucher codes


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Exercise Bikes

Best Gym Equipment have a great range of home gym equipment from rowing bikes to exercise bikes, all perfect for indoor exercise. They also have some great deals on now so be sure to shop for the latest Best Gym Equipment voucher codes before you buy

Electric Bikes

Electric bikes hit the UK by storm this year as people looked for ways to get outdoors and a commute that avoided mixing with other people. It is no wonder that brands such as Pure Electric have done so well, they sell a huge variety of electric bikes, hybrid bikes and electric scooters. Make sure you check out the latest Pure Electric voucher codes before shopping to get the best deal on your electric bike.

Resistance Bands

One of the cheapest yet most effective way to get fitter (and warm up and down) is using a resistance band. All you need is a matt, a few bands to suit your individual strength and if you’re new to this a YouTube video showing you how to use them.

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Amazon has an extensive range which are incredibly well priced, buy a set and work your way through the bands as you increase your strength resistance. Check out the latest Amazon voucher codes and offers today

Outdoor Exercise

The key with getting outdoors in the cold is appropriate gear. Making sure you have a good pair of trainers, with grips if you are running off road or on a track, a good pair of trainers will help prevent injury and give your more support.

Make sure you wear the right gear too, think about hi vis, even if you are going out in the day hi vis is key to ensuring drivers see you. Proviz discount codes can help you save on high quolity hi vis gear. Make sure you take an over garment out too make sure you are prepared if you get stuck in rain or wind, if it’s too hot simply wear around your waist.

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Voucher Shares recommend The Sports Edit, check the latest Sports Edit voucher codes today.

New year resolutions are all about keeping fit, it is just as important to eat healthy! Check out our Foodspring voucher codes for the finest fitness food. Combine the two and you are already onto a winning formula for a happy healthy 2021!

Foodspring products

And Voucher Shares make it even easier to create the perfect environment for sticking to your new year’s resolutions by bringing all of the latest Sport, Fitness and Outdoors voucher codes and food voucher codes and discounts to you. Our team are constantly searching for the best voucher codes around the clock, so you don’t have too!

Miranda Coombes

Miranda Coombes, mother of 2, passionate about the environment,

keen horse rider, marathon runner and a business owner

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