New Year, New You, New Lockdown - look after yourself

New Year, New You, New Lockdown - look after yourself

Published January 4, 2021

‘New year, new me’. We may say it, but do we mean it? Well this year there really is no excuse, after all we have very little else to focus on right now other than ourselves! New Lockdown limits our options even further. Do the workout, meditate, yoga it out, and most importantly on my personal list this year, continue focusing on my self care. And after the year we’ve had I think we could all use a little self care, don’t you?

One of my long standing favourite brands is here to help us do just that.

This month's Nails Inc self care edit pulls together the perfect selection of products to get us on our way, and with all of the extra time on our hands we really have no excuse.

Read on to discover just a few of my top picks that I will be using to give myself a well earned pamper this new year.

Nails Inc Best Self Care Individual Products

It may be called Nails Inc but this vegan and cruelty free brand offers so many other skincare products too!

Need A Wake Up Call Jade Under-Eye Roller - A brilliant quick pick-me-up for your eyes!

This has been my holy grail for the past few weeks where I have definitely overindulged on food and drink but paid for it with my lack of sleep! The product is so easy to use and one I will be keeping in my handbag for those early mornings if we ever go back to the office!

Need A Wake Up Call Jade Under-Eye Roller

No Puff Zone Nourishing Eye Masks

Make time for yourself, unwind and take a longer pamper with these on trend masks. Infused with CBD oil and green tea, they help to bring your eyes back to their well rested state. Hydrating, brightening, anti-inflammatory… Need I go on?

No Puff Zone Nourishing Eye Masks

Hand and Foot masks 

Get your hands (and feet) on these moisturising masks. Considering the extra stress we’ve all put on our hands the last year through regular washing and hand sanitizing and especially in the colder months, I think it’s safe to say our hands have earned their own pamper. These masks for your hands and also for your feet are fabulous because you can have them on and with the clever fastenings you can still do the things you want to at the same time. Then, just remove and enjoy your baby smooth skin!

Hand and Foot masks

Nailkale Superfood oil capsules 

In general, I love the idea of individual capsules pre measured as this way you never overuse the product. These capsules are full of nutrients, vitamins and goodness for your nails. Another great product to keep in your handbag as the capsules make it super easy to use on the go!

Nailkale Superfood oil capsules

Overnight detox nail mask

Yes that’s right, your nails have a mask too! You can use this weekly and massage the product into your nail using the convenient applicator before bed then leave it on overnight and rinse off in the morning. Wake up to healthy looking natural nails!

My Top Self-Care Sets from Nails Inc

The Essentials Kit 

This kit is perfect for beginners and has all of the key products to give you that salon finish! Considering a trip to get your nails done at the salon is usually £30 a pop, I think this is well worth investing in as all the products will last you for months to come with regular use! My favourite product from this kit: the 45 second top coat, it leaves a flawless finish on any nail varnish, even if you mess it up a little (or a lot) and it really does dry in 45 seconds so if you’re impatient like me, this is a MUST.

The Essentials Kit

Nail Rescue Treatment Set

If you are a fan of glitter nail varnish, gel nails, or acrylics then you NEED this kit. It has all of the necessary ingredients to bring your natural nails back to life in between sets including a very clever soaking pot and nourishing acetone! My top product from this bundle set: I couldn’t choose just one, so my top two are the superfood oil and the overnight mask! The superfood oil leaves your nails and cuticles looking like a hand model.

Nail Rescue Treatment Set

Hand and Foot Care Kit

This bundle is an essential for me at this time of year. Featuring the Nails Inc hand and foot mask, a hand and foot scrub and the superfood oil too it’s an absolute dream. My favourite product from this set: the scrub! I am OBSESSED with hand scrubs in general as until recently I did not even think that your hands needed a scrub but the feeling that it leaves after you have done it is UNBEATABLE. Highly recommended product.

Hand and Foot Care Kit

So check out the self care edit from Nails inc now and refresh your skin and your nails. Get up to 60% off on selected Nails Inc products with Nails Inc voucher codes!

Don’t forget to be kind to yourself this year.


Anna Taylor - 

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