Best Christmas Family Games to choose from

Best Christmas Family Games to choose from

Published December 14, 2020

Family Christmas. Do those two words bring dread into your body or perhaps you are one of the lucky ones for whom they fill with joy? Never-the-less if you are planning on gathering with your family this Christmas, take away the worry of keeping everyone entertained with our list of board games that guests of all ages will enjoy.

Traditional Board Games:

Monopoly - Now if you dare, this is an absolute must for board games if you want to kill time over a long weekend, but be warned even the most perfect family christmas could (most likely) end in tears thanks to this game. In fact, even the royal family have banned this one on christmas day (yikes).

Who am I - My personal favourite game. There are variations of this available now such as HeadBandz and the Heads Up app available on mobile. This game will surely have you giggling!

Who am I game

Jenga - A game of precision, skill and agility. Definitely a game that is a must in your games collection. And it can be turned into a game of truth or dare and also doubles up as a drinking game.

Down with the kids:

Frustration - Ahh that joyous noise of the popping dome that never fails to excite the little ones. If you have children under the age of 8 this is a great board game for kids and comes in any popular kids movie branding, Frozen, Trolls, Disney and more.

Pop up pirate - I remember playing this game at every party when I was younger, and things have not changed. Invest in a pop up pirate to keep the kids at the Christmas party entertained.

Popup Pirate game

Buckeroo - Similar to pop up pirate, a part classic and certainly one to invest in for christmas and for parties to come. You can buy most of these games at 365 games and BargainMax. Dont forget to use voucher codes and BargainMax voucher codes to get best discount on many great games. 

Get up, get moving:

Just Dance - Are you ready to dance it out against your relatives or friends? Get the party started with this great game! Work off some of those Christmas dinner calories and feel that rhythm.

Christmas Karaoke - Take turns to get up and serenade your party with your favourite christmas songs. You can buy a karaoke machine here or just take a few songs from youtube for an impromptu sing along.

Nintendo switch - 1-2 Switch is a game that makes you compete against one another face to face. And if you haven’t already got one, a nintendo switch makes for a brilliant christmas present. You can buy one at JD Williams and don’t forget to use JD Williams voucher codes, and you can get it in time for Christmas if you order by the 21st of December.


Charades - There are plenty of online generators that will let you play this game with your loved ones, no matter where you are. Just make sure you keep score! First to 10 wins!

Pictionary - Another classic game that has many modern versions. Invest in a whiteboard and pick your teams. This is a great game to play over zoom.

Christmas quiz - If you made it through lockdown 1.0 zoom quizzes, I congratulate you. Come back bigger and better with a christmas quiz too. There are lots of quizzes you can sign up to online, some of which you don’t even need zoom for too!

And those are just a few of the options. So fear not, whatever you are doing this christmas there is something to keep everyone entertained. And if in doubt, grab a pack of cards.

Wishing you and your families a Merry Christmas, whatever your festivities look like this year!

Anna Taylor

Anna Taylor - 

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