Has Covid-19 Changed Voucher Code Shopping?

Has Covid-19 Changed Voucher Code Shopping?

Published December 12, 2020

Conclusions from the online shopping trends, seeing by the UK's leading Green Voucher Code website www.VoucherShares.co.uk indicate that Covid-19 has changed voucher code shopping forever.

UK data from more than 95,000 users collected during the pandemic indicates voucher code shopping has grown in strength and Black Friday started earlier and lasted longer.

Cyber Monday offerings are almost as competitive voucher codes, yet Voucher Shares saw Black Friday sales far outweighs it by 400%.

Overall shopping has been hugely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, yet online shopping has grown with high street shopping restrictions. A combination of consumer worry and retailer panic has driven voucher codes popularity.

Voucher Codes Haven’t Been this Good Since the 2008 Recession

'I haven’t seen Voucher Codes that good since the last recession in 2008 when voucher sites first emerged to support consumers looking for a discount.

This year people have done their Christmas Shopping by close of play on Black Friday. They have put their Christmas decorations up much earlier too. We are talking about weeks earlier not just days.' Says Tatiana Larsen, CEO of Voucher Shares.

Covid-19 Affected Cyber Week Offers

Voucher Shares saw a rise in Black Friday branded retailer voucher codes being offered earlier than previous years however offers on things such as TVs, bikes, Lego and gym equipment were not so generous due to a surge in demand at the start of the Pandemic.

Consumers are thinking more about Sustainable Shopping

Consumers have had more time to think during the Pandemic. Considering their previous consumption habits vs. their new ones as they were forced to stay at home has translated into a rise in sustainable shopping habits. Google reports a YOY 41% increase in people shopping for sustainability.

People are investing in staying at home, with sales on products such as electric bikes, sustainable bedding, home gym equipment, home furnishings and home cooking appliances skyrocketing on Voucher Shares.

Consumers are Putting their Christmas Decorations Up a Month Earlier

Sales of Christmas decorations started earlier than ever, with people retailers selling out of things like Christmas lights, light up reindeers and Christmas projectors in November.

The trend for putting Christmas decorations up earlier has been accelerated by people being at home and making the most of the expense of Christmas. People are not just putting decorations up earlier they are spending more on them than ever before.

'Sales from our Christmas and party retailers (brands such as Ginger Ray and Lights4Us) have been astronomical this year. We have never seen such a high demand in Christmas decorations, it is unprecedented.' Says Tatiana Larsen. 

Future Online Shopping Predictions

Although overall consumer spending is down due to Covid-19, we are expecting online shopping to remain strong with considerable YOY growth for some time. Sales are showing no signs of waning as people avoid the high street in favour of a safer shopping online. As the UKs only green voucher code website focussed on promoting sustainable shopping initiatives we have been encouraged by an increase in both consumer and retailer behaviour trends towards shopping more consciously. We see that this is a trend that will continue, it has grown during a pandemic when economically people are stretched so we see that this will only continue as retailer confidence grows.' Says Tatiana Larsen

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