Veganuary Beauty - Top Vegan Beauty Brands

Veganuary Beauty - Top Vegan Beauty Brands

Published January 11, 2021

Veganuary Beauty

Veganuary is now well and truly underway but it’s not just exclusive to food! You can go vegan in all aspects of life. Including vegan clothes, just take a look at koi footwear, and Vegan beauty just read on to find out where you can get your hands on the best Vegan beauty products.

Vegan beauty essentially means beauty products that contain no animal derivatives (that includes ingredients such as lanolin, from sheep's wool, honey and beeswax from bees and carmine, a red pigment derived from insects that's often used in lipsticks). It also means the products can't be tested on animals.

Most brands will now offer a vegan range but just make sure you look out for that green V symbol! Vegan products are also always cruelty free which is identified by the familiar bunny symbol—but watch out as not all cruelty free products are vegan!


  • Isle of Paradise - At this time of year we’re all missing our summer glow. I’ve found myself reaching for the tan more often across the last month. But you don’t have to lose out on your tan if you’re taking on Veganuary! One of the top tanning brands, Isle of Paradise, is both vegan and cruelty free and it’s also my personal favourite tan giving you a flawless coverage and a perfect colour.

    Isle of Paradise

    Their face drops are the only thing that doesn’t make me breakout! Available at Boots  and LOOKFANTASTIC  Dont forget to get 15% OFF on Isle of Paradise products with our Exclusive LOOKFANTASTIC discount code

  • The Ordinary - This cult skincare brand has exploded onto the beauty scene over the last year. It’s simple packaging and minimal ingredients provides a raw option to the high end skincare. No fragrances, vegan and cruelty free this brand is definitely worth investing in. But do your research on which products are for you. Available at Boots  and LOOKFANTASTIC 
  • Revolution Beauty - Revolution Beauty has a very good and wide vegan range, simply search the word ‘vegan’ in the search bar on their website and make sure the product has a green V in the product image. Shop the new Revolution Beauty Skincare products here
  • The Body Shop - The high street favourite abs household name. The Body Shop’s new and improved website has a handy section for Vegan Skincare which includes some of their top products like Camomile Cleansing Butter and the whole tea tree range. All products assure vegan and cruelty free manufacturing. Don’t miss their sale and shop Body Shop Vegan Skincare now.
  • Neals Yard Remedies - Shop the organic and vegan collection from the boutique Neals Yard Remedies 
  • Nails Inc - Yes Nails Inc offer incredible nail varnish, but they have recently brought out a range of skincare too! Check out their face masks, body masks, scrubs and more here — and all vegan and cruelty free!


Below are just some of the brands that are both vegan and cruelty free! All available from Look Fantastic,  Beauty Expert, and Boots

  • Too faced
  • Tarte cosmetics
  • Urban decay
  • Wet and wild
  • Charlotte tilbury
  • Elf
  • Cover fx
  • Milani

Revolution beauty has hundreds of vegan makeup products here from eyeshadows to foundation and even vegan strip lashes!

Don’t forget The Body Shop which has a whole section on their website dedicated to vegan makeup so you can be sure that the products are 100% vegan and cruelty free! My top products are the shade adjusting drops and brow and lash gel. Shop Body Shop Vegan Makeup now 


Nails Inc - one of the leading brands for vegan and cruelty free nail varnish. Fesst your eyes on their gorgeous wooden lids! If you missed it have a look at last weeks blog all about the Nail Inc January Self Care Edit 

Don't Stop Be-Leafing Plant Based Vegan Nail Polish Duo


Don’t just stop at the makeup! Make sure your tools are vegan and cruelty free too by shopping with these brands! The Body Shop - An obvious place to start when looking for eco and vegan tools! 

  • Eco Tools - This brand has been around for years! But has remained quietly in the background of the beauty tools industry. You can get hold of these products in any supermarket, boots and more! Available at Boots  and LOOKFANTASTIC 
  • Revolution Beauty - Have a beautiful range of synthetic vegan makeup brushes! Just look for the green V symbol on the product images. Shop Vegan Makeup Brushes from Revolution Beauty here

And whilst Veganuary lasts just one month, these products last much longer and are all high quality enough that you can just swap for the long term. Shop more vegan vouchers here at Voucher Shares


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