Easter Present Ideas for A Unique Easter …

Easter Present Ideas for A Unique Easter …

Arts & Crafts and Outdoor Toys ideas for this year's Easter Presents

Easter is a usually a time to spend time with family and friends and have Easter eggs hunts if you’ve got kids in the family. Lots of relaxing is normally on the cards as is eating food and enjoying a couple of extra days off work (and devouring loads of chocolate of course).

This Easter is going to be very different for the majority of people. The kids are already on a never ending holiday for a start as all parents are grappling with home schooling and holding down a job if they still have one. But however you decide to celebrate Easter this year make sure you make the most of the great retailers we have on our site who are offering some fantastic vouchers and discounts to help you make the most of it.

The shops still seem to have plenty of Easter egg offers if you are able to get out an about or have been lucky to schedule an Able and Cole delivery, Waitrose Delivery, Iceland home delivery and any of the other supermarkets offering home delivery. Usually we would be looking at the top Easter egg offers in detail given the situation this year it’s more about getting an Easter egg which will be a challenge in itself for some people if they are self isolating.

If you aren’t into chocolate or want to steer clear of sugary treats for your kids then kids arts and crafts are a great way to celebrate Easter. Another great idea given the realistic length of time our little ones will be gracing us with their presence is outdoors toys!

Easter basket offers and ideas  

Baker Ross offers a great range of great value Easter craft supplies. I use their Coloured Baskets (£2.95 for 12-pack), they’re super easy to put together for the kids and are perfect for collecting small eggs.

Easter sticker offers and ideas

Easter stickers offers no end of amusement. Baker Ross Offers Easter stickers from around £1.49 for 144 and the kids can use them decorate, make cards, stick them around the garden for each other to hunt. No end of fast, easy, mess-free craft, which you can then use in your egg hunt too if you want.

Easter bonnet offers and ideas

Baker Ross offers a great choice of Easter bonnets and embellishments, with bonnets in pink or cream, plus cowboy hats and boaters, something for everyone!

I love sticking feathers and glitter from Baker Ross all over them but you can also, attach flowers and whatever else you might find.

Outdoor Toys offers and ideas

Outdoor Toy Offers on Climbing Frames and Swings from TP Toys  

If you want your kids to love playing outside and want to give them something wholesome to do while you work or get in with everyday stuff during the next however many months that they will be off school then check out TP Toys’ who offer amazing ranges of outdoor activity toys. TP Toys offers a great alternative Easter present this year that your kids will love! Outdoor toys fill kids with joy and fresh air instread of sugar! What could be better? Check out the latest TP Toys discount codes which could save you money, meaning you can watch your kids play and grow without feeling so guilty about the cost. Whether it’s a swing, slide, climbing frame or playhouse, TP Toys’ selection will provide hours of excitemnet and entertainment for your kids. 

TP Toys have a patented some of their products including SurroundSafe trampolines which makes TP trampolines really safe. Their great range of swing sets that make it easier than ever to persuade the kids to make the most of the garden too. Save money on your next trampoline or swing set with a TP Toys voucher code and if you hurry you may just get it in time for Easter, if not then you'll be able to burn off some of your Easter chocolate  calories by putting it up! 

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