Best Christmas Lights and Christmas Decorations to Buy Online

Best Christmas Lights and Christmas Decorations to Buy Online

Lets make our Christmas extra magical this year!

You've probably already seen some of your neighbours having decorating their houses with Christmas lights and Christmas decorations, and I'm sure that you are secretly dreading that trip to the attic to get your Christmas Decorations boxes down over the next few days.

We usually start decorating our house on the 1st of December. Get that first chocolate out of the Advent Calendar (to get into the Christmas spirit) and open those boxes…

I have a large collection of Christmas Decorations built up over the years – from beautiful hand made Glass Baubles to a selection of clay, metal, fabric, felt and wooden Christmas Tree Decorations in different shapes and colours. I still have a little Glass Santa Decoration from my childhood, carefully wrapped up in tissue paper.

I love using natural materials for Christmas Decorations too. I make my own Christmas wreath for the front door (in fact two nearly-identical ones as I have double doors), and we always go on a nature hunt with the children to collect nice looking sticks, pine cones, lichens and moss - all of those bits are great for our handmade sustainable Christmas Decorations.

This year we are making an extra effort as most of us are having Christmas at home and we want to make our homes look (and feel) absolutely magical. I think we all could do with a little extra Christmas Magic this year…

Christmas Lights.

Christmas Lights are an absolute must for every Christmas Festive season. Be it the full-on Christmas Lights display outside of your house, the fairy lights gently glowing in a dark, or the actual Christmas Lights on your Christmas tree – now it’s about time to get them out and make sure they all work how they're meant to, and that you have enough batteries to keep you going for few weeks.

If you feel that your Christmas Lights collection needs upgrading or you want to create a whole new Christmas Lights display – we have some good Christmas Lights voucher codes and discounts here for you:

Lights4fun voucher codes. Lights4fun Christmas Lights offer outdoor Christmas lights, battery operated, mains operated and solar Christmas lights. You can get beautiful Outdoor Christmas Tree lights, Christmas Figures, Icicle Lights, Christmas Net Lights and other indoor and outdoor Christmas Lights Decorations - you name it.

Lights4fun Christmas Lights

I prefer to use solar powered outdoor Christmas Lights, as it's more sustainable and involves less management. Quality solar powered Outdoor Christmas Lights normally last all night, even if the weather is not good and the sky is grey during the day (checked and tested). The trick is to buy high quality lights. That's why here at Voucher Shares we love Lights4fun - they are a UK based company and are incredibly fussy about their quality standards.

Lights4fun have UK customer support, fast in responding if you have any questions about using their products and even better - they offer a two-year guarantee on every product they sell.

The Glow Company voucher codes. The Glow Company is another good UK brand to check out. They are focused on providing unique, practical and fun products that glow in the dark, flash or shine, specialist features include eclectic home lighting, night lights, solar garden lighting, glow gadgets, children's lighting, Christmas lights, glow clothing and the largest choice of string lights in the UK.

The Glow Company Snowflakes Ptojector

You can get high quality Snowflake Projectors, beautiful Christmas Lights and glowing Christmas Decorations for indoor and outdoor - from retro to modern and everything in between. 

Importantly, The Glow Company and Lights4fun, is that they are based in the UK and deliver quality products fast and safe to your door, and also always available if you need any help with your items.

Christmas Tree Decorations and Christmas Ornaments.

Did I mention already that I LOVE high quality Christmas decorations and I keep them for many years? I really do take pride and enjoy creating a new Christmas theme every year and still be able to reuse my favourite glass baubles to add a special touch to it. And it is sustainable too! Glass baubles may cost a bit more, but if you store them carefully, they don't lose their magic for years! (I usually put mine at the top part of the Christmas Tree though - just to be on the safe side so they do not get knocked off… )

Here some of the Christmas Tree Decorations and Christmas Ornaments voucher codes for you:

Paperchase voucher codes. Paperchase is one of my personal favourites. They have a beautiful selection of glass Christmas Tree Decorations - baubles and figurines for every taste - from traditional to contemporary, in every shape and colour. Paperchase Felt Christmas Tree Decorations are worth a special mention too. They are also sustainable, but do not break easily, and give that special winter warming feeling when you touch them.

Paperchase Christmas decorations

Paperchase deserves our special Sustainability points too. Their talented teams are always innovating with new, alternative and eco-friendly materials. All of the inks they print with are soy-based, and from 2021 they are saying goodbye to any glitter that’s not biodegradable. So don't miss out of this year’s beautiful collection of the Sustainable Paperchase Christmas Tree Decorations (and other lovely Paperchase products) and save with the latest Paperchase voucher codes and deals.

Villeroy & Boch voucher codes. Villeroy & Boch offer traditional Christmas Decorations and Christmas Ornaments.

Villeroy & Boch traditional Christmas Decorations

Villeroy & Boch's large Christmas range features highly crafted Christmas ornaments made from porcelain with a traditional or modern style, in a subtle white, with delicate ornaments or with Christmas motifs such as angels, bells, gingerbread men and more. Family-owned since 1748, 2018 marks the company’s 270th anniversary as one of the largest producers of premium porcelain and ceramic products worldwide.

Royal Doulton voucher codes. Royal Doulton is another classic quality to enjoy. Royal Doulton is around from 1815 and all their products are designed in the UK. Royal Doulton is famous for their quality drinkware and tableware, but their Christmas Decorations collection is also worth an attention.

Royal Doulton Christmas

Their beautiful Nostalgic collection brings back your childhood memories and makes your Christmas extra special for you and your family. And you can save up to 30% with the latest Royal Doulton voucher codes and deals.

Nkuku voucher codes. Nkuku offers beautifully handmade home & lifestyle products and Nkuku Christmas Decorations will make your Christmas party truly special.

Nkuku Christmas collection

Nkuku Christmas collection is full of exquisite decorations, embracing vibrant antique touches and striking silver silhouettes, perfect for the festive season. Warm golds, rustic artisan finishes and unique designs are the perfect ingredients for creating stylish settings for festive gatherings and parties.

Custom Gifts voucher codes. Custom Gifts is another great company to make your Christmas Decorations extra special. You can create custom gifts for your loved ones and put those extra special Christmas decorations up to please all of your family (including your favourite pets!)

Custom Gifts Christas Stocking

Some of you may have spotted that I have featured Christmas Decorations voucher codes from a number of selected brands who care about the quality of their products and the environment.

By buying quality and sustainable products (and saving with Voucher Shares’ Green voucher codes), you can enjoy your Christmas Decorations for many seasons and help the Planet too.

You can add many natural (and Free) materials into the mix too and create your own Christmas Decorations to use alongside the ones you choose to buy online (remember our family pine cones and sticks hunt that I mentioned earlier?).

And don't forget to hang your Personalised Christmas Stocking ( Custom Gifts make just the perfect size ones) for Santa. Just remember - if you don't believe in Santa, you may scare him away and end up buying all the presents yourself…. Never stop believing in the magic of Christmas - we all could do with extra magic this year!

Have a Happy (and Safe!) Christmas!

Tanya Larsen

Tanya Larsen, mother of 3, keen gardener, world traveller and a business owner

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