Top 5 Advent Calendar Ideas 2020

Top 5 Advent Calendar Ideas 2020

Top 5 Advent Calendar selections for 2020 Festive Season

In just two week from today many of us will be getting our special advent calendars out to get them ready to be opened on the 1st of December.

Children (and adults) all around the world will be opening the first door of their Christmas Advent Calendars, eager to see what picture, chocolate, or mini gift is hiding inside.

The word “Advent” comes from the Latin phrase “coming toward.” For Christians, the period of Advent marks “coming toward” the most important date in their year, the birth of Christ.

When was the very first Advent Calendar made?

There are two contenders for the very first Advent Calendars. According to the Landesmuseum in Austria, the first one was produced in Hamburg in 1902 by a protestant bookshop owner. Others claim that the first handmade calendar was made in Germany in the late 19th century for a child named Gerhard Lang.

Lang’s mother stuck 24 tiny sweets to a square of cardboard, for her son to eat over the Advent period. This simple idea stayed with Lang and when, as an adult, he went into partnership with his friend Reichhold, they opened a printing office. In 1908 they produced what is thought to be the first-ever printed Advent Calendar.

This earliest calendar set the mould for those we see today, with small pictures, one marking every day between 1st and 24th December. A few years later, Lang introduced the concept of 24 little doors – giving each new picture an element of surprise.

Top 5 Advent Calendar ideas from Voucher Shares

If you don’t have your Advent Calendar sorted yet, this is the time to get it, with masses of Advent Calendar special offers online to choose from. We recommend ordering it as soon as possible to make sure it got delivered on time. To help you make the choice easier on which Advent Calendar to buy online, Voucher Shares has put together these Top 5 Advent Calendar ideas just for you.

1. Chocolate Advent Calendars.

Its hard to fail this one. For all the chocolate lovers, adults and children alike, here are our choices.

Thorntons have 3 for 2 Advent Calendars Offer available right now. Classic and Continental collection for you as well as Santa and Elf Advent Calendars for your kids. And you can add the names to make it personalised! Check out other Thorntons voucher codes and 3 for 2 Christmas offers for more chocolate treats for the whole family.

Thornton Advent Calendar

Lily O’Brien’s magical Keepsake Advent House is available now! Get it before it's sold out. Сontains 28 chocolates and makes a beautiful gift for Christmas. Each Advent Calendar contains an assortment of Lily O’Brien’s most popular chocolate recipes and you can save up to 30% on other Christmas Chocolate gifts with Lily O’Brien’s discount codes

Lily O’Brien’s Advent Calendar

And, of course, Christmas Classics - Cadbury Dairy Milk Advent Calendar now 15% OFF with Cadbury Chocolate Gifts Direct discount codes. Cadbury also offers a Green & Black Organic Chocolate Advent Calendar - not to miss out this year!

Cadbury Dairy Milk Advent Calendar

2. Beer, Wine, Whisky, Prosecco and Gin Advent Calendars (18+)

Beer Advent Calendars

The Beerwulf Beer Advent Calendar is the best way to countdown to Christmas. For every day leading up to Christmas there is a new window hiding a boozey surprise. Yes, that means it's jam-packed with 24 unique beers from 24 talented brewers. Checkout for more Christmas Gifts options and save with Beerwulf voucher codes.

Beerwulf Beer Advent Calendar

24 cans of Xmas cheer from Flavourly will keep you going through December. Craft Beer’s Canvent Calendar 2020 is just coming on sale, you can pre-order yours now and qualify for a Free Delivery with Flavourly voucher code.

Craft Beer’s Canvent Calendar 2020

Whisky Advent Calendars

If you are into whisky (as I am) and enjoy the magic of dark Loch water turning into the warming drop that hits up all your body on a cold winter evening - then the Whisky Advent calendars collection from Not On The High Street is just for you. The prices start from only £49.95 per Whisky Advent calendar from Master of Malt and choice is endless - Scottish whisky Advent calendars, Irish whisky Advent Calendars, American whisky Advent calendars and even Japanese whisky Advent Calendars are on offer with Not On The High Street voucher codes and deals.

Whisky Advent Calendar

Gin Advent Calendars

If you are a Gin lover, this collection from Master on Malt and TheLittleBoysRoom by Not on the High Street will keep you going all throughout December up until Christmas. Prices start from only £34.95 and Free Delivery with Not on the High Street voucher codes and deals.

Gin Advent Calendar

Wine and Prosecco Advent Calendars

Check out the Wine Down To Christmas Advent Calendar from TheLittleBoysRoom by Not on the High Street and the great Prosecco Advent Calendars collections (even re-fillable one!)

Prosecco Advent Calendar

And if you accidentally left everything to the last moment - we all do that kind of thing sometimes - Amazon can deliver safe and fast straight to your door. Check out the latest Amazon Wine and Prosecco Advent Calendars and save even more.

Amazon Wine and Prosecco Advent Calendar

Remember to drink responsibility!

3. Beauty Advent Calendars

Beauty Works Advent Calendar (Items Worth £120) for only £85. Save 30% and enter Beauty Works wonderland with their first beauty advent calendar, with luxury treats behind each door.

Shake Your Beauty Advent Calendar from Benefit Cosmetics. Save 57% on this beauty holiday advent calendar set with Benefit Cosmetics voucher codes and deals.

Benefit Cosmetics Advent Calendar

HQHair amazing Beauty Advent Calendars - Save up to 20% with HQHair voucher codes and indulge yourself with the beauty products collections to get yourself in a festive mood.

And, of course, The GLOSSYBOX! Get your GRAZIA Advent Calendar and first GLOSSYBOX for just £115 with FREE Delivery - worth over £580 combined!! Save 80% with our GLOSSYBOX voucher codes.

The choices don't stop here. Save up to 40% with Debenhams voucher codes on the Debenhams Advent Calendars - for every taste!

Debenhams Advent Calendar

4. Interesting and Unusual Advent Calendars.

The Sock Shop Advent Calendar. For anyone who really loves clothes – and loves socks in particular – this is the ultimate Christmas Calendar! The SOCKSHOP 25 Pair Christmas Advent Calendar is the giant sock gift set that keeps on giving throughout the holiday. This huge gift box is packed with 25 all-different, all-new pairs from our equally giant range of socks, and from right across our own quality sock brands. And you can save 10% with our Sock Shop voucher codes.

The Sock Shop Advent Calendar

EMP Advent Calendars from Harry Potter, Disney and more! Some products are exclusive to EMP only. Check out this Harry Potter Cube Advent Calendar 2020 - don’t miss out and get Free Delivery with our EMP voucher codes and deals

Harry Potter Cube Advent Calendar 2020

5. Pet Advent Calendars

Monster Pet Supplies offers a lovely collection of Pet Advent Calendars for dogs and cats. And you can save up to 23% on Monster Pet Supplies Advent Calendars with Monster Pet Supplies voucher codes.

Monster Pet Supplies Advent Calendar

Check out Pets At Home Advent Calendars - from Luxury Lily's Kitchen Christmas Spectacular Advent Calendar to lovely Pets At Home own’s Advent Calendars for dogs and Advent Calendars for cats

Pets At Home Advent Calendar for dogs

You can start the countdown to Christmas with your Pooch! This Christmas get your furry friend involved in a festive fun with a daily nutritious treat from a Pooch & Mutt Advent Calendar for dogs. And you can save 10% with the latest Pooch & Mutt voucher codes.

Pooch & Mutt Advent Calendar

Now that we have done the hard work for you, you can order the Advent Calendar of your choice with just a few clicks and sit back and wait for it to be delivered straight to your door. Don’t forget to browse for more Christmas Deals for you and your family in a meantime.

And by ordering through us you are also helping to raise more funds for the World Land Trust Action Fund. Shopping online with Voucher Shares voucher codes helps you to save money and save our amazing Planet too.

Make this Christmas twice as magical for all of us!

Tanya Larsen

Tanya Larsen, mother of 3, keen gardener, world traveller and a business owner

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