Skinni Snax - Healthy Vegetarian Snack for All the Family

Skinni Snax - Healthy Vegetarian Snack for All the Family

Published July 12, 2021

Looking for a healthy alternative to crisps? Have you tried chickpea snacks? If you haven’t, you have got to give Skinni Snax a go!

I was lucky enough to be sent a range of the Skinni Snax products to review, and I have become a little bit obsessed. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I’m not a huge fan of nuts or other pea snacks on the market however, these baked chickpea snacks have converted me and my household.

What is Skinni Snax?

Skinni Snax offers a vegetarian, low fat, high plant protein and fibre snack. A nutritious, crunchy and healthy snack in a range of flavours for all the family. The brand boasts low cholesterol and low in salt. It couldn't have come at a better time too as I am desperately trying to shed some Christmas/lockdown/run-out-of-excuses weight, and I was also keen to see the households reaction to them as we are total crisp addicts.

Taste Test

The snacks are double baked, which gives them an extra lightness and crunchiness! They're full of flavour and you get a lot in one bag (which is one of my biggest complaints with crisp packets, more air than crisps!). Each 30g bag of Skinni Snax without doubt curbs hunger a lot more than even 5 packets of crisps or a share bag and it's much more nutritious and healthier!

Skinny Snax selection

High in protein and fibre–we can all use more protein and fibre in our diets and what better way to add that in than with a deliciously flavoured snack that you can graze on throughout the day?

A Snack for All the Family?

My partner can be a bit sceptical of ‘healthy’ or vegetarian snacks so of course I made him try Skinni Snax. He was a huge fan of the thai sweet chilli and smokey bbq flavours. He is also a total gym monkey so very much approved of the 4g of protein in each 30g packet.

Skinny Snax snack

To test the rest of the households reaction, I put the snack in a bowl at a recent family party to gauge the reaction and well, an empty bowl says it all! I definitely will be keeping some of these in my cupboards as a quick nutritious snack for all the family.

You can shop Skinni Snax from Voucher Shares as the product is not yet available in shops. We currently have an exclusive 10% off the website, so be quick as this deal expires soon! Happy Snacking!

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