What are the best GPS dog Trackers?

What are the best GPS dog Trackers?

Published July 02, 2021

Tractive sent me a GPS dog tracker to review along with an exclusive tractive discount code! We got a Lagotto Romagnolo almost 2 years ago, he’s a beautiful, fun loving dog and great with kids but he has caused endless stress by escaping. Out garden is quite big, so it has taken a long time and a bit of money to secure but even then with kids around there is no fool proof way of keeping an eye on him 24/7.

In fact my little boy accidentally let our dog out the other day and I found walking along the main road! The offer of a tractive GPS dog tracker came just at the right time as I was already researching the best GPS dog trackers and tractive was one of my preferred options anyway!

Tractive GPS Dog Tracker Voucher Codes and Review

The great think about GPS dog trackers are they aren’t just for keeping an eye on dogs that have a tendency to roam. GPS dog trackers keep tabs on your dogs exercise and you can follow other dogs owners and find your dog owner friends, it’s basically like Strava for dogs too! It is really fun to use and quickly becomes addictive.

Beagle wearing a gps dog tracker

You can set exercise goals up for your dogs, which is you are into your daily step counts and have a fitness watch is a great way to achieve fitness for you and your dog.

The only thing I struggled with was the battery life, if you have good GPS coverage you can get away with charging it every 5 days but if you live out in the sticks like us then you might have to charge it every other day. I have got into a routine of charging it every other night because he obviously doesn’t need to wear it at night! And apparently tractive are looking at updates that may increase charge length.

Are dogs trackers waterproof?

I am not sure about other brands but the tractive dog tracker is waterproof and our dog loves water and we live near a river so a waterproof dog tracker was a must.

Lagotto Romagnolo in river

Is it easy to set up the Tractive dog tracker?

Yes, the tractive dog tracker is very easy to set up! It took me a few minutes and I am not very good when it comes to setting up anything technical. You simply download the tractive app and follow the on-screen instructions; you are up and running in minutes!

As soon as my dog had the device on we were able to track him all over the place, whether he is running around our garden (or our neighbours!), is being taken for a walk or has run off! You will be able to locate your dog (or cat) immediately wherever he is in the world!

You set the device to default mode for everyday use but if your dog runs off put live mode on to get an exact location of your dog to locate him immediately! You can even mark out safe zones like your garden and get an alert if they leave!

Lagotto Romagnolo Dog wearing a gps dog tracker

How much does the Tractive dog tracker cost?

The tractive dog tracker costs £44.99 which is a one of cost and then you need to pay for your subscription on top of that. You can save money on your tractive dog tracker subscription by signing up for longer period of time but the cheapest option is to pay for two years up front which works out at £3.75 per month and you can save 50%! Or if you want to budget then go for the monthly cost. You can also, check out the latest tractive voucher codes on our website too! 

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