Fashion Trends Easter 2021

Fashion Trends Easter 2021

Published March 24, 2021

Best Fashion Voucher Codes and Deals for Easter 2021

Just a glimpse of some sun and my head is taken to the possibilities of summer 2021. I feel like we are all just itching for the sunshine and to be able to go outside without a brisk cold wind ruining our hair? But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Before that, and luckily for us sun chasers, this year’s Easter 2021 fashion trends are giving me all of the summer vibes–with or without the accompanying weather.

With lockdown rules lifting in time for Easter we all want to dress to impress. Here is my guide to the must have Easter fashion this year so you can be completely on trend for spring/summer season 2021.


Kick starting our must haves, this is an absolute given. Now if you normally like to play it safe when it comes to colours and stick to the blacks, greys and occasionally white if you’re feeling brave, then floral anything may strike fear in your eyes. But give it a chance, there are plenty of floral patterns on a black or grey base that will add a subtle and totally wearable pop of colour into your wardrobe. One of my favourite dresses in fact from Urban Outfitters is floral and I was firmly a black and white lover, but lockdown has changed me, I am feeling braver and want to dress to impress this spring.

hush Easter

Shop florals and save with our best Easter Fashion voucher codes from:


New Look


Urban Outfitters 

Roman Originals


Wrap Dresses

Wrap dresses have heaps of potential, you can wear them in so many different ways to your comfort. The standard wrap around and tie at the front option, or perhaps no wrap and just tie at the front option if you want to show a bit more skin. You could also opt for a full high neck cover up and tie it at the back. Maybe stick a white t-shirt or even a collared shirt on underneath to bring in some of the super trendy layering.

ASOS wrap dress

Wrap dresses are also great if you are having a lovely trip to the devon or cornwall beaches this summer as they are the easiest to take on and off over a swimming costume! I am absolutely loving the midi length wrap dresses, and better yet a floral midi wrap dress – swoon!

Best wrap dresses:



Dorothy Perkins 


Pastel Colours

Okay, cautious black and grey fashionistas, hear me out. Pastel colours needn’t be a thing of worry. This Easter and summer I can already tell that there will be a lot of 90s/00s fashion trends making a reappearance, let's take the butterfly clips as an example – I think maybe we are all yearning a little for the better days? – and pastel colours are giving me all of the 90s/00s feels!

Karen Millen Easter

The best thing about pastel is you only need one item to accessorise an outfit so its super easy to style, anyone can do it. A pair of trousers or Jeans, a t-shirt, a blazer or perhaps some cute heels? And if you are still not sure on the colour, you could always give brown/nude colours a shot?

Where you get your hands on the cutest pastel fashion:

Closet London 

Karen Millen 


New Look 



Did I mention the 90s/00s trends coming back? Headbands are at the front of that movement. Chunky headbands, thin headbands, fabric wrap headbands and every alice headband you can think of. This trend is giving me the biggest throwbacks as I was a firm headband wearer back in those days and not much has changed!

New Look Headbands

Where to buy the latest headbands:

Urban Outfitters 


New Look



Okay so you may be wondering why I have added skincare into a fashion blog? Well, your skin or should I say makeup specifically is a huge part of an outfit. Matching eyeshadow, lipstick, blusher! But since we’ve all been stuck at home for a year, skincare has become the new make up.

Shiseido Blog SPF

I personally would not leave my house without at least moisturiser and SPF on, much like I wouldn’t leave the house without clothes! Here are my top skincare brands, dont forget to check out the Easter skincare voucher codes and sales!

Elf, available at Boots and Look Fantastic


La Roche Posay, available at Boots and LOOKFANTASTIC

The Ordinary, available at Boots and LOOKFANTASTIC 

Last but not least, wishing you all a very Happy Easter!

Anna x



Anna Taylor - 

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