Shiseido, Garnier or Simple? Let’s talk about SPF

Shiseido, Garnier or Simple? Let’s talk about SPF

Published May 20, 2021

Let’s talk about SPF

SPF, better known as sun cream, is so vital to prevent the ageing of your skin. Just as you would wear sun cream to protect yourself when sunbathing on the beach, you should really be wearing suncream on the areas of your skin that are constantly exposed to the sun all year round. The skin on your hands, neck and face are always the first to show signs of ageing which is mostly down to their constant exposure to the sun’s UVA and UVB rays.

But nowadays it's not just down to those rays, pollutants and blue light emitted from our phones, computers, tablets play havoc with our skin barriers and lead to premature ageing. Most modern SPFs will now have protection for your skin against all of the above. Another massive benefit of using SPF is that it is the key to hydrated, glowy skin which is completely on trend at the moment.

A top tip when applying SPF is to apply it along 3 fingers. That way you know you always have the right amount of coverage. Be sure to spread it all the way down your neck to your decalotage, and any that is left over apply to the back of your hands.

Below are my tried and tested top SPFs, and where you can buy them 

A tik tok sensation, and beautiful under makeup, the La Roche-Posay Anthelios Ultra-Light Invisible Fluid SPF50+ Sun Cream is flawless, invisible and super hydrating! It's also super compact so it's great to keep in your handbag to top up during the day. Get it now from Boots 

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Ultra-Light Invisible Fluid Sun Cream SPF50 from Boots

On that note, it’s important to keep your SPF topped up all day, even if your makeup has SPF in it! Just as you would have to reapply when sunbathing. If you wear makeup regularly that you don’t want to spread SPF over it, why not give a go! It is designed for over makeup, is ultra light, developed for fair, sensitive and sun-intolerant skin types plus it contains complex Baïcaline™ and Vitamin E! You can buy it it now from LOOKFANTASTIC

Shiseido’s SPF range is one of the top most rated SPFs on the market. There is no other SPF that is 5* rated at this price range. They even have an SPF BB cream for sport! Don’t take my word for it, shop Shiseido SPFs now with Voucher Shares.

Shiseido voucher codes

Another top cult favourite that is on the slightly on the higher end of the price range, is the Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV Defense, which is now available at LOOKFANTASTIC

LOOKFANTASTIC Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV Defense

And for a more affordable option, try the Simple Protect & Glow Triple Protect SPF30 Moisturiser 40ml which is less than £10. Get it for even less on sale right now from Boots 

Simple SPF from Boots

Now your skin is ready, bring on the sunshine!

Anna Taylor

Anna Taylor - 

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