How to Celebrate VE Day 2021

How to Celebrate VE Day 2021

Published May 07, 2021

VE Day which stands for Victory in Europe was on the 8th of May 1945. It marked Britain and its Allies formally accepting Nazi Germany's surrender after nearly six years of war. Prime Minister Winston Churchill announced on the radio that the war had come to an end and mass celebrations ensued.

VE Day is an important time as we remember those who lost their lives fighting in a war caused by no fault of their own and often with no choice but to risk their lives. VE Day is an important day to those who lost their lives in WW2 and all wars.

Are you Looking for Ideas to Celebrate VE Day?

If you are looking for ideas on how to celebrate VE Day or commemorate VE Day there are lots of things you can do from having a party, hanging flags up outside your house, buying a Tommy figure or donating to support the Royal British Legion.

The Royal British Legion lead the annual commemorations and this year’s campaign will be bigger than ever due to VE Day celebrations being cancelled last year during the pandemic. Although of course we are still very limited in what we can do.

Voucher Shares Top 5 Ways to Celebrate VE Day

  1. Hang Flags out

Hanging flags outside your home is a great way to celebrate and remember VE Day. You can pick up some great discounts on Union Jack flags on Amazon.

Discover the latest Amazon discounts and voucher codes to see what money you could save on VE Day decorations. Obviously the paper ones are way better for the environment than the plastic ones!

VE Day Flag

  1. Hold a VE Day Party

For VE Day party accessories try Party Packs who have everything you could possibly need for giving a simple nod to VE Day with flags and balloons or having a fully blown VE Day BBQ celebration (in line with Government guidance on social distancing of course).

Party Packs stock a huge range of VE Day party supplies from VE Day decorations, accessories, tableware and fancy dress perfect for turning your venue into one that marks British pride and patriotism. Shop the latest Party Packs voucher codes. Why not choose the paper and wood table wear which is better for the environment and looks better in your home that the plastic alternatives?

VE Day bags, flags, and table cloth Memorabilia

  1. Display a Winston Churchill Cardboard Cut Out

Why not get a life size Winston Churchill cut out and display it in the window or outside? The man who has become synonymous with VE Day as he announced the end of the 2nd World War.

Discover Winston Churchill cardboard cut outs and other card-board cut outs on Party Packs, all available with the latest Party Packs voucher codes and discounts.  

  1. VE Day Dressing Up outfits

Why not dress in nostalgic VE Day costumes and accessories to get you in the party spirit? 

Angels Fancy Dress and Jokers Masquerade sell lots of fancy dress outfits for VE Day. Be sure to shop the latest Angels Fancy Dress voucher codes and Jokers Masquerade discount codes, they have a great range of dressing up outfits for VE Day.

Girl wearing WW2 Army Cadet fancy dressCostume

  1. Royal British Legion

Royal British Legion have been going to since 1921 and are the country’s largest Armed Forces charity. They give support wherever and whenever it’s needed. 

You can commemorate VE Day by donating to the Royal British Legion online. Or support them by buying something from the Royal British Legion Poppy Shop

VE Day provokes memories for a lot of people, often wondering if their family have ever fought in a war. But just as most importantly, giving thoughts to the victims of wars today and thinking about the wars that still go on around the world. 

It is certainly a day to remember all victims of war as we celebrate our own victories and remember the pain that is inflicted by war.

If you are interested in finding out more about your History, you can use My Heritage which is a really interesting way to look into your past. You can look at the latest My Heritage voucher codes and discounts on Voucher Shares.

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