Do Weighted Blankets Improve Sleep?

Do Weighted Blankets Improve Sleep?

Published April 29, 2021

Did you know that April is stress awareness month? Stress awareness month is well timed, almost marking a year since we first went into lockdown and pretty much everyone had to adjust to change. It has been an overwhelming year for most and will continue to be as we adjust to the new normal. 

April is Stress Awareness Month. Why Not Buy a Weighted Blanket Using a Mela Voucher Code?

On a positive note, there are things we can do to help relieve stress, I have blogged a lot about exercise and health a lot but have not really looked into other things that can help reduce stress and boost mental health and overall health. So, can a weighted blanket help you sleep better? And therefore, reduce stress. Naturally, I jumped at the opportunity to take Mela up on their offer to try them out. 

Mela have only recently launched on Voucher Shares so this is a great time to review their products. I haven’t tried any other weighted blankets yet, but I do like how Mela restore 25 trees in the rainforest every time you place an order with them, not to mention the fact that Mela reviews are crazy good! 

Plus, Mela have kindly given Voucher Shares and exclusive Mela voucher code which will give our users 15% off, this is available on all full price purchases so hurry while it lasts! This is a huge saving! 

Mela Kids Weighted Blankets 

Mela sent me two kids weighted blankets to trial and they were an immediate hit! Our kids are 7 and 9 and not the best sleepers, they always wake up in the hour of 6am! The first time they used the Mela kids weighted blankets they both slept until 7am (bearing in mind this only usually happens about once I month I immediately had high hopes). 

Mela Weighted blanket

Our youngest described the blankets as giving him a big hug and helping him get to sleep more easily. While our eldest said he found it really cosy and asked why I had not got him one before! Good point I thought! 

They have had them for a week now and although they have not slept in until 7am every morning they have definitely slept better and have been much better at cooperating in the mornings! 

I no longer use their duvets due to the weather getting hotter, I simply put a sheet between the weighted blankets and the weighted blanket itself, this wasn’t necessarily advised by Mela, but they are both used to the feel of cotton next to them. The Mela weighted blanket has a washable cover so is easy to wash. In the winter I will probably use the duvet and weighted blankets. 

These will be amazing when we go away on holiday this year, particularly camping when they struggle to sleep! I just know these will help take the edge of bedtimes. It will also, be way easier to transport than a duvet as takes up less space and is more compact.

Mela say that the weighted blankets are particularly good for children that struggle to settle or have ADHD or are stressed, I certainly agree that it creates a sense of calm and has massively improved the bedtime routine.  They look nice on their beds too; they don’t have a colour range so the colour is basically grey but it is neutral and certainly works well in their rooms. 

boy and dog playing on Mela weighted blanket

The feeling of getting a big hug comes from the fact they are weighted with SGS certified, anti-rustle weighted glass pellets, so it moulds to your shape! I had a sneaky try and did not want to get up! I have my eye on 2 single Mela blankets for my husband and I! We have a super king bed and Mela haven’t got a blanket in this size yet, plus Mela recommend one blanket per person. 

How Sustainable are Mela Weighted Blankets?   

I was impressed as soon as they arrived. All packaging was cardboard and the tape used was paper tape not plastic tape. The Mela weighted blanket exterior is 100% cotton which is ultra-breathable, allowing for cooling airflow to maintain a just-right temperature. And removable outer minky cover is made from recycled polyester.

Mela weighted blanket folded over

All the weighted blankets and covers are Oeko-Tex certified to ensure they are free from any harmful chemicals or toxins making it kind on your skin. This is vital for me! I have always got the children chemical free mattresses and bedding. 

Mela support charities too. They donate a portion of every to the Young Minds charity and, TR1BE which helps with climate change, this is the bit I mentioned earlier every sale helps protect 25 trees in endangered rainforests.  Obviously, we love this element at Voucher Shares, as you may know we give 5% of revenue to World Land Trust so when you buy through us you are doing a bit for the planet. 

How can I get the latest Mela voucher code? 

So, if you are looking for looking for a comfortable nights’ sleep or want your kids to get a better nights’ sleep then the Mela weighted blankets come very highly recommended by me! Getting a good night’s sleep will not reduce stress completely but a good night’s sleep sure puts you in a much better position to deal with stress. 

child under Mela blanket

I would also, recommend checking out Mela’s pillows, eye masks, duvet covers and duvets which look lovely too. Mela sent me a eucalyptus bedding set which I have not used yet but it looks divine to watch this space!

The icing on the cake is that, as mentioned, we have been given an exclusive Mela discount code which will give you 15% off Mela! The Mela discount code is obviously proving a massive so hurry as stock is selling fast! 

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Miranda Coombes, mother of 2, passionate about the environment,

keen horse rider, marathon runner and a business owner

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