The Best Earth Day Deals & Voucher Codes Voted for By Voucher Shares

The Best Earth Day Deals & Voucher Codes Voted for By Voucher Shares

Published April 20, 2021

This year’s Earth Day theme is Climate Action. It’s great to see a huge increase in the number of businesses focusing more on the environment such as adding a ‘sustainability’ page to their website, adding sustainable products to their range and giving to the environment when you buy from them. All of this is driven by consumer pressure and conscience.

A Small Change Makes All the Difference

At Voucher Shares we see first-hand the impact that raising awareness has on encouraging smarter, more sustainable shopping habits that not only save the environment but save you money too. We see Earth Day as a great opportunity to do much of the same and raise awareness of the brands that have the best deals on eco-friendly and sustainable products. We will be updating our website with new earth day deals and voucher codes constantly so keep checking back.

Top Earth Day Deals and Voucher Codes from Brands that Go the Extra Mile for the Planet


Toby Tiger. How They Help the Earth

Toby Tiger are the UK's leading organic childrenswear company and are certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) & the Organic Soil Association, their products are beautifully made, bold, and kind to the earth.

cute boy wearing Toby Tiger clothing

Toby Tiger Voucher Code.

There’s a 10% off Toby Tiger voucher code available to new customers, simply sign-up to the newsletter.

Are Toby Tiger Doing Anything for Earth Day?

Yes, they have some amazing activities for children to do including making a sweet butterfly pizza made from fruit which kids will love! They also, have heaps of other activities including a scavenger hunt for kids! Check out the latest Toby Tiger voucher codes on Voucher Shares.


People Tree. How They Help the Earth

People Tree are a pioneer in sustainable fair trade and eco-friendly fashion. People Tree offers sustainable, on-trend, ethical fashion which is made to the highest standards. They only use sustainable fabrics, and they make it without using slave labour or sweat shops, instead they utilise artisan skills such as using hand techniques. They also, have a vegan clothes range.

People Tree voucher codes

People Tree Voucher Code.

We couldn’t find a People Tree voucher code BUT they have an amazing up to 50% off sale which has to be seen! And they offer free delivery on all orders over £50.

Are People Tree Doing Anything for Earth Day?

They aren’t doing anything that we can see but watch this space! They are planet friendly through and through so every day is earth day at People Tree! Make sure you always check out the latest People Tree voucher codes and offers on Voucher Shares.


Mela Blankets. How They Help the Earth

Mela’s aim is to help the world feel better through a good night’s sleep while giving something back to the planet and homeless people! For every blanket purchased they plant 25 trees! Plus, any blankets that get returned are given to homeless charities.

Mela blanket

Mela Blanket Discount Code

They have a great 10% off Mela Blanket discount code which is available to new customers!

Are Mela Blankets Doing Anything for Earth Day?

We haven’t heard of anything yet … but watch this space! Make sure you check out the latest Mela Blankets discount codes on Voucher Shares.


Nails Inc. How They Help the Earth

NAILS.INC are the UK's leading vegan, cruelty free nail varnish brand. Their vegan collections are all cruelty free and powered by natural ingredients. They squeeze goodness into each polish including a breathable polish, pure formula polish and even superfood infused nail polished!

Nails Inc voucher codes

NAILS.INC Voucher Code

Yes, sign up to get a 10% off NAILS.INC voucher code which is valid against your first order. Plus get a gift when you spend £35 or more!

Are NAILS.INC Doing Anything for Earth Day?

Yes, in celebration of Earth Day, NAILS.INC have asked some of their favourite nail artists to put together an eco-manicure using only our planet-friendly polish. Check out their blog to see the outcome! The nails look incredible, who needs nail polish with nasties in it when have can have NAIL.INC which is 73% plant based, vegan, cruelty free, 21 free AND halal friendly! Make sure you check out the latest NAILS.INC voucher codes and earth day offers on Voucher Shares.


Ralph Lauren. How They Help the Earth

The brand has committed to saving 170 million bottles from polluting our planet by 2025. Plus, they have just released The Earth Polo which comes in four colours - Navy Blue, Baby Blue, Stuart Green, and White—which are the ones you would see when looking at the earth from a distance. More about this below …

Ralph Lauren voucher codes

Ralph Lauren Voucher Code

We couldn’t find a Ralph Lauren voucher code at the time of writing this but you will get free delivery and returns, which is available to new customers, simply sign-up to the newsletter.

Are Ralph Lauren Doing Anything for Earth Day?

They have just released the Earth Polo which is entirely made from plastic bottles! Plus, their sustainable fashion range features skinny jeans, canvas tote bags and polo shirts made entirely from recycled plastic bottles too. Make sure you keep an eye out for the latest Ralph Lauren voucher codes and earth day offers on Voucher Shares.

It is great to see that so many more companies are keeping the planet in mind and using ethically sourced fabrics, cutting out sweat shops and making products using the abundance of plastic bottles we have amassed. It is becoming increasingly easier to shop sustainably with sustainable products coming in many forms and even being found on retailer sites not normally known for their sustainability creds.

Keep checking back for the latest Earth Day offers and deals. And remember to keep an eye on our ‘Sustainable Products’ page which is being updated by our voucher codes teams 24/7! And remember shopping for a voucher via us helps the environment because we give 5% of revenue to World Land Trust.

Miranda Coombes

Miranda Coombes, mother of 2, passionate about the environment,

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