Top 5 Products for Sustainable Shopping This Earth Day

Top 5 Products for Sustainable Shopping This Earth Day

Published April 14, 2021

It’s Earth Day later this month on the 22nd April and Voucher Shares will be marking the occasion by sharing some great ways to help reduce your impact on the Earth. Sustainable shopping combined with using products that are reusable and kind to our Planet is getting easier and easier

Sustainable Shopping with the Latest Voucher Codes that Saves the Planet and Saves you Money

Sustainable Shopping with the Latest Voucher Codes that Saves the Planet and Saves you Money In celebration of Earth Day, we have pulled together our top 5 (ish) products which provide you with sustainable alternatives to everyday products. Plus, if you buy products that last longer and are re-usable they save you money too, especially when used with the latest voucher codes!

1. Re-usable Food and Drink Containers

Using a reusable coffee cup, reusable food wraps and metal instead of plastic lunchbox make such a big impact. Think about how many people have a takeaway coffee and how many lids are used on a daily basis. Not to mention re-usable cutlery.

Taking your own coffee cup into the coffee shop will pay dividends back to the Planet as will taking a packed lunch to work and when you go out and about.

Planet Organic offers lots of re-usable lunchbox items, including re-suable coffee cups, metal lunchboxes, re-usable beeswax food wraps and vegan wraps.

Planet Organic

Planet Organic offers delivery across the UK and Europe and have some great offers and discounts! Check out the latest Planet Organic discount codes and deals today.

2. Re-usable Period Wear

Modibodi is the original period, leak and sweat proof performance underwear, maternity, active and swim brand! Modibodi offers great re-usable period underwear for all types of bodies and periods.

Modibodi discount codes will save you money on your period products and long-term help save you money on sanitary products not to mention massively reducing the impact that sanitary products have one the environment.


Why couple your Modibodi period pants with a Moon Cup from Planet Organic? Mooncups are a convenient alternative to single use sanitary products pads so using one will save you money every month! And it’s designed to last for years and dramatically reduce the waste you produce.

Discover all of the Modibodi discount codes and Planet Organic discount codes today.

3. Sustainable Bedding

Bamboo is one of the most sustainable fabrics because it grows so fast and requires less water and pesticides. Panda London makes all of their bedding from Bamboo and it’s organic which is why we love them! Plus their duvet buttons are made from wood. Bamboo feels like silk to the touch!

Panda bedding

Panda London offers mattress protectors, pillows, towels and bathmats. Whatever I buy, be it bedding or clothes I look for sustainability and comfort and Panda London hits the nail on the head. Check out the latest Panda London voucher codes.

4. Sustainable Fashion and Sportswear

We love Ruby Moon who are the world’s only not-for-profit swim and active wear brand. Not only that but they turn ocean waste into gorgeous gym clothing and swimming clothing. They donate 100% of their profit into micro loans for women entrepreneurs to help them get out of poverty.

We also, love BAM Bamboo Clothing who are also, use Bamboo, they produce activewear which is soft and absorbent, perfect for sporting activities and naturally kind to the environment.

And we have to give a shout out to Kind Clothing who make sustainable only fashion tees and hoodies that are made to last. Shop the latest RUBYMOON voucher codes, Kind Clothing voucher codes and Bamboo Clothing voucher codes today and make a difference to the Planet.

5. Sustainable Beauty Products

A lot of beauty products have a huge impact on the environment but thankfully the beauty industry is changing quickly with brands offering natural, organic ingredients and low-impact packaging. Making simple choices when shopping for beauty products can make a huge difference.

Neals Yard is one of our favourite sustainable beauty products. Their products are produced with the Planet in mind, low impact packaging with lots of glass alternatives and no harsh chemicals or testing on animals.

Bigger beauty retailers are also, following the sustainable beauty products trend with brands like allbeauty and LOOKFANTASTIC offering sustainable beauty products from brands such as The Organic Pharmacy, Aessop, COWSHED, Neom Organics, REN, Caudalie and Chantecaille.

We work with lots of sustainable brands and our team are searching for the latest voucher codes 24/7 so you don’t have too! Next time you want to shop sustainably simply visit our Sustainable Products page.

Happy shopping sustainably! And remember Voucher Shares gives 5% of revenue to World Land Trust (the international conservation charity who they have been partners with since launch). So every time you shop with us you are doing something great for our Planet!

Here are some more ways you can help this Earth Day:

  • Reduce, re-use and recycle. Recycle everything even plastic which can be taken to the tip of stuffed into plastic bottles to be used as insulation.
  • Plant loads of bee friendly flowers to encourage bees into your garden and support them but please never ever use weedkiller or pesticides.
  • Plant a low carbon, native tree in your garden.
  • Always take a re-usable drinking container, hot drink container and re-useable knife and fork out with you.
  • Lobby your local MP to increase recycling facilities in your area.
  • Teach others to do the same, especially kids!
  • Visit Terracycle and find out how to recycle everything from crisp packets to old kids toys!

Miranda Coombes

Miranda Coombes, mother of 2, passionate about the environment,

keen horse rider, marathon runner and a business owner

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