Happy Veganuary

Happy Veganuary

What the best vegan clothes brands?

As Veganuary draws to a close I thought that instead of posting yet another vegan recipe out into the abys I would look at the best vegan clothes brands (as voted for by our voucher codes team) instead. Vegan clothes are almost unrecognisable to the ones of yesteryear. Vegan clothes used to be plastic heavy and not good for the environment at all.

These days the best vegan clothes brands are also, sustainable so you don’t need to choose between sustainability and animal rights. Furthermore, you don’t have to be a vegan to be interested in the best vegan clothes brands, for example who wants to harm animals just to look good when there are plenty of alternatives?

The increased demand for vegan clothes has forced us to look at how clothes are made, not just from a non-cruelty / vegan perspective but also from a sustainability perspective. It has opened up the subject so whether you are pro vegan or not anything that helps promote sustainable clothing (one of the biggest environmental polluters) is good for everyone!

For example, it has opened up the debate over the use of harmful chemicals used in some clothing production such as harmful dyes that go into water supplies and are hazardous to all living things including humans, over grazing, deforestation and where clothes end up (especially clothes that aren’t made to last which simply end up in landfill).

What is Vegan Clothing Made Of?

Vegan clothing can be made of anything from bamboo, organic cotton, hemp, bio plastics, mango, recycled plastics which make great leather alternatives. Anything that does not involve animal cruelty and / or animal products. However, that said vegans have thankfully become a bit more open minded to wearing products that aren’t 100% vegan but use recycled leather or say wool from a ‘happy’ sheep. This is the way forward as clearly recycling keeps clothing out of landfill plus saves the water and carbon impact that goes into clothing production.

What is Vegan Leather Made of?

The leather industry unequivocally has a high carbon footprint regardless of whether it is a bi product or not. From horrors of factory farming and health of the workers who are exposed to harmful chemicals that often go into treating leather it is no wonder if has come under question.

Even meat eaters that have read up on the leather industry are looking into the wide array of amazing, natural leather alternatives! It seems leather isn’t simply an innocent bi product, it has to be treated to become usable in clothing and shoes and it is this treatment that is under perhaps the most scrutiny.

Leather alternatives come in all range of materials, from recycled tyres, hosepipes, leaves, corks and even apples believe it or not!

Although there’s no denying that leather is a durable material, if you are going to buy it as with anything look at how it’s been produced, where its from and what it’s treated with!

OK enough about what goes into vegan clothes, let’s look at our the results from our internal poll when we asked our team ‘What are the best Vegan Clothes Brands’? In no particular order here are our top 5 (we sneaked a couple of shoe brands in too).

  1. Dr Martens Vegan Shoes and Boots

Ok not clothes but they do fall firmly under the fashion umbrella, Dr Martens offers their vegan shoes and boots under the tagline of “Live without compromise.” From leather-free bags, boots and shoes, their vegan range has just as much appear as the rest of their range.  In fact, you might struggle to tell the difference!

If you want to try some of Dr Martens vegan leather boots or shoes with a Dr Martens voucher code then you are in luck! Dr Martens voucher code for new customers (assuming that’s you) will bag you 10% off. Just sign up for their emails.  

doc martens discount code

  1. Kind Clothing Vegan Only Clothes

Kind Clothing  are a cruelty-free, plant-based company, so you can be sure that no animals have been harmed in the making of the clothes you buy. They are PETA approved and are passionately against animal testing, all ink is vegan.

Alongside being anti cruelty, their Kind Clothing is ‘Kind’ to the environment too, they promise to plant a tree for every sale.  Plus, some of our animal tees include a donation to some amazing wildlife charities!

Alongside being Kind to the environment there’s also a Kind Clothing voucher code up for grabs, get 5% off but hurry it ends soon!

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  1. The Sports Edit for Saye Vegan Trainers and Veja Vegan Trainers

SAYE trainers are the newest edition to The Sports Edit vegan trainers line. SAYE trainers are vegan and ethical. They are bio-based and are designed in Barcelona (so not far to ship) and made in Portugal using organic materials and empowering local communities making them ethical, sustainable and vegan – what is not to like!

The Sports Edit Voucher code which gives 15% off will bag you a good discount too (just spend over £75 which wont be hard on such a high quality brand!).

Plus make sure you check out their vast range of Veja vegan trainers with a discount code too, they wear very well and stand the test of time with their classic colours and effortless style.

shaye trainers from Sport Edit

  1. Vegan Outfitters Voucher Code Exclusive to Voucher Shares

Every time you buy something from Vegan Outfitters they donate to their UK sanctuaries that are dedicated to rescuing farm animals from abuse and slaughter. Your support will go towards buying supplies such as 3 x days worth of kale for a rescued goat!

Vegan Outfitters also, guarantee ethically produced clothes, no sweatshops or child labour, safe, lawful, humane, and ethical manufacturing, solar powered sewing and cutting floor, 7x less water used than the average clothing manufacturer.

All packaging is plastic-free too!

I don’t think it gets more vegan than Vegan Outfitters, plus you will receive 5% off at Vegan Outfitters with this Vegan Outfitters voucher code exclusive to Voucher Shares it’s valid on orders £50 or more.

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  1. Vivo Barefoot Vegan Running and Hiking Shoes

VIVOBAREFOOT vegan range is particularly special, these vegan shoes have even more of a conscience as not only are they ethically made they are made without any involvement from animals

VIVOBAREFOOT’s vegan range has turned plastic bottles into high performance, durable shoes. The plant based shoes are the least petroleum-reliant performance shoes on the market. That’s because they use over 30% BIO (corn, natural rubber and algae). The ‘Ultras’ are made from Algae and each pair returns 57 gallons of clean water, reducing 40 balloons worth of CO2 from the atmosphere.

They sound amazing! I have yet to try a pair but when I do I will be sure to get a friend to refer me using VIVOBAREFOOT’s refer-a-friend discount code. I know a lot of my running friends wear these shoes and swear by them!

vivobarefoot voucher code

I hope that this gives you a really good overview of the best vegan clothes brands and shoes and also, an insight into how buying vegan clothes isn’t just good for animals but it is good for the environment too! Discover all of our vegan voucher codes on our vegan voucher codes page. 

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