Sustainable Brands that You Need in Your Life

Sustainable Brands that You Need in Your Life

October, 28th, 2021

Our Top Sustainable Brands that you will Love

It is becoming increasingly important for us, the consumer and brands alike to harness sustainability. Consumer demand for sustainable brands is growing and some brands can’t adapt quick enough to meet the sudden surge.

Luckily the sustainable brands whose very life, soul, meaning and background is built off the back of sustainability offers consumers the choice and affordability they need right now. This enables you to make the necessary changes and shop sustainably (as some of the other brands try and keep up).

That said it can be a minefield though so we’ll let you off if you are feeling a little lost and confused. Especially as we have favourite brands that we have shopped with for years, it is hard to make the switch. Plus, with ‘greenwashing’ on the rise it can be difficult to know exactly where to search and what is really sustainable?

And remember there are so many steps you can take to shopping sustainably, not just from the retailer you buy from but how you access them, do you get them to deliver and save petrol? And how to do you access them, direct or with the latest sustainable voucher code from We give 5% to World Land Trust so it makes sustainable shopping even more rewarding when you know a large chunk of the money you spend it going towards such an incredible cause at no extra cost to yourself (and you still get the best discounts and voucher codes because that is what we do best).

Below, we round up some of our favourite sustainable brands that we have tried ourselves, they are high quality with no sacrifice on quality or deliverance allowing you to shop with a clearer conscience the next time you need something and save a bit at the same time.

1. Modibodi

Shop Re-usable Period Wear and Re-usable Nappies with the Latest Modibodi Vocher Code

Modibodi make re-usable, sustainable, incontinence wear (for men and women), activewear, swimwear, period wear and nappies. They are experts at protecting us from leaks and keeping us dry and comfortable. Not only that but with their (recently launched and pictured below) re-usable nappies and their staple, the period and leak proof underwear they massively reduce the impact on the environment! While saving us a ton of money at the same time! Not to mention they are way healthier than putting plastic and chemicals next to our skin.

Modibodi reusable nappies

Did you know that sanitary pads are up to 90% plastic and can take as much as 500+ years to biodegrade? This means that the first period and sanitary pads ever made could still be in landfill. So, consider how much good you are doing by using reusable sanitary products.

By using Modibodi period underwear you can do your bit for the environment and save yourself money in the process. There’s a Modibodi voucher code for everyone! Modibodi have kindly given an exclusive 12% off Modibodi Voucher Code for new customers.

What will you buy? We particularly love their recycled seam underwear pictured below!

Modibodi recycled seam reusable underwear


2. Sustainable Bedding by Panda London

Panda London makes all of its bedding, towels and accessories out of organic Bamboo. Did you know that Bamboo is one of the most sustainable fabrics because it grows so fast and requires less water and pesticides? Plus, their duvet buttons are made from wood. Bamboo feels good too, it feels like silk to touch!

Apart from making organic sustainable bedding out of Bamboo they have also, gone the extra mile to reduce the huge impact that duvets, pillows and mattress toppers have on the impact. Did you know that 14 million pillows, duvets and toppers end up in landfill every year?

On Earth Day Panda London launched their Panda Circle of Life Initiative whereby all Panda products that consumers no longer want will be collected by Panda for free. Panda will then either recycle them or make them into things life sofas and dog beds. And any bedding that is in really good condition will be donated to charities such as Crisis!

Save up to 15% on Panda Bedding when you shop their bedding bundles and get a great night’s sleep at the same time!

3. Sustainable Cosmetics which are Cruelty Free from Burt’s Bees

You would expect a product with the name ‘bees’ in the name to be earth friendly and Burt’s Bees don’t disappoint.

Burt’s Bees are an ethical skincare brand that uses natural products and ensures its products and processes are not damaging to the environment, animals, or humans.

Burt’s Bees avoid unnecessary packaging and ensure all packages are recyclable or can be re-used. In fact, 52% of their plastics are made up of post-consumer recycled content.

Burt's Bees are cruelty-free too, they never test on animals, and neither do their suppliers or any third parties. They also don't sell their products where animal testing is required by law.

If you are new to Burt’s Bees then you can get a 15% off Burt’s Bees voucher code when you join their email list.

Discover all latest Burt’s Bees voucher codes and find out about all of the other incredible things they are doing to help reduce their impact on our environment along with how Bees are helping.

Burt's Bees Christmas present gift packs to choose from

4. Shop Sustainable Fashion and Sportswear

Using clothes that are not only made with no pesticides, chemicals and with sustainable fibres is vital to preserving our planet but buying clothes that last too is equally important. Research produced by WRAP has shown that increasing the lifespan of clothing by only nine months could reduce its annual carbon, water and waste footprint by 20–30%

We love Ruby Moon who are the world’s only not-for-profit swim and active wear brand. Not only that but they turn ocean waste into gorgeous gym clothing and swimming clothing. They donate 100% of their profit into micro loans for women entrepreneurs to help them get out of poverty. We also, love BAM Bamboo Clothing who also, use Bamboo, they produce daywear activewear which is soft and absorbent, perfect for sporting activities and naturally kind to the environment.

And we have to give a shout out to VivoBarefoot whose barefoot shoes bring us closer to nature. Their belief that the Vivobarefoot product or experience is one that literally brings us closer to nature - regenerating our physical, social and spiritual health and the natural world is believable. After all sure the closer people are to nature the more, they will protect it?

Bag a 10% off Vivobarefoot voucher code when you sign up for emails which you can use to see if their philosophy really works!

Vivobarefoot women's black trailer trainer

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