The Protein Works - The Best Vegan Protein for Weight Loss

The Protein Works - The Best Vegan Protein for Weight Loss

October, 5, 2021

What is The Best Vegan Protein for Weight Loss?


With more of us now making the switch to a plant-based diet for ethical, environmental or health reasons, the range of vegan protein supplements has dramatically expanded. There are now plenty of vegan protein products on the market and I’ll be putting The Protein Works under the microscope to see if it lives up to its reputation.

I’m a protein drinker, as is my entire household. Between my partner and I, we have tried a lot of protein over the years. Now although neither of us are vegan, we are very much open to the lifestyle for environmental and health reasons and I have previously tried multiple vegan proteins for their lower calorie benefit which fits into my personal fitness goals.

I find it is difficult if you are looking to lose weight and are not clued up on the world of protein to find a product that caters for your needs and it's even harder when looking for vegan alternatives as well.

The Protein Works has a vast variety of products, including an extensive vegan range. They have everything from vegan shakes, to vegan vitamins and even vegan meal replacements. I was fortunate enough to be given some of The Protein Works vegan products to try and based on my previous experiences with Vegan protein I was certainly wary but as the world wakes up and moves towards a more sustainable future I had hope that these products could change my opinion.

(Disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist, the following calorie recommendations are based on my personal experience and advice I have followed for myself based on research. Everybody is different so please consider the healthiest choices and what works for you and your lifestyle when following my recommendations and always seek professional advice if you are not sure).

The Protein Works Product Breakdown

Vegan Wondershake - Let's start with the packaging of this. It feels premium in comparison to other proteins for the same price leaving a lot for the contents to live up to.

Being a non vegan I can really taste the difference between dairy protein and vegan protein, the graininess is a sure give away. My worst fear when trying a new vegan protein is the grainy consistency or noticeable artificial flavour or a lack of flavor all together. But if you blindfolded me and asked me to identify between dairy and this shake I would not be able to.

The Protein Works vegan wandershake

The taste is premium. In fact it tastes better than most dairy proteins. Not only is this shake an unrivalled award winning product, named best vegan protein by bbc good food 2020 and the #1 Vegan Protein Shake by Women's Running Magazine 2020, but it lives up to those titles.

The Protein Works Vegan Wondershake has only 89 calories per serving, rivaling the average dairy protein powder. My current protein for example is 122 calories per serving! So if you’re looking to add a little protein into your diet without wanting it to also affect your calories then this is the perfect product both for vegans and non vegans. My partner also uses it as part of his diet to gain muscle and healthy fat.

Ridiculous Vegan Bar - This bar has made it to my top 3 protein bars. I’ll definitely be buying these again and my partner can't get enough! There are very limited protein bars that I will purchase because 90% of the time I just throw them away after the first bite.

The Ridiculous Vegan Bar is a game changer. It comes in 4 flavours, it is not dry in the slightest and has loads of flavour… and it's vegan meaning its palm oil free and has a minimised environmental impact.

I was blown away at the fact it only had 200 calories per bar and no artificial flavours at all. I would typically have one as an on the go breakfast or a snack between lunch and dinner if I was planning on doing a big weights session in the gym.

It fills you up for a good few hours and gives your body the extra energy to push you through. If you consider that a Kit Kat for instance has over 200 calories per bar and it has next to no nutritional value the choice between the two is easy. Plus the variety of flavours means you can still get a sweet fix.

Diet Meal Replacement Shakes - Okay, so I have to be honest this product scared me a little. I’m not one to fall for the fad diets or the pyramid scheme programs that put you onto a non-sustainable meal replacement shake diet, but… after lockdown I could definitely use some help to shed a few pounds.

Meal replacement shakes can be a great way to do that but can also be very damaging depending on your mindset. Diet culture in general is one to be wary of and if you’re going to begin any diet make sure you have all the information and support that you need and that you are doing it for the right reasons.

The Protein Works has a range of both dairy and vegan meal replacement shakes. I have been having one shake instead of my breakfast or my lunch if I’m not too hungry and in a rush.

It definitely does the trick and helps me hit my daily protein intake so easily. It's smooth and delicious and it's only 276 calories per serving!! For those of you wondering, that's less than 1 pain au chocolat and you already know which would keep you going for longer.

The Protein Works vegan protein shakes

The other great benefit to this shake is that it also has plenty of vitamins too. The Protein Works Vitamin & Mineral Blend consists of a whole host of essential vitamins your body needs. From Vitamin D3, B12 to Calcium and Ascorbic Acid. All these work to support the normal functioning of your nervous system, immune and gut function.

The Protein Works whey protein

It is important that you use these shakes as part of a balanced diet but this is a sure way to give your body what it needs when trying to lose some weight. Pair this with a nutritional evening meal, a healthy breakfast or lunch and a protein shake or two before or after your workout and you will see a change in yourself.

My Daily Vegan Weight Loss Plan featuring The Protein Works:

  • 9am: Diet Meal Replacement Shake
  • 12pm: Healthy Nutritionally Balanced Light Lunch
  • 3pm: Fruit and a Ridiculous Vegan Bar
  • 4pm: Workout
  • 5pm: Vegan Wondershake
  • 7:30pm: Dinner

My Average Daily Calorie Intake: 1200

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