The Best Tailored Pet Food For Your Furry Friends

The Best Tailored Pet Food For Your Furry Friends

September, 23, 2021

What is Tailored Pet Food

You’ve heard of personalised meal plans for humans, but have you heard of personalised meal plans for pets?

Yes, you can purchase tailor-made recipes for your cats and dogs and have them delivered right to your door. Delicious recipes, feeding plans and healthy treats. The companies mentioned in the blog take care of everything you need for meal times so you can focus on giving your pet a wonderful life.

If your pooch is half as fussy as our labrador, then is man's second best friend! considers what your dog prefers. Chicken or fish? Grain or no grain? They create a 1-in-a-million recipe for your dog and everything you tell them counts. They’ll even give you portion recommendations so it's easy to feed your pooch the right amount, every mealtime.

I’ve always been super cautious with what we feed our dog, in the exact same way as you might be concerned about what you feed your child. A lot of dog food can have all sorts of nasties and ingredients in it that can have a detrimental effect on your dog's health. With you can rest assured that what your dog is eating has been quality checked and is packed with all of the goodness it needs. believes better ingredients mean tastier food and happier dogs which is why they choose each ingredient based on its nutritional profile. You can read more about their ingredients in depth on their website which I found extremely comforting so us pet owners can know exactly what's going in our fur babies' bellies.

But it's not all about the food. The best thing, especially for a first time dog owner is the community that has and the support that is available to you. With tips, training videos, and stories on-hand, allows you and your puppy to get off to the happiest, healthiest start in life! They even cover your dog's health, with their dental chews. And don’t forget to reward those good boys and girls with low calorie treats! Or even a hand baked natural dog biscuit for a special occasion perhaps?

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Republic Of Cats

The Republic of Cats go way back as a team. They started out at and it wasn’t long before they questioned why the same didn't exist for cats? Now Republic of Cats revels in the feline selective nature, and have designed nutrition that goes right to the heart of what each cat needs. Much like, Republic of Cats offers tailored ingredients, delicious recipes and the right portions for your kitty. Try their taster box and tell them what your cat liked and didn't like then just edit your flavours as often as you like to cater to even the fussiest eater. Take the quiz today to tell them about your cat; their age, lifestyle and health goals and see your tailored feeding plan. Plus visit their blog for endless cat content and chat with their members exclusive whatsapp hotline.

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Pooch and Mutt

A well known and trusted name, subscribe to a personalised bundle of your pooches' favourite products and have them delivered directly to your door fuss free at a frequency that suits you. Pooch and Mutt have it all, from wet and dry food, to treats and even supplements! Did you know they even have a cat food range too? Discover Purr and Miaow. Plus earn PoochRewards with every purchase. It's free to join and you can earn points if you are not a subscriber and double all the points if you are! Check out our Pooch and Mutt vouchers, discounts and deals 

What about other pets?

Monster Pet Supplies If you need something for your other pets, although not tailor made, definitely check out Monster Pet supplies for a huge variety of pet food brands all in one place. Covering cats, dogs, birds, horses and more, Monster Pet Supplies also understands that your pet is totally one-of-a-kind. They don’t just deliver your pet food, they get to know you and your little monsters, so they can help you to keep them happy from head to tail. Monster Pet supplies can save you up to 50% on your pet supplies and take the strain of delivering heavy bags of pet food, treats, toys and accessories to your door - so you can spend more time with your pet pals. Plus get accessories and healthcare all under one roof. Shop pet food with our Monster Pet Supplies vouchers, discounts and deals.

Why not expand your pets pallets and delve into the delicious (and convenient) world of personalised pet food?


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