Refillable Beauty - Fiils

Refillable Beauty - Fiils

August, 16, 2021

Single-use products are out, refillable products are in. Fiils is the new refillable beauty brand that is putting change before trends. Trends have always led the beauty industry and so after years of witnessing copious amounts of waste, Fiils decided that sustainable change must come before these trends.

Throw-away culture is yesterday’s news. Fiils are redefining beauty and making sustainability stylish, easy, and affordable. Their mission is to close the loop on waste, so you can fill up refills, not landfills. All while feeling cleansed from top to toe with eco-friendly beauty products that actually work.


Fiils Products

I’ll have to admit, I’m very wary of trying new products on my skin and especially on my hair as I’ve not long switched to salon hair products. Being a blonde and having just somewhat restored my hair health I was very nervous to try out a new shampoo and conditioner as I have read countless articles and research on the negatives of some of the ingredients within standard shampoo and conditioner… but of course, Fiils are anything but standard!

Welcome to Fiils

They have absolutely no harmful ingredients in any of their products which made me extremely happy and immediately put me at ease. All of Fiils products are vegan and cruelty free, free from parabens and sulphates, scented with pure essential oils and made from over 75% pure plant extracts. No nasties, just 99% natural, pure organic goodies that are kind to you and kind to the planet. You can read more about each of their ingredients' benefits on their website.

'We deliver high quality beauty and personal care essentials that are planet-friendly and practical, but without the compromise of lifestyle.'

Fiils Review

I was kindly sent the The Hair Duo Starter Kit to review, which has 2 reusable aluminium bottles and 2 refill pouches. I had a choice of bottle colour (cropper, silver or gold), the kit arrived very promptly. I emptied the contents of the refill pouches into the matching conveniently labeled bottles – Fiils even give an extra 10ml of each product to account for spillages. Then you just pop the bottles in your shower and use them as normal. I chose a bottle pump in my kit for easy dispense of the product but you can also choose a cap if you prefer. The products smell beautiful in combination and they really do leave your hair feeling silky smooth, easily on par with the salon products I have recently switched to.

Fiils products delivered

Your Starter Kit comes in a recyclable cardboard box. No bubble wrap, no fancy inserts. All you have to do is recycle that box. Once your bottles are full, post the refill pouches back using the recycling bag that comes with your first order, the postage is always covered by Fiils.

Fiils Set

Order your starter kit today, choose from The Full Line Up, The Hair Duo, The Hand and Body Duo, The Hair and Body Duo, The Hand Kit, The Body Kit or Build you Own Kit. And pick either Coconut, Lemongrass or Pomelo flavours.


Fiils are sustainability optimists. They are not 100% zero waste yet as they do still use plastic pumps and caps to top off their reusable aluminium bottles but what is important is that they are reusable. They want you to join their commitment to reuse and refill, and leave your eco-guilt at the door.

'At Fiils, beauty, and sustainability work in synchronicity. We produce desirable and refillable ethical beauty products while respecting the needs of our planet. No need to sacrifice your style, or your beauty expectations to do your bit.'


 Voucher Shares agrees with Fiils, sustainability is all of our responsibility. In order to do our bit for the planet, we all have to play our roles. Fiils make it easy to embrace sustainable self-care, so you have no excuses. They are accountable for their packaging waste, by reusing, refilling, and recycling wherever possible so make yourself accountable and make the switch. All you have to do is treat yourself to our low waste beauty products and they take care of the rest. Get your Fiils start kit today.


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