What’s in My Suitcase? - Summer 2021 Nails Inc Edition

What’s in My Suitcase? - Summer 2021 Nails Inc Edition

August, 17, 2021

Stuck on nail inspo for a last minute summer holiday? Forgotten how to pack the essentials for those long awaited travels? How about making all of that vegan and cruelty free? Don’t stress, my holy grail vegan beauty brand has smashed it out of the park this year.

Nails Inc’s latest on trend products have been my go to this summer. I’ve picked my top 3 must-haves which have been firmly in my suitcase and I know you will want in yours for those green list travels.



Naked In Neon 4-Piece Nail Polish Set

This is the perfect summer set. I’m obsessed with every single colour, even the nude shade which took me by surprise. This is the set that you can easily chuck in to your holiday or staycation suitcase this season for a great combination. I’m a little too obsessed with the neon pink nail varnish! The Nails Inc nail varnish products are ones that I will keep coming back to. Their formula is unmatched, the colour selection is like no other and they have thought of everything possible to make your nail painting experience as easy and as pampering as possible. Use this set with the hardening top coat for the perfect manicure that sets in minutes! No need to wait around for hours before your holiday dinners, you’ll be ready in seconds.

Nails Inc


Hotter Than Hot Colour Changing Nail Polish

This product colour changes based on the temperature, and what a purchase it was. I love the colour of this product both hot and cold. I did definitely see the colour change, particularly in the warmer weather to an almost fuchsia pink! The same polish then turns a lighter shade when in cooler temperatures so if you’re a one product kind of person and dont feel like constantly changing up the nail varnish on holiday then this is definitely a product for you. I can imagine wearing it all day on holiday and having one colour lounging by the pool then in the cooler evenings having a whole new colour without having to do a thing. I definitely want to try the rest of this range! I will say that I think this polish would work best for longer nails if you would like the ombre effect as shown in the pictures.

Party Recharge Refreshing Vitamin C Under-Eye Masks

So I already love Nails Inc’s No Puff Zone Nourishing Eye Masks from Nails Inc and when I saw the new release party recharge range there was no stopping me! Now that we’re all socialising a lot more my eyes aren't as refreshed as they were during the many many lay ins over lockdown. This pot of eye masks with vitamin c is the dream when you’re hungover or just need a bit of a pick me up! It comes with its own tweezers to help you pick the masks out of the pot and the masks themselves look so pretty! Plus, thanks to the formula they will not slip off so you can keep going with your day.

There you have the what's in my suitcase Summer 2021 Nails Inc edition. Let me know what your favourite product is!


Anna Taylor - VoucherShares.co.uk 

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