Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable Fashion

September, 24, 2021

Celebrate Sustainable Fashion in the Wake of London Fashion Week

With London Fashion Week (LFW) in our midst it is important to talk about whether fashion is becoming more sustainable? Fashion can be detrimental to the environment, seasonality has played into this hugely with the media encouraging us to buy for every season rather than re-use. So what have we learnt from LFW?

The fashion industry is trying to catch up in the sustainability space but it is the world’s second most polluting industry, and this trend is set to continue unless us consumers do more to shop sustainably. Thankfully there were some really positive changes occurring during London Fashion week ’21 demonstrating genuine change.

London Fashion Week talked more than ever before about sustainability and an increasing number of brands abandoned traditional seasons. But according to Fashion Designer Masha Ma (and founder of Marsha Ma) who talked to London Fashion Week 2,700 litres of water goes into producing a cotton shirt. This is enough for every adult to drink for 2 ½ years which poses and obvious question …

Can fashion ever be sustainable?

Probably not but with sustainable fashion brands on the increase their sure is way more opportunity to shop kinder and consciously, therefore dramatically reducing out impact on the planet. From organic sustainable fashion brands to cruelty free vegan brands and fashion brands that make things purely from bamboo things are changing. Not to mention the huge wave of retailers that are entering the upcycle and second-hand marketplace, buying them back, cleaning and repairing them, and then reselling them to consumers.  Not only has the resale market become trendier and more sought after as a result of environmental awareness, but is also presents a tremendous business opportunity – it is estimated that the resale market will hit $41 billion by 2022.

So maybe fashion can only really be sustainable if it is vintage or second hand? But if this is the case then how sustainable is this? Second hand and vintage needs to be fed with other peoples hand me downs. Plus, if people are buying loads of unethically produced second-hand clothes, then the demand for them will go up and consumers will quickly learn to buy the brands that sell for the most money when sold second hand.

If you want to make some short sharp changes that are not expensive then it is probably easier than you think. Shop around Voucher Shares and keep up to date with our latest blogs, we will always bring you the latest innovations and brands making headway in the space. Plus when you shop with us 5% goes to World Land Trust Action Fund so you can shop for good on Voucher Shares.

In the meantime, if you do need any new clothes check the following Voucher Shares top favourites …

Our top 4 fashion brands for upcycled fashion and second-hand fashion


ASOS Marketplace

Urban Outfitters


Our top 4 fashion brands for vegan, organic and sustainability

Vegan Outfitters

People Tree

Bamboo Clothing


As consumers we can make a big difference, shop sustainably or shop second hand fashion, it will make a big difference to how you feel, look, the environment and ultimately it will help shape how designers create fashion and how retailers deliver fashion.

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