Happy Organic September

Happy Organic September

September, 14, 2021

Sustainable Shopping Tips that Save the Planet without Costing the earth

As we all try and do our bit to adopt sustainable shoppping habits and reduce the impact on the environment it is good to know that it doesn’t have to be expensive.

From a reducing waste point of view, you can help by buying second hand clothes on eBay and Oxfam and using a bamboo toothbrush. Shopping with organic brands like Boody, People Tree, Bamboo Clothing. And from a consumption point of view eating seasonal organic produce that aren’t sent thousands of miles is not only cheaper it is better for you and the planet! Plus you can still save even more money when you shop using the latest  eBay voucher codes,  Oxfam voucher codes, bamboo toothbrush voucher codes, Boody voucher codesPeople Tree voucher codes, Bamboo Clothing voucher codes

Boody Organic Bamboo Clothing

People Tree Womens Denim

The reason I mention reducing waste in the same breath of talking about organic is because heaps of chemicals go into producing clothes and plastic. Waste from these goods often finds it way into the ground or water supply which hinders the ability for surrounding farmland to get an organic rating. This is particularly true in developing countries!

Why is eating seasonal produce is better for you?

There are heaps of reasons why it is good to eat seasonal produce, not only is it way better for you but it is also better for the environment too. Here are some reasons why:

Food grown outside of their natural environment often need a lot of help from pesticides, heating and chemicals to grow.

Eating food that isn’t grown locally clocks up air miles, using fossil fuels and polluting the environment. This is avoided if you eat what is produced seasonally in the UK.

As soon as you pick something it starts to break down, the sooner you can eat it the more nutritious it is! 

Nature is clever, it grows the things we need locally. Did you know that bananas cool your body temperature down? That’s why they grow in hot countries! Does the UK really need bananas in the winter?

Organic plants naturally produce phytochemicals that keep plants healthy and protect against animal predators. When eaten they are extremely healthy and contain antioxidants to help detox and eradicate harmful toxins.

Non-organic food relies on chemicals to do keep them alive so are nowhere near as good for us!

Selection of seasonal vegetables

Why is organic food good for bees?

The pesticides and chemicals used to keep nonorganic plants alive and free of pests do lots of damage. Not only do they pollute water sources and contaminate the atmosphere, but they are also, very harmful to animals and bees.

It is ironic that we need bees to pollinate food for us yet it is the food industry that is killing them off. Bees are vital to the eco-system due to their role in pollination, but their numbers are declining rapidly due to over farming and pesticide use.

Organic food doesn’t use pesticides so is not harmful for bees or us. There is no getting away from the fact that organic food is more expensive than nonorganic but at what cost to our health and the environment? If we cut down our consumption of exotic produce shipped from thousands of miles away maybe, we could afford to buy locally sourced organic produce? It is a good trade off and one that will do us and our planet the world of good.

If you have room to plant your own vegetables, then better still. Although it can be time consuming funnily enough it is easy to grow lovely salads in a greenhouse all year around. Organic salad takes up very little room and costs quite a lot at the supermarket so you can really save here, plus it is delicious. You can grow anything from mizuna, rocket, pak choi, lambs’ lettuce, winter purslane, spinach, chard and kale in an unheated winter green house. Try seeds from Crocus who stock a great range of seeds.

When you use our website, we give 5% to World Land Trust to support conservation projects. We have all the main brands on our website plus we highlight the sustainable ones with sustainable voucher codes too so why not shop with us and do that extra bit for the planet?

Abel and Cole Seasonal Vegetable Box

Whether you shop with organic only brands like Planet Organic, Abel and Cole, or buy organic produce from Waitrose or better still plant your own produce there are heaps of ways you can help.

And when you shop voucher codes on our website remember to look out for our green icon which identifies all of our products that are sustainable. Plus remember to check out our sustainable brands category.

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