What is a VPN service and how to use VPN

What is a VPN service and how to use VPN

What Is A VPN

What is a VPN, or Virtual Private Network? Well, simply put a VPN allows you the user to establish a secure and encrypted connection between your PC or mobile device to another network over the internet. Officially, VPNs are used to access websites or streaming services that restrict access because of regional rules and regulations or to hide your internet browsing activity from hackers and prying eyes on public Wi-Fi and more.

Still to technical? Ok, a VPN connects your tablet, smartphone or PC to another computer called a server, anywhere on the internet and then allows you to browse the internet using that computers connection. In a nutshell, if that server is in a different part of the world it will appear to the service that you are in that country and therefore access streaming services that would normally be able to view.

How Does A VPN Help Me

The best VPN for streaming will help you to avoid geographical and regional restrictions on streaming websites for audio and video and let you watch online streaming media like Netflix and Hulu!

Get security and anonymity whilst online by hiding your location and therefore protecting yourself from snoopers and hackers on untrustworthy Wi-Fi hotspots. And protect yourself from being tracked and logged while browsing.

More Uses for VPNs

In reality, VPNs are really simple online tools and easily available and installed on your PC, mobile or tablet.

They are not just for streaming movies and music and are used day to day in all manner of ways:

  • Accessing your business network while travelling around the country.
  • Access to your home network while travelling across the country or travelling internationally.
  • Hiding your browsing history from your local network or internet service provider.
  • When travelling access geographically blocked websites. Examples of this would be Netflix and Amazon that have rules about what media is available to certain countries, for these you would need to search for the best VPN for Netflix or VPN for firesticks for example.

VPNs are a great and safe way of downloading files, and to be honest this is what many people use virtual private networks for. In some cases, your internet service provider ISP will restrict or 'throttle' a connection if it sees you downloading from some websites.

So, finally what VPN do you need and where do you start? If you are needing just a basic VPN for android devices for using on local Wi-Fi and hotspots, or are you needing if for travelling or accessing region-restricted websites make sure you look around and research the best VPN deals – happy and safe browsing!


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