How to Manage Stress when Moving Home

How to Manage Stress when Moving Home

August, 20, 2021

Make Moving Home Less Stressful with these Essential Moving Tips

There is no denying it, moving into your first home, whether renting or buying is very exciting but also very, very stressful. And that is both the planning and the actual moving day to cope with and the thousand or so small and large jobs that need to be done!

Of course, you are bound to make some mistakes if this is your first big move because you have never done this sort of thing before. So, let’s talk about the common mistakes made when people move into their first home together.

How To Plan Moving Home

We think the biggest and most common mistake is underestimating how much 'stuff' you both have. You both come from homes or from living with your parents and that means you have got a lot of things already. Crockery, cushions and bedding, televisions and even maybe you both already have Sky TV accounts but your first few nights why not set up a Now TV account so you can watch your favourite shows whilst you wait for the guy to install the dish!

Why You Should Label All Your Packing Boxes?

It is a bit of a common sense question but you would not be surprised at how many times we hear that people simply forget to label boxes when moving. It's taken best part of 2 days to get all your worldly possessions under 1 roof, its hot and sweaty work and you both stand there exhausted wondering which box has the mugs and the kettle. Disaster. Take your time when packing, add the label to the box - it's not rocket science and believe me you will be glad you did! Why not, and this implies even more forward thinking, move the appropriately labelled box into the correct room?

Moving Day Essential Survival Kits

You may have heard of people mentioning this, it's a small box that contains everything you will need for the first night in your new home. Toothbrushes and toothpaste, coffee and tea bags, clean underwear, milk, and anything else including all the kitchen necessities, food and drink you may need. A good bottle of wine would not go amiss as well - but maybe that’s just me!

Why You Should Always Write a List When Moving Home?

Sounds a bit obvious. Agreed but just humour us, what would you put on the moving list? Cancel the milk, tell your banks where you are moving to? What about the broadband? Your lucky here as moving home with BT could not be easier. And finally make sure you have booked the furniture removals man (unless you just want to book a van and do the move yourself), as you both standing there with your boxes waiting and hoping your partner has booked could be embarrassing and not a great start to your new adventure.

Good luck!


Shaun Richings

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