Your Hot Tub Cottage Holiday Staycation

Your Hot Tub Cottage Holiday Staycation

Published June 2, 2021

What a wonderful bank holiday weekend! The sun was out, the roads where chocker and people who had booked holiday cottages in Devon and Cornwall, for example, where feeling very lucky indeed!

Us Brits do love a staycation, and nothing says holiday in the UK more than a cottage holiday. Wonderful weather, glorious seaside locations, eating your own food and cooked just how you like it and a fully stocked wine fridge.

Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? What could possibly be better? A hot tub, a cottage holiday with its own hot tub, that is what would make it better.

We all seem to think hot tubs are a relatively new thing, and we would be wrong thinking that. The hot tub has existed for many hundreds of years and the first examples can be found as early as 552 A.D. in Japan. The Japanese used the magma heated hot springs for both health reasons and to relax. In the UK we all have heard of natural springs being used in Bath where the Romans used the springs to de-stress after a hard day’s conquering!

Seems the perfect addition to your UK holiday we think, relaxing with a bottle of something fizzy, in a beautiful location with the water bubbling the rigours out from your exhausting day at the beach. But did you also know that hot tubbing can help with weight loss? Forget the gym, grab your bathing suit, and get in. Hot tubs can also help to boost your metabolism and help with digestion, and on top of that they make you sweat with the heat, the sweat is excess water and salt which leaves your body and helps to reduce your weight.

Hot Tubs, Staycations and Staying Young!

Now we are not saying that the hot tub is a time machine and a modern-day fountain of youth! But studies do show that using the tub on a regular basis can slow the aging process by up to 20 percent! They prevent "internal aging" by benefitting both the cardiovascular and respiratory systems by helping the circulation of air and blood through your body. Add that to being already relaxed in your holiday cottage your obviously onto a winner.

Fun Times with Your Hot Tub on Holiday

So, weight loss, great tans in our British weather, eternal youth, what more could you want? Well did you know at any 17,000 people in the UK on holiday are using a hot tub? Or did you know that there are an estimated 26 million working hot tubs worldwide?

Fun Times with Quality Cottages Holidays with Hot Tubs

The Best Cottage Holiday Hot Tubs

And finally, if you are still looking to book your staycation with a quality cottage holiday company think on this – over 43,000 champagne bottles were opened in hot tubs last year, and that was in the pandemic! And studies have shown that 15 minutes in your cottage holiday hot tub for 6 days straight can result in an 11% drop in the stress hormone “cortisone”. Do you need any other reason to book your break right now?


Shaun Richings

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