Top Stocking Fillers Picks for Christmas 2021

Top Stocking Fillers Picks for Christmas 2021

December, 13, 2021

With only a couple of weeks left until Christmas and most Christmas Stockings already hung waiting for the goodies to appear, there's still time to get some smashing stocking fillers that Father Christmas himself would be proud of!

Top Christmas Stocking Fillers Picks for the Whole Family

We have a strong Christmas stocking tradition in our family.

Each Christmas stocking is custom decorated for each member of the family in line with that year's Christmas tree theme. We use standard size plain cotton Christmas stockings that you can buy online or make your own from scratch, and then we decorate them as we please. They usually hang near our fireplace ready for Father Christmas to come down the chimney.

Normally this all goes to plan, except one year…

It was Christmas Eve before the lockdown. We’d been to see our friends briefly and came back home a little later than planned. Kids went straight to bed, so we did too. I woke up to my children in tears and deeply upset in the morning because Santa did NOT put anything into their Christmas stockings… Massive mum guilt! After drying up the tears, and some investigation, we’d discovered Santa was a bit too jolly the previous night, and probably had a bit too many mince pies (of course, what else?...) and he just could not squeeze through our woodburner chimney so instead he piled up all the sweets and goodies in our spare bedroom, through the window right behind the curtains…

The disaster was happily averted, everyone was happy, but I'm sure my kids will remember this particular Christmas for the rest of their life!

Here are my Top Christmas Stocking Fillers for Christmas 2021.

Sweets and Chocolates.

Father Christmas only comes one time of year and he brings all sorts of treats, even if some of them like sweets and chocolate are not exactly good for you, this is one of the only times of year you can really indulge. After all, what is Christmas without the treats?

One Pound Sweets have a massive selection of everyone’s favourite sweets and the name speaks for itself. You can get top popular sweets for just £1! And that's when it gets even better - with our One Pound Sweets voucher code you can save even more (or buy more to make this year's Christmas Stockings extra sweet - we all need it!)

Thorntons chocolates are always my go to for Christmas. In saying that, I am quite partial to Swiss chocolates too any other time of the year, but for some reason Thorntons just feels right for the festive season. I have just ordered a Chocolate Indulgences Tasting Menu Box (920g) and got £5 OFF plus Free Delivery with Thorntons voucher code, that is still available until the 20th of December. It says delivery 3 to 5 working days, I will definitely be looking out for that box! You may have guessed that it was not a Stocking Filler (unless you have a very big Christmas Stocking), but a full-on ‘pig out on chocolate self indulgence treat’ - but oh well - it's Christmas!


Stocking Fillers for Kids of all ages

If your children are still at the Toy’s age, you cannot go wrong with Hamleys Gift Recommender. Select the age and choose the perfect little gift to hide at the bottom of the Christmas Stocking.

Hamleys voucher codes

Online Gaming has become extremely popular amongst youngsters in the last couple of years, and while I'm not a big fun of spending money on online games, Christmas is a special occasion, and something like a Roblox Gift Voucher can go down really well with my youngest daughter. You can get a good selection of different online games vouchers on Amazon.

Amazon Roblox Gift Card

How about kids who never grow up? I am sure you know one or two… My friend’s husband is a massive Star Wars fan for example. EMP has a massive choice of all sorts, from super cute Pusheen Cat accessories to the AC/DC slippers - you name it! And with EMP voucher code this Christmas you can save up to 50%!

Just Geek stocking fillers are my personal favourite. You cannot go wrong with the coolest mugs and all sorts of gadgets to choose from, but Just Geek Funko Pop collection is the one to catch my eye the most.

Just Geek stocking fillers

Hobbies and Crafts Magazine Subscriptions.

During the last couple of years many of us took on some new hobbies, or found time to get stuck into things we always loved, but never had much chances to get around.

With restrictions on and off, it's not always easy to join a gardening club for example. The Internet gives amazing help, tips and advice as usual, but you cannot beat good old Magazine Subscriptions.

I love BBC magazine subscriptions. The quality and depth of information is second to none, and it does not really age. I have had a Gardeners World magazine subscription since 2008, and it never fails to feed my gardening passion and help with practical tips on keeping my garden just amazing.

The other magazines of our family choice are History, Science Focus, Wilde Life and the Windscreen. My oldest daughter was very keen on reading BBC History magazine and she passed her History GCSE with flying colors even though she hardly ever did her actual school homework. is an official BBC Magazines subscription service, and it also has many other great magazines to choose from.

Knitting and Crochet become very popular again lately and there is a brilliant magazine for that. Simply Crochet can make a lovely Christmas present together with a selection of the highest quality Yarn from Deramors. Even thinking of a lovely warm wooly blanket makes me feel cozy already - just what we need during these cold and long winter evenings.

Deramors voucher codes

Gift Magazine Subscription card fits perfectly into the Christmas stocking and it's a gift that keeps giving all throughout the year.

Now that’s about time to get everything ready for Christmas! If you are still doing your last minute shopping, remember that 17th of December is a cut out time for most orders to be Delivered in time for Christmas.

And I will better make sure that Santa successfully gets through our chimney this year…

Tanya Larsen

Tanya Larsen, mother of 3, keen gardener, world traveller and a business owner

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