Pure Electric Pure Air E-Scooters Review

Pure Electric Pure Air E-Scooters Review

Beginner’s Buying Guide to Buying an Electric Scooter Online

Electric scooters are all the rage and for a great reason! Although they cant be ridden legally yet they will make it easy to get around without using a car (helps save the environment by using less fossil fuel too) and travelling solo means you can dodge the winter colds (and covid)! 

Is now a good time to get an electric scooter?

There has never been a better time to get an electric scooter. Some of the more premium scooters come with a really high spec and are really robust, powerful, water resistant and have an even longer charging capacity than they did a year or so ago.

Man on an Electric Scooter in the countryside

You may feel a bit overwhelmed if you are looking for your first electric scooter so if you want a head start in your search then my beginner’s buying guide on where to buy an electric scooter online will help you!

Trusted e-scooter retailers  

When buying an electric scooter it is important to buy from an experienced company who has a team of expert electric scooter experts on hand to offer advice when needed both pre and post sales.

I would recommend Pure Electric (I know them well because they are based a few miles down the road from me in Somerset!). They have an excellent range of electric scooters for adults and kids, offering their own range of branded scooters, alongside other amazing brands like Xiaomi, Ninebot Segway, Inokim, Razor, Zoom and Unagi. They also offer electric and hybrid bikes.

What are the latest Pure Electric voucher codes and Black Friday voucher codes?

Pure Electric have finance options which are really competitive, check their website for more details! They are also a member of the Cyclescheme so if you are looking for a bike you could save up to 42% (again check the website for more information).

Lady with an electric scooter sat on wall in city

But if you are looking for the latest Pure Electric voucher codes and discounts you are in luck! Voucher Shares have an amazing, exclusive Pure Electric Black Friday voucher code. If you hurry you can take advantage of our exclusive Pure Electric voucher code which offers 30% off all Pure Electric Pure Air Pro Gen 1 Scooters.

What is the best Pure Electric Scooter to buy?

There are loads to choose from but if you want a waterproof, strong, comfortable, powerful, safe and reliable scooter that will not only stand the test of time, but will also come with a warranty and can be serviced in the UK at one of Pure Electrics many (and growing) stores, then Pure’s e-scooters are the critic’s choice and winners of multiple awards from many including Expert Reviews, T3 and TechRadar.

Currently, it’s illegal to ride electric scooters on the roads in the UK roads so although they may be legal soon it is something you need to think about when buying one. An important factor to consider is the terrain you will be riding on, for example city vs. country.  Make sure you check this when buying your scooter.

e scooter wheels going through a puddle

As I mentioned above you could get 30% off a Pure Electric voucher code to use on Pure Air and Pure Air Pro Gen 1, it is a great time to bag a great discount from Pure Electric but hurry this offers ends on the 11th December.

What factors do you need to consider when buying an electric scooter?

Range, how far you will be able to travel on full charge, weight, how much you weigh needs to be taken into consideration. Plus, don’t forget to check the size, for example if you need to take it on public transport or put it in your car. And the power, if you do a lot of hills then you will need more power than if you live somewhere flat!

All this information can be found on the Pure Electric scooter product page so make sure you check it thoroughly when deciding what scooter to buy and before placing your order.

Pure Electric Air or Pure Electric Air Pro?

I have compared the Pure Electric Air and Pure Air Pro (it is impossible to compare all scooters here plus these have the great Pure Electric Black Friday voucher code mentioned above!). Chances are that whatever you need an electric scooter for both will be equally durable.

They are available in grey or black, and are  both beautifully designed scooters and perfect for everyday use. They are fantastic value and great for all weather e-scooting in British and European weather conditions. The electronics are built to prevent water ingress and Pure Air manufacturer warranty covers it against this just to reassure you.

The wheels are 10” and air filled. These larger wheels help with everyday potholes and other bumps with the added benefit of puncture prevention fluid. This, combined with the 250W rear wheel motor gives a comfortable and safe ride.

It is a sturdy scooter built to carry a good load (check specs below, the Pro carries slightly more and remember to calculate your weight plus any luggage). Plus, there’s a grip deck underfoot and strong LED lights to keep you safe at night and side reflectors which offer extra visibility at night.

What are the main differences between the Pure Electric Pure Air and Pure Air Pro?

The main difference between the Pure Electric Pure Air and Pure Air Pro is:

  • The maximum range, the Pro can go 22.4 miles / 36 km vs the Pure Air which is slightly less at 18.6 miles / 30 k.
  • Weight, the Pro can carry take slightly more weight 37.5 lb / 7kg vs. 36.4 lbs / 16.5kg.
  • Wattage is greater on the Pro which is 350 vs. 250.
  • The dimensions when folded are slightly less on the Pro (but we are talking a few cms not inches less so there’s not a lot of difference).

lady in orange trousers next to an e scooter with stone wall in backdrop

Apart from these differences they are pretty similar, so it comes down the finer detail, the spec you want and not to mention budget of course. The Pro is slightly more expensive, but it is best to check the latest Pure Electric voucher codes on Voucher Shares. Better still now and you can take advantage of our Exclusive Pure Electric voucher code. But hurry it ends soon! And remember with a 1-year warranty and 30 days to return it if you are not 100% happy you don’t have much to lose right?

For some other great Black Friday voucher codes and offers make sure you keep a close eye on our homepage and top offers page.

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