Shiseido Winter Skin Guide

Shiseido Winter Skin Guide

November, 19, 2021

Is it me or did winter come around in the blink of an eye? With the snow looming, if you haven't already switched up your skincare routine then you should 100% consider doing so after reading this blog.

Winter Skin

Our skin is exposed to many different environmental factors throughout the seasons and just as the weather changes, your skincare should change to adapt with those conditions too. What your skin needs to protect it against the factors of summer is quite different to what it craves in winter. The harsh cold temperatures attack our skin's barrier during the winter. And not to mention the effect of turning on your heating or even increasing your shower temperature that little bit more. All of these things can harm our delicate skin barrier, so how can we help it?

7 Step Shiseido Winter Routine

Shiseido’s creamy formulas and targeted serums mean reaching for their products is a no brainer, especially in winter.

Cleanse - The first step is to cleanse your skin. I like to use an oil based cleanser first, especially during the winter as it not only promotes glowing hydrated skin, but also helps to break down excess sebum, remove dead skin, pollutants, bacteria and makeup that may clog your pores. Oil is incredibly moisturising so depending on your skin type it can even double up as a moisturiser. Use Shiseido's Perfect Cleansing Oil (180ml) as your first cleanse available from Shiseido

Double Cleanse - I tend to only double cleanse in the evenings to ensure I’ve removed all the pollutants, bacteria and SPF that builds up in our pores throughout the day. You can use any cleanser that suits your skin type at this stage but I recommend the Shiseido Gentle Cleansing Cream which not only helps to effectively deep cleanse the skin, but its nourishing formula means that it hydrates and moisturises too.

Hydrate - Many would think that this step refers to a moisturising cream however, using a targeted concentrate is advised if you’re after plump and dewy skin all year round. Shiseido’s Ibuki Softening Concentrate is incredible at injecting the skin with moisture and leaving it glowing and healthy. I especially love how lightweight it feels as it gives me peace of mind that it won’t block my pores and therefore accentuate them or cause irritation.

Serum - This will likely be your most expensive product in your skincare routine but that is as it should be. This step is all about treatment. Now that you’ve prepped your skin, the treatment can get right in there. Shiseido has a great range of serums to suit all skin concerns.

Shiseido Power Infusing Concentrate Holiday Limited Edition

Their best seller, ULTIMUNE Power Infusing Concentrate, is Shiseido’s “#1 anti-ageing serum gets even stronger with an innovative double anti-ageing technology powered by 8 botanical ingredients.” Buy it now from Shiseido and receive 3 free complimentary samples to choose when you place your order using our Shiseido voucher codes

Moisturiser - Once you’ve reached the all important moisturising step, Shiseido will have you spoilt for choice. Not only is their iconic packaging exquisite for all of their moisturisers but so is the formula in them. Take a look for yourself and browse Shiseido’s moisturiser category to find your perfect match. Or why not gift these spectacular little pots to someone special this Christmas?

SPF - Always remember to apply SPF as the last step to your skincare regime. During the summer months, it's an automatic step, but through winter we seem to forget that we need just the same amount of protection–yes even on rainy days. Choose Shiseido’s EXPERT SUN PROTECTOR Face Cream with its proven formula and SynchroShield Technology which means you're protected no matter what the winter may throw at you.

And as for Night Time - A nighttime skincare routine is just as important, whilst you’re protecting your skin in the daytime you need to be repairing your skin during the night. Swap out the moisturiser and SPF steps for an Overnight Firming Treatment or the Overnight Wrinkle Resisting Cream from Shiseido

Shiseido winter skincare

These steps may look intimidating at first glance but focusing on skincare for me has been the best decision I ever made, my skin has been transformed and I’ve never once regretted the investment into Shiseido.


Anna Taylor - Voucher Shares

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