Best Mobile Phone Deals this Christmas Season

Best Mobile Phone Deals this Christmas Season

December, 8, 2021

Best Mobile Phone Upgrades Offers.

iPhone Offers and Deals.

If you are like me and surrounded by Apple technology with everything connected in the cloud, then you probably will stick with iPhone, but you may want to check if your existing iPhone model needs updating.

Keeping sustainability in mind, you don't really NEED to update your phone if you are happy with what you have, but it's always good to do a regular health check of your device as keeping an old device may actually end up costing you more in the long run. And if you opt to recycle or resell your device, there are plenty of options on the market that will bring that device back to life and sell it on for you as well as hand you a good amount towards your upgrade before the old device reaches the point of no return.

But if you don’t want to upgrade, there are some things you can fix on your current device to extend its life expectancy.

iPhone Battery check. You can check your iPhone battery health in Settings. It is generally recommended to change your iPhone battery if the Battery Maximum Capacity falls to 80% and below. It's easy to book an appointment with Apple to change the battery, but if you are thinking of upgrading the model it's worth shopping around.

Best iPhone deal from Vodafone. has the Best Apple iPhone 13 deal at the moment with 200GB data, unlimited minutes & texts for only £43 per month & £25 upfront cost. You can also save 28% on price if you buy Apple iPhone 13 Sim Free. It's always good to compare with the prices direct from Apple (new and refurbished) and see what deal suits you best - monthly contract with data, or Sim Free model on its own.

Apple iPhone 13 with voucher code

Google Pixel 6 Deals. Let's be honest, it's hard to find better value for money than Google Pixel. But while previous Pixel devices have been aimed at a mid-range market, these new handsets are intended to squarely take on Apple and Samsung. So if you are not a massive fan of Apple, then Google Pixel 6 deal on Vodafone with 200 GB data, unlimited minutes & texts for £35 per month & only £9.99 upfront cost could be just for you! You can save 30% if you buy it Sim Free, and always compare the price with the best Google Pixel 6 deals from Google direct, at the time of buying.

Google Pixel 6 with voucher code

Best Samsung Galaxy Offers. Samsung Galaxy has a huge loyal following and with good reason too. Quality technology / price point balance is just right. And the price cannot get any better if you have nothing to pay AT ALL! As of today you can get the best Samsung Galaxy S21 deal on Vodafone with 20 GB data, unlimited minutes & texts for £29.99 per month and completely FREE handset with voucher code

Samsung Galaxy S21 with voucher code

SIM only deals.

I love SIM only deals! The SIM only option gives you a great opportunity to gift your older mobile phone model to your children, with just a little extra expense for getting them a SIM card. My youngest of three has been begging for her very own phone number on her birthday (that is only a few days away from Christmas) and I’ve just got her SIM card sorted.

SIM only Deal from

If you get any other family member a SIM from the same provider and link it to your account, you can easily opt in for the cheapest SIM only package available, and then just gift data from your own account (if you have loads available). That’s what I have always done with all of my children, and the best SIM only deals on starts only from £4 a month! Plus they easily fit into a Christmas Stocking!

So there you have the top options on offer at the moment, but you can always shop around and find that exact mobile deal that fits your personal taste and requirements. Mobile phones have become our second identity - choose it wisely!

Tanya Larsen

Tanya Larsen, mother of 3, keen gardener, world traveller and a business owner

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