Top 5 Christmas gifts for men this season

Top 5 Christmas gifts for men this season

Best Christmas gifts for men - Christmas Shopping ideas for 2020

Men can be difficult to buy for at the best of times; especially if you have someone like my husband, who has too many hobbies, is not bothered by fancy clothes or material possessions, and the question ‘what would you like for Christmas?’ puts him into depression.

It’s not uncommon for him to leave every last bit of Christmas shopping to Christmas Eve for everyone else let alone think of something for himself! So it usually all falls on me to come up with ideas. To make my (and your) life easier, Voucher Shares has brought together all the ‘best Christmas gifts for men’ voucher codes and discount codes.

Here are our Top 5 Christmas gifts categories for your man to help you choose.

1. Electronics and Gadgets Christmas Gifts for men

This year is definitely a gadget year for all of us, and the choice is endless. We recommend to check out our most popular:

Currys PC World voucher codes. Currys PC World is the first one to check out for the best Christmas gifts for men. Currys PC World Black Friday Deals are now on. With up to 35% OFF on electronics and gadgets and Currys PC World ShopLive feature - whatever you’re looking for, you can be sure Currys PC World experts know their huge range of tech inside out. With ShopLive, you can video call with them while you shop online.

Currys PC World voucher codes

It’s like going shopping with that friend of yours who really knows their tech. And you can do it all from the comfort of your sofa. Here is your electronics and gadgets gift sorted (and how about upgrading your TV at the same time, to enjoy Christmas Entertainment and video calls with friends even more?)

Samsung voucher codes. Samsung deals are worth checking out too. You can get exclusive discounts direct from the Samsung website - dont miss out on their Black Fridays deals this week! If your man is a Samsung fan - you may be able to find his Christmas gift just there.

Samsung Christmas Gifts for men blog

2. Sport and Outdoor Christmas Gifts for men

Leisure Lakes Bikes promotion codes. If your man is a keen cyclist - we have it covered. Check out the latest Leisure Lakes Bikes promotion codes and deals. Leisure Lakes Bikes are a family run business established over 34 years ago. It has a huge online bike store and thousands of products to choose from.

Leisure Lakes Bikes promotion codes image - man is doing a bike jump

Craghoppers voucher codes. Craghoppers have up to 50% OFF Black Friday Sale this week and their outdoor clothing and protective travel gear deserves a special point from Voucher Shares. We belive that if your man loves outdoors, Craghoppers wuold be one of the best Christmas gifts for men because all of the Craghoppers products are designed with the planet in mind.

Craghoppers Christmas gifts for men blog

From this autumn 70% of Craghoppers products are made from recycled materials. Craghoppers are taking a huge sustainable step forward without compromising on the technical details.

3. Clothing and Accessories Christmas Gifts for men

Zavetti voucher codes. With the cold weather approaching it's worth checking Alessandro Zavetti and Zavetti Canada selection of winter clothing and accessories.

Zavetti Christmas Gifts for men blog

And we do have something special for you here - Exclusive 21% OFF Zavetti voucher code to save even more. 

Banana Republic voucher codes. With great new styles and focus on sustainability, Banana Republic got our extra points this season. Check out the latest Banana Republic voucher codes and save up to 40% on Black Friday Sales this week.

Banana Republic Christmas Gifts for men blog

4. Men grooming Christmas Gifts 

Mankind voucher codes got you covered on this one. Mankind is the market leader in male grooming products. Their philosophy is to select the very best and most innovative shaving, skin and hair care brands made for men.

Mankind Christmas Gifts for men blog

Check out the latest Mankind voucher codes and deals and don't miss out this year’s Black Friday savings on thousands of Mankind products.

5. Hobbies and Collectables Christmas Gifts for men

Geek Store voucher codes. If your man just does not want to grow up - here are the perfect Christmas Gifts for him.  Geek Store offers all things wonderful … for Geeks!

Geek Store Christmas Gifts for men blog

Menkind voucher codes. Menkind offers an unbeatable range of gifts and gadgets for the kids and big kids on your Christmas shopping list. Menkind has new, unique, and exciting gifts and gadgets for absolutely everyone. Discover Menkind bestselling tech, gaming gear, RC toys, fan merch, home gifts, accessories, and much more with Menkind Gifts for Him voucher codes and deals.

Menkind Gifts for Him blog image

I hope that this extensive Christmas Gifts for men selection gives you some useful Christmas Shopping ideas, but you know your man the best - check out our other Christmas Deals and Black Friday & Cyber Week Deals to get the best price on your Christmas Gifts for men this year!

Tanya Larsen

Tanya Larsen, mother of 3, keen gardener, world traveller and a business owner

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