Let’s Celebrate Earth Day and All Eco Offers

Let’s Celebrate Earth Day and All Eco Offers

The Coronavirus has forced us all to sit up and make immediate changes to our lives to save them. These changes have been drastic and we are in traumatic times. In contrast the impact on the environment has been hugely positive with global travel cut to its lowest levels for years. Let’s hope if anything good can come out of this then Covid-19 is a catalyst for environmental change.

When is Earth Day?

Earth Day has come at a particularly poignant time this year. It falls on Wednesday the 22nd April. Environmentalists are pushing for the changes we have recently made to everyday life to continue to an extent at least beyond lockdown.

How Can we Help the Environment during Covid-19 Isolation?

We can all do our bit to help, other than forcibly staying at home. From the food we eat, the clothes we buy and the products we put on our skin. And beyond lockdown we can all take what we have learned from this, living a more sustainable existence. Let’s ask ourselves if we need to go abroad more than once a year, if at all? Let’s ask our employers if working from home can continue. And let’s ask if more meetings can take place on Zoom rather than face to face.

Eco Beauty Product Offers and Voucher Codes

In the past, beauty products, skin care and makeup meant harsh chemicals, artificial colours, animal testing and tons of unnecessary plastic waste. But hallelujah to change! Thanks to an increasing awareness, the impact of our actions and the effect on our planet we are seeing an unprecedented move from brands offering natural, organic ingredients and low-impact packaging. And a lot of eco beauty products are offered at similar prices to your every day named brands.

Vegan Beauty Product Offers and Vouchers

We work with lots of vegan beauty brands whose vegan product offers go easy on our animal friends as well as the earth. We will always advertise the most up to date vegan beauty voucher codes on VoucherShares.co.uk.

You can get pretty much vegan anything these days, even vegan leather. When it comes to vegan beauty choose form soaps, shampoo bars, face wash, body lotions, makeup etc. There are so many companies selling cruelty free and vegan toiletries. Our favourites include The Somerset Toiletry Company, Green People, Nakin SkincareREN Skincare to mention a few. And check Aurelia Skincare Voucher Codes too, my personal favourite. All products come in glass bottles, way better for the environment and during the time of writing this they have some great offers.

Vegan Make Up Voucher Codes and Offers

If you are looking for vegan make-up offers check out the latest  Illamasqua  voucher codesdeals and offers from which is all vegan and cruelty fee.

Household Cleaning Eco Offers

Big Green Smile offers a great selection of everyday green household items and a section dedicated to non-plastic products. Shop sustainably and save with Big Green Smile voucher codes.

Planet Organic offers lots of household cleaning products too and is also, a great choice. They are UK's largest fully certified organic supermarket and  also have some amazing organic food offers. They offer delivery across the UK and Europe and have  some great offers and discounts! Check out our latest Planet Organic discount codes and deals today.

Voucher Shares Top Eco Shopping Tips

  1. Buying in bulk: know you love a certain shampoo or liquid detergent or surface cleaner? Then buy a massive bottle and take it to a re-fill shop. You’ll save money and plastic. Look out for companies like Planet Organic which offer great buy deals on organic products: products listed as organic mean they conform to certain environmental standards and are made from organically farmed ingredients.
  2. Avoid harmful chemicals: Check the ingredients in your beauty products type each one into Google, it’s amazing what is put into everyday products we put on our skin! Using products with ingredients that you recognise rather than chemicals may often mean they’re better for you and the environment. Green People offer a great way to avoid label checking as all of their products avoid chemicals.
  3. Coconut oil: If ethically and sustainably sourced coconut oil is a great replacement for many beauty product ingredients, even straight from the jar it can be applied as a face mask, hair conditioner and you can cook with it. Big Green Smile offer 25% off Jason’s coconut body wash at the time of writing this.
  4. Cruelty free: I don’t think anyone likes the idea of animal testing especially when the alternatives re just as good. Avoid products that are tested on animals wherever possible, you’ll feel better for it and the likelihood is the brand is more ethical. Body Shop offers cruelty free cosmetics and body wash, soap, shampoo etc. And Superdrug are starting to launch their own eco-friendly lines that are against animal testing too.

Remember that whatever you buy it needn’t cost the earth. Enjoy shopping for eco deals and remember to always check VoucherShares.co.uk for the latest voucher codes, offers and deals first and share with your friends to earn when they buy using a code you share.

Miranda Coombes

Miranda Coombes, mother of 2, passionate about the environment,

keen horse rider, marathon runner and a business owner

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