Halloween on a budget: tips for students

Halloween on a budget: tips for students

Halloween on a budget:

If you’re living life on a student budget then Halloween marks the start of a gruelling few months for your bank account - the student loan supplies usually begin to dry up at this stage in the semester. Christmas, New Year and Valentines (no reason you can’t treat yourself too) are all fast approaching but don’t panic, we’ve got your budget Halloween sorted.

The Costume.

Get creative. Is it a bed sheet or a ghost? Toilet paper or an ancient Egyptian mummy? Bin bag or a cape? Food colouring can make for a great alternative to fake blood. You would be surprised how many elements of a costume can be made from things you just find around the home - you could also swap an outfit with a friend!

The Food.

If you’re hosting this years halloween party, or perhaps just the pre drinks don’t over do it with the food. People will be grateful for anything you can offer, so there is no need to go OTT. A couple of cocktail sausages make for great ‘human fingers’, eggs cut in half with an olive can double up as eyeballs, and of course don’t forget the make your own worms which require just a couple of straws and some jello.


If you have access to scissors then making your own decorations will cost you next to nothing. There are plenty of tutorials online that you can follow, from Halloween garlands to make shift light up ghosts mad from empty milk cartons so get your creative hats on. If creativity is not one of your strengths and you have access to a printer then you can always print some decorations templates as a quick way of saving a couple of pounds

Days out.

Fancy a fright night with all your mates? A quick search on our website and you’ll find plenty of Halloween attraction discounts which mean you can have the same amazing day, but for a fraction of the price - a life saver!

Trick or treat.

The moment every student house resident dreads. I’ve been there, the doorbell rings, you hide and pretend no one’s in. Well fear no more: Iceland are offering free Haribo sweets when you buy any 3 packs of party food!

Now you’re all set and it’s time to party so all that’s left to say is Happy Halloween!!

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